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As you study your natal birth chart, you'll see it's made up of a circle that's divided into 12 sections. Each of these sections represents a different zodiac sign and a different 'house' of your chart. See the numbers 1-12 that go around the chart? Those are the houses! When you are looking at a planet or sign's placement in your chart, the house it's in will tell you exactly which area of your life will be affected by its energy. Every facet of your life is represented in the 12 houses, from your love life and daily routine to your health, family, money, and more.

What The Houses Mean In Astrology

Keep reading to see what each of the houses in your chart means and how they directly relate to what happens in your life!

Nov 27, 2019 The zodiac is divided into 12 houses or segments, each one representing a different area of your life. The meaning of the houses varies, especially when you add in your unique planets and placement — but getting a basic understanding of what the houses mean can help you unpack your natal chart. The Houses: The Building Blocks of Your Life. As each planet works its way through the twelve constellations (which make up the twelve signs of the zodiac), it passes through one of the twelve houses of each of those signs.

1st House of Self

To understand who you are and how you come across to others, you should turn to your 1st house. This is the house that's related to your self-identity: your personality, your physical appearance, and the first impression you make on people. While your complete birth chart will delve into who you are on every level, the 1st House of Self is a general representation of what makes you, you. By looking at the zodiac sign associated with your 1st house or any planetary action going on in this house, you can see how your spirit and moods may be affected and what kind of energy you're giving off.

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2nd House of Worth

What The Houses Mean In Astrology

It's all about the Benjamins in the 2nd house! If you're curious where your approach to money comes from, take a look at your 2nd house. This section of your birth chart explains your relationship to your finances and spending habits. Studying any planets in your 2nd House of Worth can make you aware of the money patterns that are either helping or hurting you. What's more, the 2nd house holds messages about your self-esteem, the things you desire, and value you place on yourself.

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3rd House of Communication

The people, places, and noises in your immediate environment have a huge impact on you. This is what your 3rd house is all about! This very mental part of your birth chart highlights the way you think and communicate. It also relates to nearby places and your relationship with siblings and neighbors. Understanding your 3rd House of Communication will shed a light on how you interact with others, how effective you are at communicating, and where you are mentally at any given moment.

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4th House of Security

There's no place like home! You can learn a whole lot about your relationship to your family, residence, and sense of security by looking at your 4th house. Looking deeper into this area of your birth chart will give you a better understanding of your feelings about your childhood, ancestral roots, maternal influences, comfort, and living arrangements. Your 4th House of Security can explain everything from why you decorated your home a certain way to why you seek comfort from a particular person, place, or thing.

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5th House of Pleasure

The 5th house is like the party house -- it's all about creativity, romance, and fun! Studying what's happening in your 5th House of Pleasure will make you more aware of how you show love, how you express yourself, and your ability to take risks. This house also relates to children in your life and your relationship to them. Understanding what's going on in your 5th house can help you get your ideas across more effectively, become a better lover, and live with a lighter, happier heart.

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6th House of Routine

As you move through the motions of your day, your patterns and routines are all influenced by your 6th house! This section of your birth chart is all about your daily life, including your job, health habits, acts of service, and daily routine. By looking at what was or is currently happening in your 6th house, you can stay on top of changes in the workplace or health concerns you should be paying attention to. Learning more about these areas of your life will help you have more control and realize how to take proper care of your physical and mental health for a lifetime.

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7th House of Relationships

The 7th house of your Astrology chart has a lot to teach you about your relationships with others! This includes all kinds of one-on-one partnerships, but it is perhaps most importantly about your love relationships. The 7th house encompasses your approach to long-term relationships and how you maintain them. Tracking what is happening in this house can not only show you where your reservations about trust and love come from or why you find certain people or personalities attractive, but can also make you aware of big changes coming to your love life so you can be prepared.

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8th House of Sharing

What's yours is mine! From physical and emotional intimacy to resources like time and money, the things you share with another person are represented by the 8th house. Wrapping your head around this portion of your birth chart will help explain how you get close to others and what you're willing to sacrifice for the sake of deeper connections. It can also clue you in to periods when you may benefit from something someone else can give you -- like a tax refund or lottery winnings!

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9th House of Expansion

Pack your bags -- it's time for a journey to your 9th house! This house is all about the things that expand your mind and your life, like faraway travel, higher education, and philosophy. If you're eager to learn about a variety of subjects and interested in exploring other cultures or religions, then you likely have some serious activity going on in your 9th House of Expansion. When you understand what's happening in your 9th house you can pinpoint and take advantage of important opportunities for education and travel that will help you lead a more fulfilling life.

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10th House of Career

What do you want to be when you grow up? Do you set attainable goals? What are you willing to sacrifice for success? The answers to these questions lie in your 10th house! Learning about your 10th House of Career will help you understand your relationship to power and authority, how important your reputation is to you, and the methods you use to accomplish your goals. By keeping on top of the planetary activity in your 10th house, you can move more easily through shake-ups in your career life and capitalize on energies that will help you climb higher.

In Hellenistic, Vedic, Medieval and Renaissance astrology each house is ruled by the planet that rules the sign on its cusp. For example, if a person has the sign Aries on the cusp of their 7th house, the planet Mars is said to 'rule' the 7th house. Planets in astrology have a meaning different from the ancient astronomical understanding of what a planet is.Before the age of telescopes, the night sky was thought to consist of two very similar components: fixed stars, which remained motionless in relation to each other, and 'wandering stars' (Ancient Greek: ἀστέρες πλανῆται asteres planetai), which moved relative to the. Rahu is now hovering over natal Sun (the ruler of 1st (Donald Trump) and 2nd house (Speech, and finances) in Donald Trump’s astrology chart. Please understand Sun rules 1st house and 2nd house in Donald Trump’s astrology chart, according to KP Astrology. What does 1st house represent in vedic astrology.

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11th House of Groups

There's power in numbers! The friends and groups of people you flock toward are represented by your 11th house. This house is about the people who think like you do, who support you, and who will join forces with you. These are your allies. Your 11th house helps to define the nature of these relationships, so you can be sure you are aligning with people who can bring the most joy, inspiration, and progress to your life.

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12th House of Subconscious

Let's dip out of reality awhile and swim through the 12th house! This is a complex and mystical section of your birth chart that sheds a light on your spiritual life, your connection to the cosmos, your dreams, and your subconscious. While these traits and concepts can be challenging to grasp, it's important to study the Astrology associated with your 12th House of Subconscious. By learning the advantages or challenges you face in this realm and working on your inner self to maintain a high frequency, you'll live a much more fulfilling life both physically and spiritually.

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The houses represent the fields of experience wherein the energies of the signs and planets operate. Rather than symbolizing just the outward experiences and environmental circumstances specified by most traditional astrology, the houses are also revealing of the inner state and of one's personal subjective experience and attitudes. By noting the planets' placements in the natal chart, an astrologer can tell which levels and areas of experience will be strongly emphasized in a person's life.
The keyword system discussed on the following pages is meant to clarify interpretation and understanding primarily of the psychological and inner significance of the houses. It is an attempt to perceive the essential meanings of the fields of experience known as the “houses.' If the essential meanings are understood, they can then be applied to and illuminate all the diverse activities and experiences traditionally symbolized by the houses.
Emphasizing the type of house containing planets in a natal chart helps one to see the chart as a whole. One familiar way of defining the houses is to separate them into the classifications of angular, succedent, and cadent.

The Angular Houses

'ACTION'—1, 4, 7, 10

These houses are associated with a self-activating quality and have an immediate impact on the structure of one's life. The keyword for the angular houses is ACTION.

The Succedent Houses

'SECURITY'—2, 5, 8, 11

These houses are associated with individual desires and the areas of life we want to control and consolidate. The keyword for this type of house is SECURITY.

The Cadent Houses

'LEARNING'—3, 6, 9, 12

What These houses are areas where there is input, exchange, and distribution of thoughts and observations. The keyword for these houses is LEARNING.
The progression of houses from angular through succedent and cadent and back to angular again symbolizes the flow of life experience: we act, we consolidate the results of our actions in order to gain security, we learn from what we have done and become aware of what remains to be done; and therefore, we act again. Thus, a person with a strong emphasis on one of these three types of houses by planetary placement invariably pours a lot of energy into and experiences many challenges related to action, security, or learning.
The houses can also be divided into groups of three, depending upon the element of the signs associated with that group of houses. Key phrases and guidelines for understanding these groups are as follows. (Psychic Trinity,' 'Trinity of Wealth,' etc. are quite old terms, and are used here primarily as convenient labels.).

Fire Houses


These houses are associated with one's attitude toward life and the experience of being alive. They represent an out pouring of energy into the world and aspirations that motivate us to do so. The person with an emphasis on these houses lives in his or her enthusiasms, ideals, and dreams for the future. Faith and confidence (or the marked lack of it) and the need to see an effect on the world at large through one's initiatives dominate much of the person's life activity. The person experiences self most immediately through projecting dreams into the world and seeing them manifested as reality. Planets in the fire houses affect the individual's ATTITUDE TOWARD LIFE ITSELF and the person's entire sense of faith and confidence in self. The keyword that sums up the essential meaning of the fire houses is IDENTITY; for our sense of identity, our sense of being, determines our attitude toward life in general.All

Earth Houses


These houses are associated with the level of experience wherein we try to satisfy our basic NEEDS in the practical world. Planets in these houses indicate energies that can most easily be put to use in dealing with the physical world, and that can be developed as expertise in management of resources. The person with an emphasis on these houses lives energetically in the physical world, building, doing, achieving, acquiring, and defining his or her purpose in life by the status and security achieved. Those with a strong emphasis in the earth houses tend to want to settle into a niche in life, as they are searching for the place where they can be the most productive and most easily satisfy their practical needs. This person experiences self most immediately through work, through feeling useful, and through practical achievement. He or she wants to fulfill a calling or role in the great world outside. Planets in the earth houses affect the individual's attitudes toward vocation, career ambitions, and the capacity to produce effective results. The keyword for these houses is MATERIAL, for the earth houses deal chiefly with concerns of the material world.

Air Houses


These houses are associated not only with social contacts and relationships of all types, but also with CONCEPTS. The person with an emphasis on these houses lives in the mind and in relationships. Concepts and the sharing of those concepts dominate much of the person's life activity. The person experiences self most immediately through a sense of mutual understanding with others and through discovering and expressing the reality and importance of specific ideas or theories. Planets in the air houses affect the individual's interests, associations, mode of verbal expression, and social life. The keywords for the air houses are SOCIAL and INTELLECTUAL.

Water Houses


All of these houses deal with the past, with the conditioned responses that are now instinctual and operate through the emotions. Planets in these houses show what is happening on subconscious levels and indicate the process of gaming consciousness through the assimilation of the essence of the past, while simultaneously letting go of the useless memories and fears that hold us back. The person with an emphasis on these houses lives a great deal in the feelings and in his or her deeper YEARNINGS. The emotional and soul needs dominate much of the person's life activity and energy expenditure. Planets in the water houses affect the individual's emotional predisposition, how he or she copes with fulfilling private needs and confronting obsessive feelings, and to what extent the person lives in a private way or in the inner life. The keywords for the water houses are EMOTIONAL and SOUL.
The following presents a concise formulation of the keywords described above:
Made of ExpressionAngular: Action
Succedent: Security
Cadent: Learning
Level of ExperienceFire: Identity
Earth: Material
Air: Social & Intellectual
Water: Soul & Emotional

Let's look at the side of you that resides in each of your twelve houses.Houses

The First House and Your Rising Sign

The first house of a chart has the sign that was ascending over the horizon at the moment you were born on its cusp. This sign is known as the Rising Sign, or Ascendant. The first house has to do with how we appear or the way we come across, thus our appearance and personality. This is the essential stuff that bubbles up in us spontaneously and that is obvious to others as our trademark or activity. It is what makes us each so personally different. This house rules our personal self and everything about us that draws a reaction from our surroundings or others.

The Second House

The second house is concerned with how we respond to or field whatever impulses or unique and personal qualities we manifest via our first house. This is how we hold or 'have' things (possessions, material goods, money, and the like). The second house always refers to how we secure ourselves, the kind of response we get from life and those around us.

The Third House

The third house is concerned with explorations, investigations, and inquiry and research of all kinds. It also rules connections, communications, wires, tubes -- anything that we can get through with our body, mind, voice, letters, what-have-you. It is here that we explore and search for the limits of our life, whatever we are working with at the moment. A very mental house, concerned with finding, furthering, peering, and all manner of questioning. Traditionally rules short journeys, siblings.

The Fourth House

The fourth house is where we send down roots, find our limits, and generally secure ourselves. It is the end of any searching we might have done in the third house. Here we find or end our search, settle down, and manage to get in possession of the whole situation. This is our home and the base from which we can work, feel, and experience. This is the root of our experience, the core or thick of it.

The Fifth House

The fifth house has to do with awareness, emotion (to move out), and expression (to press out). Here there is always a growing sense of self-confidence and even a pride of ownership, since we begin to recognize and own our experience. We know that we have had or are having an experience. All forms of expression and offspring are connected to this house -- children, animals, creative expression, and so on. A sense of direction and ownership takes hold at this point in our experience.

The Sixth House

The sixth house has to do with salvaging and preserving what is good and healthy in our experience. Here we separate the wheat from the chaff. We begin to care for ourselves and our experience and thus health, nutrition. The idea here is that we are able to analyze our experience and have thoughts about what is pure and what is not. The sixth house is an attempt to save the heart of an experience, one that already by that attempt is beginning to pass or not cohere.

The Seventh House

The seventh house is the house of partnerships, relationships, social life, and all that carries us beyond our personal self into an awareness of other people, community, and the like. This includes spiritual awakening and the discovery that we are more than just our personality. Here we begin to respond to our personal needs (and those of others) for the first time. We can see what is going on and are committed to it; thus, marriage and yoga, or union, is indicated in this house.

The Eighth House

The eighth house, traditionally the house of death, is concerned with getting rid of excess parts of ourselves that we see we no longer need. Thus this house also covers initiation and any activities where we are transforming toward a more integral position, getting to the heart of things. The no-nonsense quality of the eighth house makes it good for business ventures since here we are stripping away the dross to reveal the truth or essence of the subject.

What Does The Houses Mean In Astrology

The Ninth House

The ninth house covers long journeys and religion (the longest journey of all). Here is what remains of the purification that takes place in the eighth house -- the seed, or essence, of an entire cycle of experience. Religion comes from a Latin word that means to bind back, and thus refers to all things that last or endure, such as the truth. Essential ideas, philosophy, and all that is the very heart of things belong here.

The Tenth House

The 10th house is a house of practical vision and clairvoyance, for here we can see clearly what is. Reputation and career are often connected to this house, since the areas where we can see with greatest clarity are those we most often can put to use to make a living. In summary, this house is where we have real vision and can see to do and work. Planets transiting this house may provide moments of insight and clear-seeing as well.

The Eleventh House

The 11th house has to do with putting our visions and dreams to work. We have been on the mountain and had a vision (10th house). Here we take our vows never to forget what we have seen and to work hard to make these dreams into reality. Thus this house has always been connected with altruistic and humanitarian goals and trying to set them in motion. It is the house of friends and community, because when we are powered by a real insight or vision we share with all -- irrespective of differences.

What Do The Houses Mean In Astrology

The Twelfth House

What The Houses Mean In Astrology Terms

The 12th house is about all that we go through in order to make our dreams into reality and manifest them in the world around us. It covers what we are willing to put up with, the sacrifices we will make in order to bring across what is really important. This is connected to prisons, institutions, betrayal, self-undoing, and the like, because it is here that we must choose to take some possible abuse for the sake of the message we are carrying, or blow it all away with a negative reaction.

4th House Astrology Meaning

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