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  • U ranus, Neptune & Pluto are also called extra Saturnine planets in Astrology. It doesn’t mean Vedic Astrology has no clue about these three outer orbit planets. In vedic Astrology they are named as Prajapati, Varun & Yam. Though they are far away from.
  • Astrology is a very wide subject with many many layers of interpretation required to understand all the meanings provided by a persons natal chart (where all the planets were at their precise time of birth) in conjunction with the positions of the planets today, or at a time of importance for that person.

Soon after Pluto's discovery in 1930 doubt began to be expressed whether Pluto could really be considered a planet. On the one side, it is quite small, even smaller than our Moon. On the other side it orbits the Sun in a rather unusual path resembling more the orbit of an asteroid than a planet. But because Pluto was the only known celestial body out there, it was accepted as a planet - for the time being.

In the course of the last decade a number of celestial objects has been discovered in the outer regions of the solar system beyond Neptune. Many of these seem to have similar physical properties as Pluto and they orbit the Sun on tracks which resemble Pluto's orbit. From their discovery, they all were classified as asteroids. In the course of the last years, among many astronomers the conviction grew that also Pluto should not be a planet but an asteroid.


This question became a real problem when three years ago for the first time a trans-Neptunian object was discovered which was larger than Pluto, with the denomination 2003 UB313.

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The object was dubbed by its discoverer with the provisional name Xena (either an American comics figure, or Greek for the stranger woman). Currently it is three times as distant from Earth as Pluto. Because in the year 2003 Pluto still was considered a planet, some astronomers drew the conclusion that UB313 had to be the tenth planet. Others however demanded that the time had come to degrade Pluto from planet to asteroid. This position seems to have won at the recent convention of the IAU in Prague, at least to some extent. On August 24 2006, the general assembly of the International Astronomical Union issued for the first time a formal definition for the term planet and also a classification for other celestial objects.

This is the new definition:

  • There are eight proper planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune
  • Besides these, there is a number of dwarf planets. Among them Pluto, 2003 UB313 and Ceres, which orbits between Mars and Jupiter, discovered in 1801 and previously considered the largest asteroid.
    In the coming months it was to be decided which other objects should be dwarf planets
  • The other celestial bodes orbiting the Sun, e.g. asteroids and comets, are now called small solar system bodies.

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Many astrologers and users of astrology are now concerned with the question which consequences the degradation of Pluto has for astrology. Do we have to exclude Pluto from our charts? Do we have to interpret it differently? Are Astrodienst's horoscopes still valid?

To say it clearly: There is no reason for being concerned. The understanding which astrologers have gained about the astrological effect of Pluto since its discovery in 1930 is not changed by the new astronomical definition. The meaning of Pluto in the horoscope remains the same. The horoscope reports by Astrodienst remain as valid as they were before.

In astrology the term planet means something different than a planet in the astronomical sense. For example, astrology also counts the Sun and Moon as planets, in Hindu astrology even Rahu and Ketu, the lunar nodes.

In astrology a planet is used as a symbol; its properties as a physical object are not very relevant. Astronomy comes in where the position of the planet on the sky and in the chart has to be calculated precisely. What does houses mean in astrology sign.

The decision by the IAU not to call Pluto a planet any longer is not to be considered a new discovery, which changes what we know about Pluto. It is only an official naming convention. Nothing about Pluto's nature and our knowledge about it has been changed. What possibly may be changing is how we see Pluto in the context with the other celestial bodies.


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It is possible that a few astrologers will draw consequences from the new classification of Pluto within the solar system. Some may stop to use Pluto in their charts. There are astrologers who do not consider Uranus and Neptune, because they are not among the classical planets visible to the naked eye and known since antiquity.

But only few astrologers will want to drop Pluto. The astrological effects it causes are considered too important, at least by most of us. It is conceivable that some astrologers will begin to include also other dwarf planets in their chart reading, i.e UB313, Ceres and others. We do not know much about the astrological meaning of these bodies yet, nothing at all really about UB313.

There is no reason for astrologers and users of astrology to be concerned. But there is reason to be excited and to focus on new astrological research.

What Is Pluto Called In Hindi Astrology Chart

Ever have a relationship that completely changed your life by bringing out a side of you that you never knew existed? Pluto wants to penetrate and transform, and when you have Pluto contacts in a relationship, this can lead to intense passionate times.

You will never be the same again! The person made you behave in ways you never thought possible, from emotional reactions, sexual attractions, and just out of the ordinary different! Chances are, there were Pluto aspects. If it is the moon it is emotions and vulnerability, the Sun, self esteem and expression and goals, the ascendant, the way you look at and approach life, and Venus, love and pleasure! I will leave out the other planets for now, as it becomes more intense with Saturn, Mars, Neptune and Uranus!

Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld and brings out the darkness and intensity in you and the way you behave in love. These relationships are kept alive by feeding off of power. From manipulation to sex, its a see-saw where the power is bounced back and forth. Pluto is the planet of total control, possession and domination. From intense desire, obsession, jealousy and acting completely out of the norm, something is triggered by one person and you are never the same again. When you line up to charts to check Pluto aspects, know that is someone has their moon near someone else's Pluto, sun, ascendant or Venus, the one with Pluto holds the power.

What Is Pluto Called In Hindi Astrology Today

The other planets easily are influenced by the person with Pluto and can be changed overnight by the Pluto person. Also, Pluto sees the effect he or she has over the other, it becomes a game. Like a drug, chasing the highs, and feeling the lows. The person with Pluto will want to have total control over the other person's thoughts and actions and want to become the centre of the other person's world, because he gets so drunk on the power and the awe that comes from the other. Should the other person stop looking up to the Pluto person, this can trigger a powerful change in behaviour from the Pluto person as he or she starts to sense a loss of control, and starts to act in strange, obsessive and aggresive ways to regain control. The fear of the other not wanting them is so intense it literally takes over EVERYTHING, and it becomes an emotional addiction. It becomes a mental battleground that if not careful can turn into a full blown warzone. The person with Pluto knows instinctively how to push your buttons and what your psychological triggers are.

The person with Pluto triggers addictions and emotional highs and intensities if they meet someone who has a moon sun or ac that is close to their Pluto. What the Pluto person has in his or her favor is that Pluto is powerful psychic insight, like an x ray machine and can cut through crap and see IMMEDIATELY what the other person is about, and the person with the Pluto will know when the other person is lying or telling the truth! All of a sudden the relationship is a real life game of risk, where other people around you are wondering what happened to you and how you have allowed someone to become such an intense attachment in your life.

From sexual obsessions, to violent anger, things come out that we never knew existed when we meet someone who has Pluto close to our planets. This triggers a doorway where another person comes out who reacts on intense emotions, fears, and who has a ton of control over your emotions on a day to day basis. But this happens because it is to teach us about our darker shadow selves and how to cope with trauma and loss, and even our sides that we do not want to admit are there. If this is a healthy relationship, it can work wonders and the two people together can shed layers of unhealthy habits and ways of being and transform into a powerful couple that can have a balance within power and know how to build each other up without fear of losing the other. If this is unhealthy it results in massive jealousy, games, manipulation , drama, and erratic behaviours that bring big highs and lows. It is painful but these relationships can be very healing, if the person with the Pluto is highly evolved and uses the power and influence over the other for the greater good. This can work if the other person is ready to recognise their weaknesses are and work on them. On a lower level they will play games with you. Make sure you know the difference.

These relationships are karmic or unrequited love and the most life changing relationships that you will experience, and will leave a mark for the rest of your life. For all the times you said you would never be that girl or that guy, never say never! Men and women cannot be friends after these relatioships, as the emotions and experiences are too intense if the couple should one day meet again. Everything comes rushing back to the surface.

I once had a friend who was in the most unhealthy relationship where she really could not leave, she was angry with her mate all the time, nothing he ever did was good enough, and they would fight all the time! The sex was great, but they had completely blocked out the world, their friends and families and their lives revolved around each other. They were attached at the hip and would always fight! If he was mean to her she would threaten to leave, he would crumble. If he disappointed her he would say sorry and she could never let it go she would feed off his power and fear of losing her. If she did not answer her phone he became obsessed and jealous that she was having fun without him, and if he did not answer or respond to her liking she would say the sharpest things that would make him feel like dirt! This went on for three years! They even lived together, twice!Turned out she had her Pluto sitting on his moon!

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