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Jupiter transit in Cancer is one of the most discussed topics these days amongst the astrologers and those interested in astrology. This year Saturn will also move to Scorpio. While they discuss more often about Jupiter and Saturn transits, should transit of other planet be given equal importance?

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There are many questions that arise when it comes to transit of planets. Jupiter and Saturn are considered important as these planets are two of the most powerful and both of them stay for more than a year in a particular sign. While Saturn stays for around 2.5 years Jupiter generally stays for around a year in a particular zodiac sign.

A debate is always there whether to consider transit as per lagna or as per moon sign. In my opinion both should be considered but lagna could yield more accurate results. Astrology books have favored the use of moon sign for considering transit effects.

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While Jupiter and Saturn transits are long lasting, transits of other planets if overlooked, the astrologers could miss some important features. I saw a horoscope a few months ago where Venus was badly afflicted (Mars and Saturn aspects), in Cancer with no benefic aspect on it.
Its only merit was that it was in the second house.

Apr 22, 2021 Benefic/Malefic aspect of Planets As a result of the transit, those houses which are beneficial are called Gochara and those which are harmful are called Vedha. This page provides Saturn Transit date and timings in the year 2021 for Boydton, Virginia, United States. Saturn Transit is also known as Shani Gochar, Transit of Saturn or Sani Peyarchi.

Mars was the sixth lord in that horoscope and Saturn was the eighth house lord. One of the weakest planets in that horoscope Venus when passed through Capricorn in its Sub Period (Antardasha) this person met with a mysterious disease related to throat. The doctors were not able to discover the disease. This person said it was cough while the test reports including the X-ray report were all clear.

The disease was mysteriously healed a few days after Venus entered Aquarius. At present this person is happy that he had got rid of that mysterious throat disease. The purpose of saying all this is that even the fast moving planets show their effects while in transit. What the doctors could not tell astrology could have easily told depending upon the astrologers’ ability.

Though books on transits of planets mention the results of all planets while in transit rarely do the astrologers use all of them. Only Jupiter and Saturn transits are mostly considered.

What Is Gochar In Vedic Astrology

Astrologers often say Jupiter transit in Cancer, Saturn transit in Libra, Saturn transit in Scorpio or Jupiter transit in Gemini but what does that mean? Planets keep moving or changing from one zodiac sign to the other. Each planet has its own time for passing through all the twelve zodiac signs due to its distance from the Sun hence each planet has its own speed.

When a specific question is placed before an astrologer, the astrologer would first look at the birth chart (horoscope), then the dasha (period)/antardasha (sub-period)/pratyantardasha (sub-sub-period) and finally the transit of planets. Specific timing of an event is decided through transit of planets only. This transit is nothing but the position of planets at the time of question while horoscope is the position of planets at the time of birth.

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