The Vertex in astrology is a karmic point that needs activation to bring out its power. The vertex falls on the western side of the natal chart, with the anti-vertex found exactly 180 degrees away, on the eastern or the ascendant side. Three things can activate the vertex: transits, other people (synastry), and places. The Vertex is considered a “second Ascendant,” while the Anti-Vertex is considered a “second Descendant.” As such, Vertex connections in synastry signify a highly personal connection.

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Often people ask me to analyze their natal chart and the one of the person they are in love with in order to know which is the destiny of their encounter. It is not possible to give an answer because each soul chooses its own path before incarnating, but on the other hand every individual has free will. And so what? What happens between two people is not foreseeable, but it's also true that the law of karma explains that no encounter is accidental. When there is the feeling of a strong bond with someone, especially if there is suffering or difficulties that prevent the relationship from growing, karmic astrology could be an effective tool for understanding the dynamics and the lesson the person involved are called to learn through the relationship.

Usually, it is called karmic an encounter that causes suffering to at least one of the two persons of the couple, and it will be destined to end within at a certain amount of time. Whenever we start a relationship, we are implementing a contract that we have previously signed between souls to learn a lesson. This implies that meeting with a soul mate is a karmic relationship that has been resolved: love prevailed over rage and fear. This does not mean that there won’t be still some dynamics to work on, indeed: we know, even at the unconscious level, that another person could help to pull out the best part of us, and that it is possible to be vulnerable and weak in front of the other one without losing love and respect as well.

The souls we meet are more or less the same in every incarnation: we have debts with some of them and credits with others. Virgo horoscope yesterday. How we relate to past lives depends on the kind of bond and experiences we are making during this lifetime. As a matter of fact, there are different theories about it, and I cannot provide the ultimate truth, but I can provide some ideas regarding this complex subject including some astrological references.


Almost all of us have experienced particularly significant experiences in which we have been deeply involved in. These situation forced us somehow to query ourselves and the life we have experienced until now and there are related to all our beloved ones: partners, lovers and family members.
Indeed, the family member are always karmic encounters: we choose the parents and the sibling in order to have the opportunity to deal with the issues left in the past. In this way we can untie the karmic nodes and proceed along the path of the spiritual evolution. Sometimes, it takes tens of lives to succeed, and we can meet the same souls over and over again. If you analyze the Natal Chart of a family member, you will often notice strong contacts between their planets and the sensitive points of your Natal Chart. For example, it often happens that the daughter has a conjunction with the Moon (or the same sign) with the father or mother Sun, and it is not uncommon for the children to be born with the Sun in the same sign as the parent's ascendant. In some cases, it even coincides with the axis of the Moon nodes.

Returning to love affairs, who did not dream of meeting the fateful 'twin soul'? All of us would like to have a person beside us who love and love us unconditionally, with which everything flows spontaneously, and with whom to share his/her life. But how many of them are in a couple with their so called soulmate? Not that many. Sometimes, it may happen that people get tired of waiting, and driven by social and cultural conditioning, surrender and make a rational choice settling down with someone. Other times it's just about a form of attachment or need in which they try to survive, remaining clutched more or less consciously in dysfunctional and unhappy relationships.
This is their karma.
Among other things, it is not disputed that in each life there will be a meeting with a soul mate, and it is even easier to make ties with people with whom there is no elective affinity. In any case, all the ties we strive in our lives are the result of a choice made before we reincarnate and are indispensable to our evolution.
The problem is that it is very easy to confuse the 'karmic' force that keeps chained to a person with the concept of love.
Many of us have probably experienced a strong feeling of familiarity seeing a person for the first time, and having experienced an inexplicable and uncontrollable attraction without knowing it. Whatever the objective situation that is the background to the encounter, the two can not really escape what binds them.

However, it is necessary to distinguish healthy relationships, based on a mutual feeling of affection, support, respect, esteem and passion, from those in which one dominates, represses and control the other one. The encounter with the soul can only really happen when your essence is free to express without undergoing any kind of conditioning. If in one relationship one of the two prevents the other from being himself, wants to change the other one, folds it with affective or material afflictions to a condition that makes someone unhappy, that could not be considered love. The problem is that often, dragged by a force we do not know how to dominate, we want to believe that a person is the right one, even if it makes us suffer. But if someone, by his behavior hurt us, it will probably be a karmic bond in the narrow sense. Our task is to get rid of that dysfunctional and unhappy bond or making it evolve towards a healthy relationship.

A karmic relationship always compares feelings and emotions that come from a profoundly unconscious past. You will be able to understand the reason for that encounter only when the storm is over when the pain will be gone. We will continue to feel restrained by a web of thoughts, feelings and fears, until we have learned the lesson. There is no time, not even a way: until we understand, that path won't end. And if we force events trying to get away from that person before learning the lesson, sooner or later we will be in a similar situation, with the same person or another one with similar dynamics, with even stronger and uncontrollable feelings. Usually, that particular person has something to teach about ourselves. The problem is ours, and the other is just a tool to bring it in the light of our consciousness. Often, both people involved in the karmic bond need to understand something about themselves.

There are those who argue that the encounter between twin souls can only take place when both are ready free to live fully without reservations. Others think that you can meet your soulmate even when you are already engaged in another bond which is definitely karmic. The twin soul appears because the time has come to dissolve the karmic bond, and to go along the path of evolution. And it is not even assumed that two twin souls, once they have met, will be together forever: since there is free will, one or both of them may have the courage to break pre-existing ties or to change lifestyles.
Fate can give us this encounter, but we are still in the position to choose whether to learn the lesson and to accept the gift.

How can karmic astrology help us understand the type of connection that exists between two people? The comparison of their Natal Chart would says much about it, but it must be emphasized that it can not in any case answer the question: 'it will last forever', because the last word is as always at the free will of both persons involved. You have to look at the individual Natal Charts first and them, you have to understand how the individuals are experiencing their natal charts to gain a true understanding of where they are with respect to their individual relationship needs.

The compatibility between two people is seen by analyzing the aspects between the personal planets (Sun-Moon aspects, aspects with Venus, etc.), but the karmic connection is represented by the contacts between the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) of the one and the karmic or outer planets of the other (Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune and Chiron). Jupiter has a role in himself and acts as a moderator of negative karmic influences.


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One of the first planets to observe is Saturn: the aspects (conjunction, quadrature and opposition in particular) between Saturn and the personal planets are very significant as indications of a very difficult tension to break, and in case of dynamic aspects, of some sort of dysfunctional relationship. The Saturn person would be the weakest in the relationship, and yet it will behave in a dominant way, limiting the other in some way and conditioning the fate of the couple. The other, on the other hand, has the possibility (expressed in a different way depending on the planet involved) to 'push' the companion towards a necessary inner growth as inevitable. For this reason, in a sinastry, contacts with Saturn are fundamental and always occur when we are analyzing an important relationship. Even the aspects between Lilith and the personal planets could say much about the type of relationship in the past lives and the path to be addressed together in the present.

A contact between the Moon's South Node and the personal planets could tell if the souls have already met before, the involved planets and the kind of appearance will better clarify the existing bond and the issues left in the way.

It is also significant to consider the contacts between the external planets of a person with the personal planets and the angles of the chart, especially the ascending-descending axis of the other. For example, a Pluto-Mars conjunction indicates obsessive, pathological ties, derived from karmic attachments. Contacts between Neptune and Venus can instead represent a romantic and idealized love.

Other sensitive points of the birth chart are the Vertex (and its opposite, the AntiVertex), that could provide useful indications of the meaning of a relationship, and how each of the individuals involved can evolve through it. When the Vertex and / or anti-Vertex is in contact with a planet or angle of another person is indicative of a predetermined relationship.
Strong Vertex and Anti-Vertex aspects in the Sinastric and Composite chart also indicate a fatal union.
Chiron, an asteroid that orbits between Saturn and Uranus is frequently related to healing, both physical and spiritual. Chiron’s wounds tend to be very deep and exploring them can be very frightening. Strong Chiron contacts to personal planets or angles can sometimes indicate that a major theme of the relationship will be healing—and that can often involve moving through crisis.

These are just some of the relevant themes to be considered in the karmic interpretation of a synastry. I will get back to this topic and will look into many of these issues in the next articles. What seems to be important to point out is, however, that every encounter takes place to give us a mirror to see our internal dysfunctional dynamics reflected, and thus have the opportunity to solve and overcome them.

Although the subject in itself is rather complex and controversial, it personally helped me to understand what is behind suffering and difficulties. Synastry can help to identify how two individuals are likely to interact with each other; where the energy flows or can face challenges. However, you must remember that astrologically perfect relationships don't exist and easy aspects between two charts do not mean that a relationship will necessarily be easy or enjoyable!
Start exploring your Natal Chart and which kind of challenges you may need! Good luck within this lifetime!

The Vertex

as a Functional Chart Point

© 1999, 2009, 2019 by L Blake Finley, M.A.

First of all, let me state that the following comments include insights of over 40 years of study, work, and research in astrology, interspersed with study of Hindu, Buddhist, Hermetic, Qabalistic, and western metaphysical literature.

Interest in the Vertex by astrologers was widespread in the 1970s, and various interpretations were ascribed to it; unfortunately most of them were rather abstract and not easy to connect with consensus reality and therefore not readily verifiable. The work 'karma' was tossed around rather loosely, and during those years I was unable find anything substantial associated with the Vertex other than that there did indeed seem to be important conjunctions with it in synastry of major life relationships. That in and of itself did not, however, say much about the functional nature of the Vertex.

The American astrologer, mathematician, and radio engineer L Edward Johndro (1882-1951) and the American astrologer and educator Charles A Jayne (1911-1985) both did research on the Vertex, which was included in a more comprehensive electrodynamic field theory which Johndro advanced in support of the scientific validity of astrology. According to the Larousse Encyclopedia of Astrology, edited by Charles Jayne, 'to find the Vertex, first determine the colatitude, i.e. subtract the terrestrial latitude from 90°. Then consider the Imum Coeli as the Midheaven and look up the Ascendant in a table of houses under this new 'Midheaven' for the colatitude.' Several astrological software programs available today offer the Vertex as an optional chart point for study and research. It should also be mentioned that New York Astrologer Al Morrison, publisher and editor of the CAO Times, also took an interest in and encouraged research on the Vertex.

In the mid-1980s, California Uranian Astrologer Iaen Sullivan, who worked routinely with the Vertex, implied that the Vertex indicates 'output' or 'outcome'. (Not dissimilar to the interpretation as 'responses or release' proposed in Emma Donath's 'Asteroids in Midpoints'.) I thought of various things that could mean. Output is what comes out… often the result of a process or of efforts. He pointed out that Vertex should be a critical factor in horary charts, where it would indicate the outcome of the processes described in the chart. This correlates with how Johndro described the Vertex and its 180° polarity, the Antivertex, as 'electrostatic release points of the Earth'.

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What did I discover in studying the Vertex in horary and natal charts?

  1. .. In the natal chart, it has to do with our work. I am not talking about career status and goals like the MC indicates, but the real actual work situation… where we produce day to day…. Our 'output', as Sullivan indicated. Watch the transits (precessed ones I find work better) and you will see noteworthy changes at work related to the planet transiting over the Vertex. You can count on it. Transits to the MC may indicate a change in career status, a promotion, etc, or a change in career goals; but VX is changes in the actual functional work situation.
  2. .. In horaries, the VX is the likely outcome of a question as a result of current conditions; i.e. if things continue as they are going now, the Vertex indicates what is most likely to happen. This can be read with the midpoints falling on the Vertex and planets forming 16th harmonic angles to it. I find this consistently reliable. As with all oracles, the horary chart is not immutable, and application of the willpower of anyone concerned can alter the outcome. And no, that is not a weakness of astrology. Our lives are influenced by MANY factors, whether challenging or advantageous: planetary, environmental, social, genetic, karmic, and personal determination. Sorry, astrology does not do it all for us.
  3. .. With major transits and directions to the Vertex, you will see major changes at work or your method of production; maybe a new job or a new type of work, or new factors that change the way you carry out your work: a change of equipment, methodology, location, co-workers, or clients. Solar arc directed Vertex and planets directed by Solar arc to Vertex also reveal important changes in one's work or work setting.

Does this invalidate the talk about the Vertex being related to concepts of 'fate' and 'destiny' and 'karma'? Certainly not. What we do in our lives, how we carry out or work and what we produce brings about our fate and destiny and creates new karma, and may be in some very important ways connected to our old karma. So the once-prevalent definitions are not wrong; they have however now been integrated and grounded in daily reality. What one might say in a philosophical sense is that the Vertex is an indicator of the paths we are likely to choose in terms of action that will very strongly affect our fate, destiny, and karma. And it is pertinent that significant connections show up in synastry of important relationships, since if we do consider metaphysical and spiritual factors, the close relationships we cultivate often are very tied in with our own personal karmic issues.

I welcome feedback from people who also put this idea to application at [email protected]

I would like to thank Uranian Astrologer Iaen V.K. Sullivan, M.S.W., as the original source of some of the more pragmatic components of these ideas, and Astrologer Lori Clark for her valuable insights confirming and further elucidating these points.



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Dean, G. (ed.) 1976. Recent Advances in Natal Astrology: A Critical Review: Bromley, England: The Astrological Association.

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