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Our Vedic Astrology strongly believes that if anybody has Rahu in 7th House in the natal chart, it will be considered as adverse and inauspicious. It will also bring out negative effects. When Rahu occupies the 7th place, obstacles, hardships in life, and the inability to find a suitable partner may occur. Two words that you must have heard at least once if you have even the slightest of belief in astrology. Rahu and Ketu dosha are the most famous Kundali dosha known in astrology, which can wreak havoc in anyone’s life. Rahu always attracts Venus in the birth chart of opposite sex. Cause Rahu is MAYA and creates BANDHAN to continue Birth channel. Now see in which sign or house your Rahu is sitting in your chart? If you are male, you will be attracted to the female in the first meeting who has Venus in the same sign/house or just opposit sign/house of your Rahu. Tags Rahu, Rahu Saturn Yoga, Rahu Shani Conjunction, Rahu Shani Yuti, Shani In this article as per Vedic Astrology, here we tried to put both positive and negative effects due to presence of Rahu Saturn conjunction or Rahu Shani yuti in all houses from first house to twelfth house of birth or navamsa chart of male and female horoscope. In Vedic Astrology, Rahu is the north-node of Moon or ascending lunar node, and hence he is a nodal planet. He is portrayed in art as a dragon with no body riding a chariot drawn by eight black horses. Rahu does not own any zodiac sign but can become lord of any house. Leo and Caner are unfriendly with Rahu.

In Vedic Astrology, Rahu, a shadow planet that tells to oppose the boundaries of society. It signifies worldly desires, fame, greed, obsession, and undying hunger. Whereas, Mars is a gleaming red, furious, and violent planet. It signifies courage, patience, leadership qualities, musk, cuts, saffron, and forcefulness. Together, Rahu and Mars in Horoscope result in terrifying life incidents. Thus, it is also known as Angarak Yoga.

Planet Mars is considered the Bhumi Karaka. On the other hand, Planet Rahu signifies foreign land. When these planets come together, it may take the native away from their home. In addition, this conjunction is the karaka of rigidness, irritation, and stubborn attitude in a person.

An unhealthy relationship with family members, extramarital affairs, obscene sexual urges, dishonest habits, problematic love life, spoiled marriage, extortion & illegal practices, business slogging, violent tendency and horrific acts including killings, etc. are the considerable impact of Rahu and Mars combination in Kundli. However, the combination conceives different outcomes.

Let’s find out what are the possible results when these two energies come together in a Horoscope and how the effects of Rahu and Mars change one’s life.

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Rahu and Mars in 1st House

  • Rahu is a significator of Taboo breaker & risk-taker and Mars denotes volcanic traits, passion & aggressiveness. The 1st of House of Vedic Astrology is called Ascendant. It grants body frame, ego, and self-vision. Therefore, the combination of Rahu and Mars in the 1st House offers a violent personality, greedy nature, and undying hunger with rage to conquer the situation.
  • Rahu, the Shadow planet in Astrology fumes to its complete operation when it comes to the combination of Mars in Horoscope.
  • Rahu, a “taker” and the ignorant planet is popular for its inflating trait. Nonetheless, if it inflates the formation of egotism, the native bears an attitude of a narcissist.
  • The influence of Rahu and Mars in this house bestows the person a sharp ego. They are offended easily. Also, their anger, rage, and irritation operate directly to the opposite sex or their spouse or lover. In addition to ego and indignation, it results in one’s boastfulness for their outward possessions and their material success.
  • Owing to the combination of Rahu and Mars in the first house, the native may have numerous love affairs that come to an inopportune end.

Rahu and Mars in 2nd House

  • The second house of Astrology signifies money, finance, gains, prosperity, and fortune. Mars also means accidents, high fever, cuts, surgery, and blood on the surface. In this house, the combination of Rahu and Mars the two opposite edges that meet in the same house.
  • As a result of this combination, a person suffers from financial losses, surgeries, consecutive poor health. Owing to the violent & harmful nature of Mars, native undergo loss of assets, property. Nonetheless, Rahu playing its greedy role swiftly covers the loss. Thus, it forms both malefic and benefic position for a person.
  • Significantly, women with such a Planetary position, face problems in married life, sexual capacity, and the Menstruation cycle. Also, they put on extremely high weight post-pregnancy. This is especially due to the negative effects of Mars.
  • Commonly, people with this kind of Planetary combination in their Horoscopes easily put weight, undergo surgeries, experience accidents and have high blood pressure.

Rahu and Mars in 3rd House

  • The 3rd of House governs over a person’s self-expression, siblings and short trips. As a matter of fact, Rahu is a blunt planet, it is about all the negative & materialistic lust and desires of the world. From cheating and lying to being cruel and stingy, Rahu creates new levels of these traits in a person. Whereas Mars is a courageous form. It is a soldier, defender, and guardian. It is a more powerful source than Sun to accomplish things in life. However, similar to Rahu it is a malefic planet. Therefore, this combination causes the natives to have no elder siblings at all.
  • Also, such people have a problematic environment at work, therefore, under pressure or any similar reason they switch jobs more often than others. Nonetheless, they have a high chance of getting fired by employers. In civil services, they always take pre-mature retirement.
  • Moreover, in any combat or fighting, their injuries, sufferings, and physical wounds are often exaggerated.
  • Owing to the combination of Rahu and Mars in 3rd dominion, natives obtain benefits of escaping from legal matters and police custody. In a case of financial penalty & installments.

Rahu and Mars in 4th House

  • The 4th House of Astrology, also known as Bandhu Bhava rules over a native’s relationship with their mother. Well, as a tragic picture, when Rahu and Mars come together in 4th House, a person commonly hold no respect for a woman elder than them. Regardless of their relationship, native doesn’t bother to offer a proper gesture to elderly women.
  • Rahu and Mars together amplify the greed and anger within a person. Thus, when a person with this combination gets angry, they don’t stick to normal shouting and yelling. They actually step forward to hitting the other person to the pulp.
  • In addition to this, such people suffer from sudden weight gains and stomach related issues like gastric and Celiac Disease.

Rahu and Mars in 5th House

  • Combination or Yuti of Rahu and Mars offers tremendous energy that keeps native alert, anxious, vibrant, and impatient every time. When it is formed in the 5th House of Astrology, the abode of joy, playfulness, optimism, learning, and fortune it causes terrible losses.
  • Female natives with such conjunction suffer from one or more miscarriages, accidents, and incurable diseases.
  • However, for people who are extremely action-oriented, this is one of the most beneficial combinations. As Rahu amplifies the positive direction of energy and Mars build on the confidence.
  • Despite the courage, the person lacks honesty and learning & grasping abilities.
  • The combination in this dominion proffers sharp sense and cleverness. Thus, the person is good at the admin sector and makes great decisions. However, often a reflection of their pride for their wisdom makes them sound egoist and dominant.
  • Also, such a person is often profit-driven. They know the subtle art of attaining benefit from another person’s effort. Nevertheless, they can steal credit from others.

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Rahu and Mars in 6th House

  • Debts, enmity, obstacles, opposition, misfortune, and difficulties are governed by the 6th House. However, such planetary conjunction is one the most beneficial for the natives. Despite their personality, these people never wish to be a part of leg-pulling or mischiefs.
  • Also, such a person shares a beautiful bond with their life partner. They take care of their spouse’s happiness. Unlike the impact in other houses of Astrology, this combination has great results to offer in the 6th House in the personal life of a native.
  • As it is the house that signifies enemies, the conjunction of Rahu and Mars makes the native horribly rough, aggressive, and hateful for their enemies. They never step back from harming their opponent either in physical or any other form. It forms a deep dark side of the person.
  • On account of this conjunction in the 6th House, a person never tastes the joy of having an elder brother.

Rahu and Mars in 7th House

  • Significant personal life aspects like love, relationship, marriage, and life partner fall under the 7th House. Herein, Rahu being egotistical and Mars being red & brutal draws torturous, egoistic, unhappy married life.
  • The conjunction of Rahu and Mars in this house never brings happiness in the love life of a person. In spite, the marriage is carried to the end line for the sake of ego and selfishness. Nonetheless, it operates more in ill-treatment and mal-adjustment.
  • Regardless of the strength of Rahu in the 7th House, it is unable to win the battle from the negative impact of Mars on marriage.
  • Furthermore, the evil impact of planet Mars makes the person indulge in illegal businesses and transactions. They can easily perform con and double deals.
  • Moreover, on the other edge of their spoilt marriage, these people hold mastery in maintaining and hiding their extra-marital affairs and physical relationships.

Rahu and Mars in 8th House

  • Also popular as Randhra Bhava, the 8th House governs over life aspects like sudden wealth gain & loss and longevity and death. It associates with the sign Scorpio that is very popular for its cold-blooded nature. Also, it is considered a malefic house. Thus, the conjunction of Rahu and Mars gives the native persistent fatness.
  • The excess weight of the person often becomes an issue and they suffer from complex diseases. Nonetheless, they have an issue of showing off pain more than reality.
  • However, despite their physical appearance, such people are immensely brave, ambitious and they spread their boldness to all the extents. In addition, they have deep secrets and people around them can easily suspect their motives & intentions.
  • If Mars or Rahu is linked to Lagna/Ascendant or 10th house, then it may offer career-related to Research & Technology Innovation, Space Studies, or Aviation. However, if this conjunction has further affliction then an individual may become a gangster, peddler, smuggler, and so on.
  • Such a person guards their secrets and is often dishonest with their spouse. They can easily manage extramarital affairs.

Rahu and Mars in 9th House

  • All the religious acts, karmic deeds, good work, Dharma comes in the governance of Dharma Bhava i.e. the 9th House of Astrology. Here, Rahu and Mars being malefic as well as the vicious planets draw negative impact and the native is easily accused of misdeeds.
  • Under the impact of their past deeds and solid base, the name of these individuals crosses the lips of most of the people in the case of suspicion.
  • Be it a political sector, private or civil service, these people have to struggle hard for their due positions. Mostly, they have to put more than normal efforts to conquer situations.

Rahu and Mars in 10th House

  • The 10th house of Astrology rules over the career aspect of a person. Also known as the Karma Bhava, this house governs over the designation and prestige of natives. Rahu in the 10th house is a favorable position.
  • A person with Rahu in the 10th House is undefeatable. They conquer whatever they please. Such people know what they want. With the fortitude of Mars and the sleekness of Rahu, they get whatever they, in whatever way they want and from whoever they want.
  • Moreover, the shadow planet also causes seasonal hurdles. Yet, the impact of Mars overtops it and recovers the losses. These two boundless energies together often create quarrels and disputes between father and child.
  • Commonly popular for bravery, in such conjunction, Mars doesn’t bestow courage under the impact of Rahu. Thus, on the battlefield also triggers a sense of withdrawal.

Rahu and Mars in 11th House

  • The gain in popularity, fame, wealth, prosperity, and profit fall under the rule of the 11th House. Therewith conjunction of Rahu and Mars makes a person wealthy but with the help of unfair practices. The native generates a great amount of money in their life through illegal means.
  • Moreover, in the Labha Bhava, Rahu in horoscope opposes the influence of Mars. Also, the combination of Rahu and Mars in the horoscope in the 11th House causes accidents and blood loss.
  • The great level of aggression makes natives bullies, yet the violent traits hide their inner self and their fear.
  • As for the impact of 11th House, these people get rid of cases like police custody and law-trap.

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Rahu and Mars in 12th House

  • Spiritual journeys, dreams & aspirations, and secrets are governed by the 12th House of Astrology. The placement of Rahu and Mars together in this abode creates many adverse impacts including imbalanced love & sexual life. It may also activate Rahu Dosha effects. Also, it draws a straight effect on the sexual desires of a native that often leaves their partners unsatisfied.
  • This conjunction causes the involvement of the third person between the couple due to dissatisfaction. Also, it signifies implying false guidance by companion or elders.
  • On account of this conjunction, the person generally has a cheating tendency and immoral behavior & practices.
  • Also, such female natives can undergo situations like the pressure of pregnancy, progeny issues, and poor health.

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What does Rahu and Ketu mean ? Why are they important in vedic astrology? The role of rahu and ketu? This article contains all these information including generic effects of their dashas, aspects and more.

Rahu and ketu are points in space where there is occurance of eclipses. They are not physical planets which can reflect light. Rahu and ketu are also referred to as shadow planets. Rahu is the north node of the moon and ketu is the south node of the moon. Rahu and Ketu are always placed opposite to each other (7th from each other)in the birth chart. The head of the dragon is Rahu and the rest of the body is Ketu. So, according to mythology rahu does not have the body and ketu does not have the head.
They are a big part of vedic astrology and hold a key in the fulfilment of a person's life. Rahu is considered as a reflection of Saturn while Ketu is related with Mars. Rahu and ketu are important in transits because they both take longer time to transit a single zodiac sign. Rahu co rules the sign of aquarius with Saturn and Ketu co rules the sign of scorpio with Mars. Some astrologers believe that they co rule these signs and some don't. But in my opinion, it does work.


Rahu is the planet that makes you want all the materialistic things in life like all the fame and money. Rahu is also a very intelligent planet which wants to get things done through shortcuts. Rahu never gets satisfied because it is the head without the body and due to that it can't digest what it takes in. So, it will keep taking in. The house that rahu sits in is the house where we have the least experience. At the same time it is the house that we become obsessive about. It shows us this is the house we did not achieve or work well on in our past life. We will have to struggle to achieve the things represented by the house rahu sits in because we don't know how to deal with them in the initial stage. But the house/sign rahu sits will be the house/sign we will be the most passionate and obsessive about. We will want to do whatever it takes to conquer the things that house represents and that's due to the malefic nature of rahu. Example, a person with rahu in the 11th house will do whatever it takes to achieve their hopes and wishes or to get gains in life. If rahu is very negatively placed then that person could even kill or do illegal activities to achieve their goals. The dignity of rahu is studied by looking at the placement of the lord of rahu(depositer of rahu).That is, the strenght of rahu is depending on the strenght of the planet which is the lord of the sign rahu is placed in. There is no exhaltation or debilitation for rahu. Rahu can give you great success when placed strongly and/or involved in raj yogas(good combinations). For example Virat kohli( An Indian cricketer) got all the success, fame and wealth during the rahu mahadasha (time period). So, don't think rahu will always give negative results. Now, rahu does good or is comfortable in the signs of taurus, gemini, virgo and aquarius. The best house positions of rahu are the 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th houses. Generally rahu is not comfortable in the signs of sagittarius, scorpio, pisces and even cancer because it is difficult for rahu to express itself in these signs. Rahu aspects the 5th, 7th and 9th place from its position. But the 7th aspect is not so strong because ketu will be sitting 7th from rahu. Rahu amplifies the quality of the planet it sits with (conjunct) and also the planets or houses it aspects. Rahu also gives obsession towards the things related to the house/ planet it aspects and create an illusion on that planet/house which may bring fear too. Example Rahu conjunct Sun will amplify or increase the ego of that person and sometimes that person can put an illusion on his/her ego by which he/she can act outside confidently while he/she is insecure inside.


Ketu represents moksha, liberation, occult, astrology, isolation, spirituality and matters related to these types. It is just the opposite of rahu. Ketu just wants to get detached from the worldly things and go towards spirituality. The house ketu sits in is the house we have good expertise in. It's like we have experienced those things related to the house ketu sits in our past life. We wont feel the need to achieve the things of the house ketu sits because we have already dealt with it in our past life. The house Ketu sits in is the house we wont be very intrested in and so we wont care about it much. But, we will get those things easily. There is no need to work hard to achieve the things related towards the house Ketu is placed because those things comes to us easily. For example, if a native is having ketu placed in the 2nd house, then that person wont have intrest or care about making wealth and assets but that native will also get wealth easily. Similar to rahu, ketus strenght is also judged by looking at its depositers placement. Generally ketu maha dasha(ruling period) will bring problems when you go more towards material gains. The lesson that ketu wants to teach in it's dasha is simple. The lesson is to not run behind material and worldly things because there is something much bigger than that. But if ketu is involved in powerful raj yogas, then even ketu can take a person to great heights. As far as the houses are concerned ketu does very well in the 2nd, 8th, 11th and 12th houses. The signs that ketu is very comfortable in are cancer, scorpio and pisces. Similar to rahu, ketu also aspects the 5th, 7th and 9th place from itself where the 7th aspect is not strong as rahu is sitting on the other side doing the opposite of ketu. But the meaning of the aspects of these two planets are different. Ketu's aspect gives detachment and seperation towards that house or planet. The aspects, conjunctions and placement of ketu shows where we feel the least amount of responsibility. Rahu amplifies the conjunct planet and ketu enables to look with in that planet.

Virgo horoscope lifestyle. Virgo is health-centered (almost a bit of a hypochondriac at times) so tending to the self is not a struggle. You will succeed in any challenge, competition, or contest that presents itself. All you can give is 100 percent, football coaches and other inspirational types notwithstanding. Do what you can today, but don't be ashamed if things don't work out. Virgo tends to get lethargic in summer and hates being stuck indoors during the winter. The Best Vacations for Virgo This cerebral sign adores getting to know new cultures, and couldn't be happier than when they're roaming the streets of an unfamiliar city. Horoscopes Aries. June 21-July 22. Your hard work and creativity are paying off as the week begins! Follow-through is its own reward of course, but on Monday and Tuesday you'll get more tangible results from your efforts.

Now, at the initial stage we may want to go towards what ketu represents and when we accomplish that easily, we will come to know that this is not what we want. Then we will start working with the things related to rahu's placement. Rahu is our true passion. In this life time we are meant to develop the house rahu sits in. But people go towards ketu because they know how to deal with it while rahu is that unknown energy. Especially if the depositer of ketu is strong then that person will have good inclination to ketu's placement. If ketu is strong, then that shows we did very well in that area of life in the past lifetime. Since we did good, our subconcious mind will get attracted towards it. Its okay to give attention towards ketu's placement but it should be only used as a help for rahu. That means we have to use what we have expertise in(ketu) to achieve the important and challenging part(rahu). Working with rahu will evolve our soul and lead us to higher fulfilment.

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Hi, My husband has Rahu(29 deg) in the second house (virgo) and aspects the 10th house(Taurus)which also has sun and Jupiter. My question is what effect does Rahu's aspect has if Jupiter (15 deg) also aspects Rahu from 10th house? Thanks!

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