Virgo Monthly Horoscope for February 2021 Predictions for February 2021 Virgo Horoscope suggest that you should be ready to welcome unexpected alterations to your life with courage. Professional career will bring about alterations to your daily activities. 2021 Mercury retrograde will bring about dynamic changes to the different areas of life. Virgo horoscope feb 2021.

  • Using your date of birth, place of birth, and the time you were born, a good astrologer can to make a chart specifically for highlighting your forthcoming pregnancies. You can either order a chart online and read the report, or if you use online chat or a phone to talk with your astrologer, you get.
  • 'Omarian read my chart and told me that my fertility line went right through Madrid and that If I ever go there, I could get pregnant. I flew from Madrid to NYC on 11/6 and had my period in the am in Madrid (sorry if this is too much info, but it's pertinent to the story.) Supposedly you can't get pregnant until 7-10 days AFTER your period.

It is more about having sexual intercourses at the right time, being able to detect when the woman is ovulating, and most of all, doing the proper tests in order to find out if both partners are capable of having children. If you want to know when Read more to get pregnant, take our quiz now. I’ll get to Bill Clinton in just a sec, don’t you worry. Eminence basically indicates the degree to which a chart supports a high rank in one’s society. You don’t need eminence to be happy, but if having a high rank in your society is important to you to be happyI hope you have some eminence factors. Being pregnant is not easy, so you should always consider factors before deciding to have a baby. If you are too sure that you want to be pregnant and would like a prediction when only then take this quiz and find out.

Delay in the pregnancy: How astrology can explain this.

The birth of a child is an important milestone for couples to call their family as complete. In Indian culture, the birth of a child is an important milestone as it is beginning of a new generation. Having a child is considered to be a precious gift from God.

But sometimes few parents have trouble conceiving due to various issues. Even after many medical treatments and checkups, it tends to be impossible for them conceive. It after then, many parents look for astrological remedies to resolve their issues.

Pregnancy astrology can explain and resolve the issues related to childbirth. We will discuss further the astrological explanation related to delayed pregnancy.

Having a malefic Saturn

  • In the kundali of wife, the 5th house having the 5th lord is important as it explains about her family life. But if the 5th lord goes into the 12th house, then it explains about difficult situations that may arise from such a situation.
  • In the 5th house, placement of Jupiter and Saturn is important along with Mars and Mercury. This further explains the delay in childbirth, because having Saturn in 5th house slows the process and work.
  • Jupiter’s aspect delaying the pregnancy.
  • As per pregnancy astrology, the presence of Ketu in 5th house with Venus as 5th Lord in aspect by Jupiter is one main reason for the delayed childbirth.
  • Delay in childbirth.
  • The chances of having a delay in childbirth, especially during the age of 32 and 33 – is when Jupiter is in 5th house in an angular position with Venus in it.
  • The possibility of childbirth at the age of 40 is when Jupiter is in 9th house along with Venus.
  • The 7th house in astrological chart signifies the physical relationship between husband and wife. In the 7th house, the presence of Venus is the deciding factor. If Venus is placed properly in 7th house, it indicates a healthy relationship between husband and wife.

Analysis of husband’s astrological charts

As per Rishi Parashara, a husband’s horoscope has to be checked with various combinations to understand the reasons for delayed childbirth.

  • A detailed study of 5th house is needed with the presence of malefic and benefice
  • How are Lagna lords conjugated with planet Mars, indicated that the firstborn of the man may not be able to live? Also, there are chances that his wife will have issues with conceiving.
  • It is important to analyze the 5th house and 5th lord’s presence in your moon sign. The moon sign is identified by understanding the position of the moon in a birth chart. For example, if the moon is in Gemini zodiac, then your moon sign is Gemini.

Issues in husband’s Kundali

  • As per the astrology, if the 5th Lord is not placed properly in 6th, 8th or 12th house, then the husband will have trouble having children.
  • if the retrograde planets are present in a 5th house, then there are major concerns with pregnancy.
  • The situation of a planetary system in 5th and 7th house is the deciding factor for the childbirth. If the 5th house has beneficial planets then the couples are blessed with a healthy child.

Above are few of the steps that astrology tries to explain for the delay in childbirth. But before going for any astrological advice, it is important to go to the doctor and consult your concern with them first.

Once you are sure that medical help may not be enough to resolve your issues, then consult a good astrologer to get a clear picture of your situation.


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How To Get Pregnant Through Astrology or astro remedies for getting pregnant is our services, here we will provide you powerful mantra to get pregnant. We also solve your problems like according to astrology when will i get pregnant?

Get Pregnant Through Astrology

Many people suffer from childlessness. Undoubtedly, many couples suffer from this even after many years of marriage. Unquestionably, some women face troubles in conceiving due to fertility issues or other reasons.

People spend a lot of money on medical treatment for this. Particularly, women go through extreme medications to be able to conceive and deliver a healthy child. So, let us discuss the astrological reasons behind this.

The birth chart, or horoscope or Kundli, plays an important part in determining the phases of life. Importantly, every woman should have a birth-chart reading before getting married or before planning to have a child.

This is to determine her planetary positions to be a mother. The fifth house of a woman’s horoscope and its lord is considered to be important for her in childbirth and pregnancy.

Hence, we strongly recommend every woman to have a horoscope reading done and follow the guidance. Also, she should follow the below-mentioned guidelines for hassle-free conceiving and childbirth:

  • Surya namaskar every day as you wake up
  • Wear a Red Coral gemstone in your right-hand ring finger
  • Feed cows on every Thursday to get the grace of Jupiter
  • Eat milk products and drink milk on every Friday to ensure Venus’s grace upon you

Without a doubt, consult with an expert astrologer to know the best guidance as per your birth chart. Thus, you know about your current and future situation and plan accordingly.

According To Astrology When Will I Get Pregnant?

According To Astrology When Will I Get Pregnant, Honestly, astrology helps you to get pregnant. It would help if you had the right consultation and guidance to remove obstacles from your birth chart. First of all, let us tell you that the role first house and its lord are important in a woman getting pregnant.

Besides, the first house affects a woman’s health. Furthermore, a woman experiences a healthy fertility and prompt pregnancy with a strong first house. Moreover, the first house indicates good health in a women’s horoscope.

As we have said earlier, the fifth house of horoscope is important in a woman’s childbirth and pregnancy. A woman needs to have a clear horoscope reading to avoid pregnancy hassles. Also, the position of malefic planets like Saturn, Sun, Mars or Rahu and Ketu in the fifth house causes obstacles in pregnancy and childbirth.

Apart from this, the ninth house also contributes to pregnancy or childbirth. Importantly, Jupiter is considered to be an important planet for childbirth. Jupiter is a beneficial planet and offers special advantages of childbirth in a woman’s horoscope. Hence, Jupiter should be devoid of any malefic influence.

All these factors play an important role in a woman’s pregnancy. Thus, a horoscope reading is a must for every woman. Apart from this, a woman should follow her prescription after the horoscope reading.

Also, she should religiously follow the remedies suggested to her and remove obstacles of pregnancy. Subsequently, she will be able to conceive and deliver a healthy baby.

Which Astro Remedies Use For Getting Pregnant?

When I Ll Get Pregnant Astrology

When I Ll Get Pregnant Astrology Signs

Astro Remedies For Getting Pregnant, Astrology gives you varied solutions for childlessness. Nonetheless, you should carefully follow the below-mentioned generic solutions:

  • Firstly, it is important to do Kundli-Milan properly. Also, the position of Mars and Venus need special reading.
  • A woman should be careful of her fertility if her brother is much older than her in age. This can lead to hormonal issues at a young age.
  • The fifth house should not have any malefic planet in it, or else it needs special gemstones and other rituals to mend it.
  • Every woman should apply remedies for Mars, Venus, and Jupiter’s negative influence to avoid problems in the tubes and hormones.
  • A weak Jupiter might delay pregnancy and requires strong astrological remedies for that.
  • Malefic positioning of Venus might cause hormone misbalance in a woman, and she needs a silver ring in her right thumb as a remedy.
  • Worship of your Ishta Dev or Devi every day.
  • Get rid of pitra dosha by consulting an astrologer.
  • Chant santaan gopal strotra and wear the gopal strotra yantra.
  • Aspiring parents should wear a “bichhu ghaas” root around the neck joined in a black thread. This reduces the ni-santaan dosha.
  • Worship Shivji with “dhatura” to get his blessings to become parents.
  • Consult your physician for thyroid or diabetes or cholesterol issues.

Also, contact us for specialized remedies based on your horoscope reading. In addition to this, you get a yearly reading for your satisfaction.

Which Powerful Mantra Use To Get Pregnant?

Powerful Mantra To Get Pregnant, Married couple dream to have a good progeny. However, many suffer from childlessness due to many reasons and follow the spiritual path for a solution. Here we present you important mantras for different circumstances that will help you in getting progeny:

Powerful Swayamvara Parvati Mantra for intimacy between the couple:

This mantra ensures harmony at home and increases intimacy between the couple. Thus, it solves all matrimony related problems and helps the couple to overcome infertility. Apart from this, the mantra prevents abortion and leads to successful childbirth.

ओम हरेम योगिनीम योगिनी योगेश्वरी योग भायंकरी सकला स्तवरा जंगमस्य मुखं हृदयम् मम वसम् अकर्षे अस्त्राय नमः

Om Hreem Yoginim Yogini Yogeswari Yoga Bhayankari Sakala Sthavara

Jangamasya Mukha Hridayam Mama Vasam akarsha Akarshaya Namaha

Santhana Gopala Mantra: Here is another powerful mantra for conception known as the Santhana Gopala Mantra. Please chant this mantra for 108 times a day till the day of child delivery.

ओम देवकी सुधा गोविंदा वासुदेव जगथ पाठे

देहिमे थ्यनं कृष्ण थ्वमहं शरणम् कदाहा

देव देवा जगन्नाथ गोत्र वृधि करप प्रभाओ

देहिमे थ्यनं श्याग्राम आयुष्मानम यशश्रीनाम्

Om Devaki Sudha Govinda Vasudeva Jagath Pathe Dehimey Thanayam Krishna Thwamaham Saranam Kadhahaa Deva Jagannatha Gothra Vridhi Karap Prabho Dehimey Thanayam Sheegram Ayushmandham Yashashreenam

Garbarakshambiga sloka: Apart from these mantras, please chant the Garbarakshambiga sloka to prevent abortion. Fortunately, this mantra protects the womb and the foetus and prevents abortion.

ओम् देवेन्द्रियै नमोस्तुभ्यम् धीवेन्धिरा पिरिया बामिनी

When I Ll Get Pregnant Astrology Quiz

विवाहा बाक्यम अरोक्यम पुथरा लबाम साधहिमे

पधिम देहि सुधाम देहि सौभयम् धीमहि सुभे

When I Ll Get Pregnant Astrology

सौमंगलम सूयमन ज्ञानमं धीमह गरबरक्ष

Aum devendhiraani namosthubyam Dhevendhira piriya baamini Vivaaha baakyam aarokyam puthra laabam sadhehime Padhim dhehi sudham dhehi Soubaakyam dhehime subhe Soumaangalyam subam Gnayanam Dhehime Garbarakshake

Contact us for details of horoscope reading and solutions for pregnancy and childbirth.

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