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The horoscope for your Sun sign is still important, because the Sun is so important, but you'll likely find more accuracy if you read the horoscope for your Rising sign instead - or both your Rising AND Sun signs - because it is, in fact, much more specific to your personal Astrology chart. Astrology is an incomparable asset to assess the potential possibilities of our lives. Western Astrology is relatively new as compared to Vedic Astrology, as the latter has been practiced since thousands of years, having written documents in the Vedas as well. The major difference between Vedic and Western astrology is that one uses the fixed zodiac while the other uses movable zodiac to. Check out our daily astrology predictions and find out what March 12 (Friday) has in store for you! Aries Horoscope Mar 21 - Apr 20. Today, your internal power may make you happy. You may get short gains in terms of investments. You may make a good relation with your boss. Taurus Horoscope Apr 21 - May 21. Today, you may be blessed by the moon. Another significant difference between Western and Vedic astrology is in how each offers predictions of a person’s future life. First we’ll take a look at the core philosophical differences which undergird each system, and then at the methods of predictions themselves. Mar 12, 2021 Check out our daily astrology predictions and find out what March 12 (Friday) has in store for you! Aries Horoscope Mar 21 - Apr 20. Today, your internal power may make you happy. You may get short gains in terms of investments. You may make a good relation with your boss. Taurus Horoscope Apr 21 - May 21. Today, you may be blessed by the moon.

Astrology and Tarot are two very distinct philosophies, but they share similar astral background and an inextricably close framework. While 'Astrology focuses on planetary movements for guidance, Tarot concerns the mystical powers of the cosmic universe'. Both practices have mutually enriching qualities which help readers get through challenging circumstances in life.

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There is indeed a strong connection between Astrology and Tarot Reading, no doubts there. But, how exactly are they related to each other is an interesting thing to know. Let us gain more insight into this!

Amongst all the similarities that have been mentioned until now, it would be unfair if we overlook the critical differences that set the two practices apart, hence before getting into the real stuff. Let’s check out the dissimilarity between Tarot and Astrology.


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Difference Between Tarot and Astrology?

Let’s not look at this from a technical perspective because, at the end of the day, it’s all about what’s on the surface.

Astrology is based on mathematical calculations as it involves Geometry, Algebra, and a lot other mathematical applications. We know it for a fact because the ancient astrologers were all mathematicians. Now that historical references have been invoked, let’s talk Tarot. Tarot has nothing to do with maths because it is based on a much complex concept and that is intuition. The ethos of Tarot practice lies in the free and unique interpretation, no planets, no stars, nothing! So overall, Astrology finds a solid mathematical and astronomical foundation and Tarot requires an excellent connection with one’s higher self.

What Connects Tarot to Astrology?

Apart from stars and planets, there is a certain hint of spirituality surrounding both the ideologies that brings them so close to each other on a conceptual level. We say this because whether it’s Astrology or Tarot, mythical characters are quite prominent in both the practices. Then, of course, there are all the constellations, planets and stars which appear repeatedly during the entire course of a Tarot session or an Astrological reading. It is often believed that several decks of arcana major came into existence due to certain constellations.

Now that mythological characters and cards have been mentioned, let’s get into the deepest trenches of what connects these two so closely. It’s only possible by applying some astrological science to the Tarot cards. Have a look:

  1. The elements

As proposed in the ancient Greek texts, Astrological observations are based on four basic elements, and here they are:

  • Air: It represents cognitive qualities like writing and reading. The element that governs conflicts and negotiations.
  • Water: It stimulates profound emotions such as affection, desire, lust, fantasy, romance, etc.
  • Earth: Element of Earth is often considered mutable controlling physical strength, endurance, material prowess, wealth accumulation, and sensibility.
  • Fire: Symbolizes impulse, rage, and rivalry. Stimulates creative and impulsive drive.
What Is The Difference Between Astrology And Horoscope

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Astrological principles suggest that all the zodiacs comprise of these four elements, and since Tarot consults the same astral belief, it’s easier to draw similarities between the major arcana and the twelve zodiac signs. Below is the list of each sign along with the corresponding zodiac, but before that take a look at the major arcana cards and relevant planetary body:

  • Jupiter - The Wheel of Fortune
  • Venus - Empress
  • Saturn - World
  • Sun - Sun
  • Mars - Tower
  • Moon - High Priestess
  • Mercury - Magician
  • Aries - Rams are loyal, thus represented by the Emperor.
  • Taurus - zodiac equivalent of stability and knowledge, represents the Hierophant.
  • Gemini - Pictures duality between two conflicting poles, similar to the Lovers.
  • Cancer - Represents urge to break free and fight all odds, exactly what the Chariot symbolizes.
  • Leo - Represents physical, mental, and spiritual stability. Corresponds to the card of Strength.
  • Virgo - Virgo is a sign of self-introspection, a quality well represented by the Hermit.
  • Libra - Libra symbolizes the card of Justice.
  • Scorpio - Sign that embraces transition, represents the card of Death.
  • Sagittarius - Sags are natural meditators just like the man on the card of Temperance.
  • Capricorn - Represents the ability to channel negativity into confidence similar to the Devil.
  • Aquarius - Focuses on the bright light of positivity, like the Star.
  • Pisces - Corresponds to the card of constant change, the Moon.

Now you know what connects Astrology with Tarot. Is your Daily Horoscope. similar to your Daily Tarot Card Prediction? See it for yourself!

What Is The Difference Between Astrology And Horoscope

Zodiac vs Constellation

Constellations are defined as a group of stars which form a particular pattern and are named and identified by their traditional mythological figures. Zodiacs are also constellations, but all constellations are not zodiac constellations. Zodiacs constellations are the specific 12 constellations which are passed by the sun once a year. Zodiac constellations are the constellations which give the zodiac signs to people.

Constellations are groups of stars that form a specific pattern and are recognized by mythological figures and have names attributed to them. Constellations are used for the study of astronomy. According to modern astronomy, the constellations are defined and recognized areas of the sphere called the celestial sphere. These defined areas or constellations are internationally recognized. When prominent stars which are at a certain proximity to the other stars are grouped around an asterism in the night sky of Earth, they form constellations.

There are many different constellations recognized by different cultures all over the world like Chinese, Hindu, Australian Aboriginal, astrology, and astronomy, but only 88 are considered the standard constellations recognized by the IAU, International Astronomical Union since 1922. Originally, 48 constellations had been defined and recognized by Ptolemy in the 2nd century. The majority of the 88 constellations have been taken from Ptolemy. The rest were recognized in the 17-18th centuries. Most of the recent constellations were found and defined by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille which are situated in the southern sky. Examples of some constellations are Orion, Sirius, etc.

Virgo & Scorpio. Virgo and Scorpio can make an incredible couple, exciting and full of energy, with an interesting sex life. However, if they give in to their individual darkness, this is a couple that can become pretty depressing for both of them, as well as those around them. Virgo personality traits. Virgo is the perfectionist of the zodiac, typically professional (outwardly calm, reserved and precise) while seeking to improve any process that they are involved in. If a Virgo sets out to do something they typically don't rest until it's done very (very!) well. Virgos like details, facts, lists, organization (bringing order from chaos). Virgo astrology characteristics.

Zodiac constellations are a series of 12 particular constellations which are internationally recognized across which the sun, moon, and the stars move. The path along which the sun moves through the zodiacs is called the ecliptic. The ecliptic has been divided into 12 equal zones. These 12 zones are passed through by the sun at different times of the year just once, and the months through which the sun passes through them are attributed with a zodiac sign, for example, Aries or Cancer, etc.

Zodiacs were used by the Romans in the 1st millennium BC. The concept had been taken from Babylonian astronomy which was derived from Ptolemy’s study of the stars and the list of the groups of stars he had identified and named.
The word “zodiac” was derived from Latin word “zodiacus,” which was derived from the Greek word “zoidiakos” meaning “circle of animals.” That is why a lot of zodiac signs are represented by mythological hybrid animals.

What Is The Difference Between Astrology And Horoscope Astrology

1.Zodiac constellations are 12 specific constellations which have been picked because they help in keeping time as the sun passes through them once a year, and its passage within a certain time is considered the particular zodiac month. 2.Zodiac constellations help in representing the course of the sun through the whole year or the calendar. All zodiacs are constellations, but all constellations are not zodiac constellations.

What Is The Difference Between Horoscope And Zodiac Sign

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