February 2021 Moon Phases calendar - easy to print out in landscape. Easy to check Moon Signs, when Moon Phases start and monthly lunar cycles. At this very moment, the moon is a waning crescent.Sure, it's not as mysterious as a new moon or inspiring as a full moon, but that doesn't mean you should dismiss the waning moon as a spiritual. When used to represent a waxing or waning lunar phase, 'crescent' or 'increscent' refers to the waxing first quarter, while the symbol representing the waning final quarter is called 'decrescent'. The crescent symbol was long used as a symbol of the Moon in astrology, and by extension of Silver (as the corresponding metal) in alchemy. Waning gibbous moon astrology The waning cycle, from Full Moon back to New again is a cycle of release and return, as the Moon sheds light and size until she is no longer visible. These individuals, as a group, are involved with systems or structures that are old or ready for renewal and act as change agents.

Dasamsa Chart (D-10) – Each rasi is divided into 10 equal parts of 3 degrees each. Ten parts of a rasi go into the 10 rasis starting from the rasi itself or the 9th from it, based on whether the rasi is an odd or even sign. Rudramsa Chart (D-11) – Each rasi is divided into 11 equal parts of 2 degrees 43′ 38” each. How do you read a divisional chart in astrology? For finding longitude of a planet in any Divisional chart multiply the degrees, minutes, seconds by the number of the Divisional chart (2 for hora, 3 for drekkana and so on) now leave the completed signs and retain the degrees, minutes, seconds as the longitude of planets for that divisional chart.

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First of all before watching the D-10 chart, you should see D-1 chart carefully that what its showing about profession, name & fame, if there is govt service , private job or business, whether education is going to help in career or not, courses, talent and attitude of the native at its work place, if the native will struggle or not, his/her respect in work place and also how much the native will rise in his professional life, all these should be analyzed according to dasha from D1 chart.

Some important factors to interpret the D-10 dasamsa chart

The 1st and 10th house sign, their lord, and sign in which 1st and 10th lords are placed,
Planets in own, mooltrikona and exaltion sign in D10 chart are the important clue for profession and career.
Conjunction of planets, house lords and aspect between them
All these factors are to be seen in D10 chart. Predominant sign and strong planets in D10 chart gives career in their respective fields in there dasha.
Its difficult to understand in this way so let us analyze some charts,

Vedic Astrology Calculator D10

Example on How to predict D10 dasamsa in astrology

Here to understand it better we will have an example of rare careers instead of very common fields, so we are taking horoscope of a singer

Firstly you need to know what combination makes a person signer. Relationship b/w 10th, 2nd and 5th house. As 10th shows profession, name and fame than 2nd house shows voice and 5th is for entertainment and attraction.
Here in D1 chart 2nd lord in 10th confers relation b/w second and tenth house. Sun and Venus in 10th house adds artistic and creative talent to persona and also to the profession. 5th lord is aspecting its own house fifth and also have its aspect on 2nd and 10th house.
Now coming to the D10 chart,

Venus in mooltrikona sign, therefore a powerful planet in D10. Venus is karka for arts, entertainment and presence.What Is D10 Chart In Vedic Astrology
2nd and 5th lord in 10th house showing career related to voice and entertainment.
D10 lagna lord exalted and 10th lord in own sign shows career with high name and fame.
5th house connected professions: amusement, entertainment, artists, musicians, schools, teachings, Diplomats, speculators, Gamblers.

What Is D10 Chart In Vedic Astrology Calculator

Libra sign professions are Judges,Diplomats, Management consultants, law officers,actors, singers, artists, Beauticians, models, Photographers, perfume manufacturers, Brothel owners, Air hostess, fashion designers etc.
Also D10 lagna lord is in libra, another plus point is Venus is 5th lord in own sign libra and in the 10th house. And the aspect of moon on 10th house can’t be ignored.
Here is an horoscope of a man in Military,

Factors to assessed are Planet Saturn for defence servies and Mars, 6th house for winning enemies and 8th hosue of destruction and wars
  • In D1 chart, Cancer in lagna gives the native commanding and leading skills
  • A fiery sign in 10th house, a powerful voice with leo in is 2nd house
  • 4th lord in 10th gives the native authority and administration over some area,
  • 10th lord in 8th house of war, its dispositor is Saturn which is karaka for defensive services. 10th lord in 8th house shows central services in intelligence or investigation, and professions related to hard work, mysterious, fighting, detective etc.
  • Saturn is powerfully placed as 8th lord in Kendra,
  • 6th lord (enemy house) is exalted in lagna.

Now coming to the D10 chart.

How To Make D10 Chart In Astrology

Vedic Astrology Birth Chart Report

  • Planets that take native to army Mars and Saturn, which are powerfully placed in Kendra od D10 chart.
  • 3rd and 6th lord placed in kendra of D10 shows courage and valour, and dominance over enemies. Soldiers have strong 3rd and 6th lord.
  • 10th lord is posited in 8th house and 8th lord in Lagna, signifies strong 8th house.
  • The main point in this D10 to be noted is 4 out of 9 planets are in fiery signs.