Jan 21, 2020 (i) Rahu has Moolatrikona and exaltation in Gemini; his ownership sign is Virgo. (ii) Ketu has Moolatrikona and exaltation in Sagittarius; his ownership sign is Pisces. I am painting detailed pictures of the four synthetic signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces to justify my assertion about Rahu and Ketu. Exaltation (Uchcha) and Debilitation (Neecha) of Planets Planets have their own houses, moolatrikona houses, Exaltation and Debilitation houses. What is my imum coeli.

AstrologyWhat Is Moolatrikona In Vedic AstrologyWhat Is Moolatrikona In Vedic Astrology

After a long day at work , when we get back home we feel really tired, calm and relaxed. There would be days when we went for an outing, looking at the nature and getting chilled. We would be so happy and excited and of best behaviour in those circumstances. Planets have the same behavior as well. In fact, I would say we inherited such attributes from planets.

There are certain places where planets feel really comfortable and happy. Such places are called Mooltrikona Sthanas. The word Moola stands for root. And trikona means a triangle. 1st, 5th and 9th houses are said to be trikona sthanas. If we draw lines between 1, 5 and 9th house, it would form a triangle. For now, we will to know more on moolatrikona stahanas for each planet.

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In this below mentioned post we talked about the houses where planet gets exalted.

Its time to add more information to it. It is true to that the planets are exalted when placed in their appropriate sign. For example: Sun is exalted when placed in Aries. However, there are particularly certain angles in which planet gains its maximum power. Such points are called deep exaltation or deep debilitation points.

So, its true that Sun is exalted in Aries. But, when placed in 10th degree, the exalted sun would do wonders. The degrees mentioned in the above table is not only for the exaltation. When Sun is placed in the opposite sign Libra – on 10th degree, it loses its strength as well. This brings us an important note that, the angle in which the planets are placed plays an important role in determining strength of the planets.

As each planet has its own house, exalted house and debilitated house, it has moola trikona house as well. Its fairy simple because for 6 out of 7 planets the own house and the moolatrikona house are same. The exception being Moon (There are different view points on this. I am referring to Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra which states that the moola trikona house for Moon is Taurus (Rishabam). Other system claim that the mool trikona house of Moon is Cancer itself (it’s own house)).

Refer this post to know about the planet and their own houses – https://wp.me/pJUcZ-2vc

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For example, house Leo is the own house for Sun and same house Leo is moolatrikona for Sun. You may be wondering how. Here is the explanation.

Each house corresponds to 30 degree angle (Total 360 / 12 houses). When planets are placed in certain degrees it is called moolatrikona and the rest are own or exalted house. Below diagram explains about each house its subdivisions.

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Only for Moon, the mooltrikona is in its exalted house (Taurus). For all other planets moolatrikona and own houses are same.

What Is Moolatrikona In Astrology

Since we are dealing with the placements based on angles its one level deeper than the usual own/exalted/debilitated houses. It is to be believed that, the placement of planet in Moolatrikona paves better result than the placement in the own house. But generally, when we look into the horoscope chart the main focus point would be on which house the planets are placed than the angles in which it reside. However, its good to know these things which would enhance our understanding about the subject.