Today I Start my Life Anew..
We have a chart today that requires us to keep an open mind and to pay close attention to what is done and said.. As everything will have 'deeper meanings' than what may appear to be at the 'surface' level.. This is one of those times when the Big Spirit tries to reveal deeper information to those that are willing to listen.
One thing we do have to be start being more careful about right now is that Mercury has moved 10 degrees ahead of the Sun.. As most of you guys know by now, that means that 'messages' have a way of getting mixed up.. Or they are 'interpreted' when they were intended to be taken literally.
So I'm here to tell ya's that even if it may make you a bit of a 'pain in the ass' to others, this is when you need to stop and ask 'clarifying questions' when you are not 100% sure.. You'll find that quite often the ones giving the instructions really don't know what the answer is either.. hehe.. This may not sound like a 'big deal' but this can save 'jobs' or 'relationships' by flushing out future disagreements.
The great thing about these charts is that it reminds us that we can thrive under any conditions as long as we 'tune into' the right planetary frequencies.. With that very strong Taurus vibe we're dealing with now, this is the time to look to the future, to determine if the future path is sustainable and prosperous for us.. But most of all, it is NOT the time to make assumptions or to 'assume' you know what the intentions of others (especially those in power or authority) may be.
That's it for now.. I'll talk to you guys tomorrow..
Keep the Faith.. Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon..
daniel 'whelland' dowd

Daily Horoscope For Aquarius Woman

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