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Anyone who works as an astrologer will eventually get into all sorts of subject areas you wouldn’t normally discuss with just anyone off the street. One of these is baby-making: both in terms of “when will I have a baby?” and “what will the baby be like when he/she grows up?”

Free Marriage Horoscope 2021. Again, marriage is the most valuable event of one’s life. For anyone who are concerning about the time you should get married or your future spouse, this horoscope report analyzing your 7th house will give you the answer in details. Mini Reports For Getting Pregnant with Horoscope and Astrology. Each of these would be a mini-report, and taken together, they help us see what are your chances to get pregnant, with whom, when, using which procedure, and whether a change in lifestyle would be needed or not. Do let me know how would you pay and I'll fill you in with more. According To Astrology When Will I Get Pregnant, Honestly, astrology helps you to get pregnant. It would help if you had the right consultation and guidance to remove obstacles from your birth chart. First of all, let us tell you that the role first house and its lord are important in a woman getting pregnant.

(Strangely, no one has asked me where babies actually come from yet. I’ve done some digging into the matter, and surprisingly there is no stork involved as many of us were traditionally led to believe.)

Three of the issues that come up on a regular basis are “when should we aim to have a baby?” “can I even have a baby?” and “when am I going to get pregnant?”

I’ll be dealing with the first two questions in this blog entry, and next time I’ll get into detail about how astrology can actually give you the advantage when it comes to getting pregnant. Believe it or not, there is an astrologically-based technique for improving your odds that you don’t even need to be an astrologer to use!


The first question, from an astrological perspective, is relatively easier to answer. I’ve had a few people ask me something like “I’m an Aries and my husband is an Aquarius. What Sign should we aim for with our baby so the baby is compatible with both of us?”

The simple answer is: regardless of your Sign or your mate’s Sign, if you somehow manage to have a baby you are always compatible with, then you almost certainly either kidding yourself or your child is much better at hiding evidence than you gave him/her credit for. Besides: science has recently determined that the final signal to begin labor actually comes from the baby, not the mother. Thus, you could say that the child you’re planning (if he/she is going to show up at all) already knows what birth chart he/she wants to have. In other words: your child will be his or her own individual entity with his/her own Free Will. If you don’t believe me now, just wait until you’ve been up with the screaming little gaffer three nights in a row.

Free Will: it’s awesome, as long as you’re the only one who has it.


The question of whether or not one can get pregnant is, both medically and astrologically, a lot more complicated. If you want a baby but are having trouble, by all means see a doctor first and foremost about this. Then once you’ve gone through that, astrology can help a little more, and even explain some fertility issues your average sonogram can’t.

As for signs of fertility (or lack of it) in a birth chart: like so many other things in life, it’s complicated, but a few simple, hard-and-fast, not-always-but-usually true rules seem to apply. The general rulership of fertility in a woman’s birth chart is the Fifth House. The same rules also apply to men, but it’s almost always the woman’s chart I’m asked to look at. This is probably more for cultural than practical reasons, because despite the fact that technically we know better now, traditionally an inability to have a baby (or the inability to have the “right” gender of baby, or the inability to have a baby that has Daddy’s talent playing the piano, or whatever) has been blamed entirely on the woman.

So, bust out that birth chart of yours and find out what Sign is on the cusp of your Fifth House… and this is one of those times where I’m going to say “Whole Sign Houses appear to work better.” In general, astrologers place the Signs into three groups to determine fertility:

  • The Fruitful (fertile) Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
  • The Semi-Fruitful (semi-fertile) Signs: Libra, Taurus, Capricorn
  • Barren Signs are: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius

That’s far from being the whole story though. Lots of women with Scorpio on the Fifth House cusp can’t get pregnant, and lots with Aquarius on the Fifth can have plenty of babies. One also has to look at:

  • The condition and placement in the birth chart of the planet ruling the Fifth House. Having Cancer on the Fifth is a good Sign, but if your Moon is in Aries and gets some difficult aspects from Saturn, for example, it’s not so easy to get pregnant.
  • Planets in the Fifth House. Moon, Venus and Jupiter are all considered to be good baby-making news when in the Fifth House — Sun, Mars or Saturn, though? Not so much. Neptune and/or the North Node in the Fifth tend to be helpful as well, and Uranus and/or the South Node can make it trickier.
  • The planetary transits through the Fifth House, and transiting aspects to the Fifth House Ruler and/or planets in the Fifth House at any given time.

Not surprisingly, baby-making astrology follows many of the same rules when it comes to another ancient endeavor astrologers were called in for: timing the planting and growing crops.

It’s beginning to look like getting pregnant is a lot harder than anyone thought, isn’t it? Don’t worry though… it happens all the time, and if you think the astrology is complicated, look up “cell meiosis” some time.

The conditions of your birth chart are important in determining how easy or hard it will be for you to have a baby… and once you’ve been dealt your hand, you have to play it. Having said that: can astrology actually help with the timing of when to get pregnant? Why not drop by my blog next time and discover the startling answer?

The Astrology of Pregnancy

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by Kathy Rose

What do you say to a womanwho asks you to look at herhoroscope to see if a pregnancyis in her future? Often stressedand anxious, she inquires emotionally,“Will I have a baby? And if so, when?”

Naturally, as astrologers, we want to beable to answer these questions. We are motivatedto identify if and when a pregnancymay occur, as suggested by reliable planetarycycles.

The astrology patterns present in amother’s chart for the nine-month period ofher pregnancy are both fascinating and complex.However, the same aspects in a woman’schart that suggest pregnancy could alsopoint to many other things. We can’t knowfor sure when a cycle will set the stage for anew life coming forth or, instead, manifest aspersonal expansion in another area.

It would be nice and neat if there werea magic formula (astrologically speaking)that would allow us to be able to predictpregnancy. But this just isn’t how astrologyworks — at least, not in modern times whenwe have more free will, more choice in thisregard.

However intriguing it might be to identifythe planetary indicators that could suggestpregnancy, I think it’s essential that weapproach this subject with both wisdom andcaution. As astrologers, we bear a responsibilityto be careful with our words and to berespectful of the possibility that, when certainthoughts are planted in a person’s mind, theycan manifest. Stress, fear, worry, and doubthave such a strong effect on a woman’s hormonalsystem that we certainly don’t wantto inadvertently plant a negative seed by not being mindful of how we address thisdelicate topic.

The fact, though, is that women frequentlydo come to an astrologer withquestions about conception and pregnancy— wanting to know if and whena child may come into their life. Often,by the time they seek the counsel of anastrologer, they’re already feeling anxietyor pressure about this subject. Thisis normal, and we need to know how tohandle this situation.

Free Will and Choice

Before we start to look for potentialsigns of an upcoming pregnancy,we must first make sure that we understandthe reality of the person seekinganswers. We need to remember that reliablebirth control is readily available inour culture, and women generally havea great deal of choice with their reproductivesystems. While the ideal “textbook”lineup of aspects for fertility maybe present in a client’s chart during herchildbearing years, she may choose notto go in that direction.

That’s why I always ask one ormore key questions: “Are you thinkingof pregnancy? Are you in a serious relationship?Are you taking birth control?Do you want a child?” In other words,is a pregnancy a reasonable possibility,given the client’s reality?

I think it’s important to rememberthat planets don’t do things — peopledo. Choice enters into the picture. Theastrologer who makes a dramatic anddeclarative pronouncement, such as,“You will be pregnant in July!” seems tome to be acting out of ego, rather thantruly being of service to the client. Freewill needs to be honored.

Recently I saw a new client who hadbeen told by a psychic that she wouldabsolutely, positively be pregnant in February2014. The client mentioned thatthis declaration triggered a sense of fate— a feeling that her pregnancy was outof her control — as if it were ordained tohappen. Interestingly, it also intensifiedher inner anxiety: She wondered if shewas doing everything “right” in order tosupport the prediction. She actually worriedabout missing the most fertile daysfor engaging in sex, due to schedulingissues with her husband’s work. A veryreal fear arose because she focused onnot messing up the special time that wasso firmly forecast.

February arrived and she was notpregnant … and still isn’t. She told meshe felt that she had failed, that she hadmissed the window opened by the Universe.She said she would rather nothave had the prediction issued.

This client had allowed someoneelse to unduly influence her reality,and this ignited a host of very stressfulfeelings. The internal fear and anxietyabout fulfilling the prediction maywell have put her hormonal system intooverdrive, which could have contributedto her not becoming pregnant. Thebody–mind connection is so powerful!

Many astrologers simply won’t issuethis type of exact or absolute prediction.However, in my 30 years of consultingwith clients, I have heard plenty of storiesof damaging proclamations such asthis — stories that underline the need forastrologers to be mindful and sensitive.

In this article, I’ll explore the aspectsand references that suggest a potentialpregnancy, and I’ll present severalcase studies that help us to understandpatterns. As you’ll see, the astrology ofpregnancy is a profound and fascinatingsubject, one that calls for a clear awarenessthat helps us to better serve our clients.

Before we start to lookfor potential signs of anupcoming pregnancy, wemust first make sure that weunderstand the reality of theperson seeking answers.

The Trigger

There is always a good backstorybehind each article I write. Invariably,an event or a trigger launches my interestand leads to research, analysis, anddeep learning. This article started withmy preparation to speak at the annualStudent Seminar for the Noel Tyl MasterCertification Course, January 2014, inNewark, New Jersey. Noel has given methe opportunity to be his Teaching Associate,and I was presenting a section onthe topic of planets moving to the AriesPoint (AP) by solar arc.1

As I was preparing for my lecture, Ilet my intuitive mind guide me to celebrityhoroscopes that had planets at theAP by solar arc so that I could use themas examples. When I saw Chelsea Clinton’sname in my files, I instantly hadthe special inner nudge that signals meto check out her chart.

Sure enough, when I examinedyoung Ms. Clinton’s horoscope (seeChart 1, page 34), I saw that solar arc(SA) Uranus was at 29°16’ Sagittarius inJanuary 2014. Uranus would solar arcto the Aries Point (0° cardinal) later inthe year, in October. What I found interestingis that, in her natal chart, Uranusrules the 4th house, and when aplanet that rules an angle in the natalchart moves by solar arc to the AP, thereseems to be an extra power to this kindof “bloom.” So, I asked myself, “Whatwould be happening in her life with4th-house matters, i.e., family issues?”

Looking deeper in her horoscope,I noticed that she also had SA Pluto =(natal) Uranus (with solar arc notation,we delete the aspect and insert an equalsign) and SA Venus = Uranus in June2014. It’s easy to see a repeating messageabout the 4th house being highlyactivated! I immediately started to wonderabout pregnancy.

In addition to all the activity withUranus in Chelsea Clinton’s chart, therewas also transiting Saturn conjunct herAscendant from November 2013 toJuly 2014. The conjunction of Saturnwith the Ascendant is highly significantand suggests the start of a new 29-yearcycle related to identity and sense ofself. There is almost always a major shiftin how we see ourselves with this cycle,and we know that when a woman hasher first baby, there is a powerful changein identity!

One more measurement sealedthe deal for me: I noticed that transitingJupiter would conjoin her Leo Moonin August 2014, and then square herAscendant from October 2014 to June2015.

I felt that all this activity was a naturalsignal for potential family expansionand that chances were good thatwe might hear an announcement of herpregnancy sometime in 2014. I mentionedthis to the Tyl students in January,and then on March 13, I also posted my prediction on Noel’s public DiscussionForum in the section “Astrology ofthe Famous and Well Known.”2

On April 17, just one month aftermy public post, we received the happynews that Chelsea Clinton was indeedpregnant, and she subsequently gavebirth to a daughter on September 26,2014 — just six days before SA Uranusmoved precisely to 0°00’ Capricorn!

The catalysts for this article andthe accompanying research were themany personal e-mails I received inresponse to my post on the Tyl forum.I began to get requests from astrologerswho wanted to better understandthe cycles and aspects that may suggestpregnancy. They were keen to have discussionthat went beyond the type ofthinking that “a transit to a planet in the5th house will bring a pregnancy.” Theywere intrigued by the measurements Ipresented, which not only suggested apregnancy, but also resulted in one.

I, too, wanted to delve more deeplyinto the topic, so I beganto scour my files formothers andtheir children. Thus began the processof data collection for the cycles thatwere going on when the women werecarrying babies in their bellies.

Research Parameters

I gathered data for 56 births from36 mothers. In all cases except one, thebirth time is verified by the birth certificate.I have personally worked withmost of the mothers for many years inastrology consultations, and am familiarwith their life stories.

I felt that it was necessary to keepthe measurements simple and basic. Mybelief is that the important, powerful lifechanges are usually obvious and easyto see in the horoscope, if you knowwhat to look for. My friend and mentorNoel Tyl calls them big bells — theyvibrate loudly and attract our attention.So, I looked only for transits fromJupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, andPluto, and I included just the aspects ofconjunctions, squares, and oppositionsto the natal planets, lunar nodes, andangles in the horoscope.

I also looked for solar arcs, but onlythe conjunctions, squares,and oppositions. Iincluded solararcs to thenodal axis and also solar arcs from thenodes. Noel Tyl has advanced the ideathat the nodes can be a strong symbolof female energy. Planets in the natalchart that are configured with the nodalaxis often suggest the relationship withthe mother or significant female figure,so naturally I extended that to includemotherhood. It made sense to me that,during pregnancy, we might see transitsor solar arcs involving the nodal axis.

You might wonder why I didn’tinclude the harmonious trine or theflowing sextile aspects. My feeling is thatthese easy measurements don’t propelus forward with enough significantmomentum or a strong enough pushto result in a major life change. I havealways found that the aspects that havetension produce the biggest growth andforward movement.

I used charts of women who hadbirth times verified by their birth certificate,with only one exception: the chart ofmy mother-in-law. Her story of pregnancyis very interesting, and I will use her chartas an example to illustrate my point.

Most of the women included in thisresearch had more than one child, anda few had as many as four. I lookedat the transits and solar arcs that weregoing on during the nine-month periodof their pregnancies. This is a simplething to do: You take the date whenthe child was born and count backwardnine months, and then you scan thattime frame for the transits and solar arcsin the mother’s chart.

My focus was not to find the exacttime of conception, but rather to look atthe entire period of pregnancy. I watchedfor the outer-planet transits that madean exact contact during that nine-monthperiod. I did the same with solar arcs:I considered only the arcs that came toperfection while the woman was carryingthe baby, or at the time of birth.

When I Ll Get Pregnant Astrology Chart

I started the research for this articleby asking myself the question: “Whatpatterns would you anticipate seeingin a woman’s horoscope at the time ofpregnancy?” I thought I’d see frequenttraditional fertility solar arcs involvingthe Sun and Venus, or Venus and theAscendant, and so on. I also assumedthat there would be a predominant patternof transits or solar arcs to the rulerof the 5th house or to planets in the 5th.

My belief is that the important, powerful lifechanges are usually obviousand easy to see in thehoroscope, if you knowwhat to look for.

However, this didn’t show up with asmuch regularity as I expected.

What I anticipated seeing didn’tprove to be the case. I was absolutelyfascinated!

Giving Birth Is a Big Life Event

I considered that I may have beenthinking in terms that were too narrowregarding the astrology of pregnancy.Conceiving, growing a new life, andhaving a baby represent a huge lifestylechange — it is a significant and powerfullife-altering event when a child isbrought into the world.

Most women these days areengaged in careers and continue towork even after having a baby. A hundredyears ago — maybe even 50 yearsago — this was not common. In theearly 20th century, most women viewedgetting married, having babies, and raisinga family as their primary life purposeand career.

The majority of charts I used forresearch were those of women born inthe 1940s or ’50s — the point in timewhen their childbearing years coincidedwith the more widespread acceptanceof women in the workforce. The databasefor this article contains a few chartsof mothers who were born in the early1900s and also several who were bornin the late 1980s and early ’90s.


I think it’s important to reiteratethat, early in the 20th century, becominga mother was linked to the sense ofachieving one’s life purpose. Unless onewas in the über-wealthy upper class andcould afford a full-time nanny, womenstayed home, and their entire focus wason raising their children and managingthe household. Perhaps if we exclusivelystudied horoscopes for births inthe 1800s and early 1900s, we may seea different pattern, compared to what Isaw with contemporary births.

In modern times, women focustheir ambition and desire for achievementnot just on having a family, butalso on a career. Having a baby is certainlysignificant, but — let’s be real —nowadays when a woman who worksfull time has a baby, her life assumes ahigh degree of complexity as she jugglesa career and childcare issues. Thisalso adds responsibility to the father’slifestyle, but the stress felt by the man ismore often one of financial pressure toprovide security.

We still hear many stories suggestingthat, despite both parents workingfull time, it’s usually the woman whodoes the majority of cleaning, cooking,and household caretaking. I know thereare exceptions, but it seems that careerwomen are now taking on two full-timejobs when they have a baby.

So, how would all this show upin the horoscope? Isn’t it reasonablethat the cycles that are present in thechart of a woman who becomes pregnantwould symbolize a big life changeinstead of just fertility or 5th-housereferences?

The Data

As I analyzed the charts, I found itvery interesting that there were consistentlythree to five different big bell transitsor solar arcs going on simultaneouslyduring the pregnancy. In many cases,there were even more than five. This islikely the most noteworthy piece of informationto consider. We should probablychange the way we are viewing this,moving from “What specific transits orsolar arcs suggest a birth?” to “Howmany cycles are occurring at once whena woman becomes pregnant?” With thisapproach, I began to expect to see threeor more major cycles going on simultaneouslyin the chart of a pregnant mother,as I continued to collect the data.

Following is a breakdown of aspectsfor the 56 births I analyzed (from 36mothers with accurate birth data).

1. Angular Activity

The most frequent cycle I saw was atransit from an outer planet — or a solararc — to an angle, with the Ascendantand Descendant having the most activity.Twenty-six charts out of 56 (46%)received direct hits to these angles. Fourof those charts had more than one transitor solar arc affecting the Asc./Desc. atthe same time. Jupiter and Saturn cycleshitting the 1st/7th axis were most common.Interestingly, Neptune followed aclose second.

The direct hit to an angle is certainlysignificant, and we should keepthis in mind when we are ponderingthe question of a potential pregnancy(major life event). Angles are the mostdynamic points in the horoscope, so wecan expect powerful movement in lifewhen one of these areas is contacted.

The most frequent cycleI saw was an outer-planettransit or a solar arc to anangle, with the Ascendantand Descendant havingthe most activity.

Just as potent for change andgrowth is the planetary ruler of an anglebeing activated by a transit or solar arc.Since Mercury and Venus each ruletwo signs, there are more opportunitiesfor an angle ruler to be triggered, so Ididn’t tally up the number of charts thatreflected this. But I must mention thatthe angles were the most active areasby far, receiving the most hits in the 56births I studied.

Angles and their rulers must be consideredas power generators for majorlife changes when activated by transitsand solar arcs — and this activationwas consistently present in the charts ofpregnant women in my research.

2. The Sun

Twenty-two out of 56 pregnancies(39%) had exact contact from a solar arc or an outer-planet transit to the natalSun, with eight of those charts showingmultiple transits or solar arcs to the Sungoing on at the same time. Again, as withthe angles, Jupiter and Saturn cycles tothe Sun were most common, with Neptunefollowing a very close second.

The Sun is the symbol for our coresense of self, our life purpose and direction.Strong transits and solar arcs tothe Sun offer us a period to consider acourse correction in life, to build a newfeeling of confidence, or to strengthenour identity. Often when the Sun is activatedby a cycle, we re-evaluate who weare and where we are going.

It makes sense that cycles to thenatal Sun would be a consistent patternfor pregnant women. When a womancarries a pregnancy to term, there isoften a change in how she sees herself.I’ve had frequent conversationswith women who mention that, whenthey become a mother, it’s very commonfor them to refer to themselves as“someone’s mom” insteadof using their ownname. The inner image shifts to motherand protector of a child, rather thanthe image of oneself as a separateindividual.

One note about Neptune transitsor solar arcs showing up frequentlyboth to the angles and to the Sun: Atfirst this really surprised me. I certainlynever anticipated Neptune as being afactor in a pregnancy! However, whenwe consider that there is enormous sacrificerequired when a woman becomesa mother, isn’t that Neptune energy?And there’s the issue of the temporarychange (loss) in individualized identitythat happens for women when they stepinto the powerful role of guardianshipand protector of new life. Mothers tendto put their children’s needs first; thereis often a selflessness that goes with thejob. Neptune frequently dissolves ego,and this fits in with the bloom of motherhood.Interesting!

A Miracle Birth:

Jupiter Hits the SunThe only horoscope I includedthat does not have a verified birth timeis that of my mother-in-law, EmmaRose. (I use a sunrise chart when notime is provided.)

Mrs. Rose very much wanted tohave a large family and began tryingto become pregnant in her early 20s,right after she got married. Followingmany years of focusing on getting pregnantwith no success, she finally wentto a doctor for help. She was told thatshe was infertile, and was absolutelycrushed. However, as is occasionally thecase, Mrs. Rose was shocked, amazed,and thrilled when, out of the blue, shebecame pregnant at 39 years of age. Inthe 1950s, that was considered very oldto have a first child. She always referredto her son, my husband, as her “miraclebaby.”

I thought of her story when I startedthis article, and knew that I had to checkout what was going on in her chartduring her pregnancy. (See Chart 2, atleft.) I anticipated seeing either a Venussolar arc or a contact from Jupiter, simplybecause that carries the “miracle”energy. Amazingly, when she becamepregnant, it was during SA Jupiter =Sun. She was also receiving a transitfrom Jupiter in Aries to her natal Jupiterand Venus in the fall of 1951, when shediscovered she was pregnant. Miraclebaby, indeed! The benefic rays of Jupiterproduced the reward.

One last note about this horoscope:Mrs. Rose suffered from frequentmigraine headaches, but whenshe became pregnant, they stoppedcompletely — probably due to thehormonal changes. She mentioned tome many times that, during the ninemonths of pregnancy, she felt the bestshe ever had in all her life. Again, wesee the benefic Jupiter solar arc shiningthrough!

I suspect that we’d see activity toher angles, if we had her birth time.She lived a long and fulfilling life, passingaway when she was 93. I felt thatchances would be good that, even withouta birth time, the aspects reflectingthe miracle pregnancy would be easy tosee — and they were.

The Moon is a natural symbolfor the mother energy,and it’s normal to anticipatethat it might receive transitsor solar arcs when a womanbecomes pregnant.

When I Ll Get Pregnant Astrology
3. The Moon

The Moon is a natural symbol forthe mother energy, and it’s normal toanticipate that it might receive transitsor solar arcs when a woman becomespregnant. Twenty-one out of my 56research horoscopes (37%) had examplesof the Moon being transited or contactedby a solar arc, with 6 of those21 having multiple cycles to the Moonduring pregnancy. Where does astrology come from. Interestingly, contactfrom Uranus to the Moon was strongest,followed by Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, andthen Jupiter, in that order.

Personally, I had a powerful themeof lunar involvement for both of mypregnancies. Transiting Uranus wassquare my Moon when I was pregnantwith my first baby, and with my secondchild I had SA Pluto = Moon and transitingJupiter opposite my Moon happeningat the same time.

I also had SA Ascendant at 0° Cancer(Aries Point, or AP) when I gavebirth to my first child. This is especiallysignificant because I never thought Iwould want children. I have a very independentwarrior Moon in Aries. Havingmy SA Ascendant hit the AP in Cancer,a lunar-ruled sign — along with the Uranustransit to my Moon — totally alteredmy thinking, and I embraced motherhoodwith a passion! My identity easilyflowed into the role of nurturing motherand caretaker.

A Surprise Pregnancy:Uranus Transit to the Moon

One of my long-term clients, “Pam”(a pseudonym), was totally astonishedwhen she became pregnant with herfirst child at age 45. She had an amazinglyeasy pregnancy and gave birth toa healthy son when she was just threemonths shy of her 46th birthday. (SeeChart 3, below.)

When Pam became pregnant, shewas in a long-term serious relationshipbut wasn’t married. The surprisepregnancy pushed her and her partnerto wed immediately, and the cyclesgoing on in her chart at the time tell thetale. We see the “surprise” by the manycycles involving Uranus:

  • Transiting (TR) Uranus conjunctthe Moon
  • SA Uranus = Mars(ruler of the 4th house)
  • TR Saturn conjunct Uranus(exact two months after the birth)
  • SA Uranus = Jupiter (ruler of theAscendant)
  • SA Midheaven = Uranus

The repeating pattern of contactthrough transits and solar arcs in herchart (both to Uranus and from Uranus)suggests the sudden and unexpectedchange that the news of pregnancybrought into her life. With the Uranus–Moon transit, plus the solar arc fromUranus to the ruler of the Ascendant,we see the powerful trigger to an angle,which I mentioned earlier.

It’s fascinating that, in a consultationPam and I had in 2005, I mentioned toher that there was a suggestion of marriageor perhaps significant relationshipdevelopment in her chart in 2006. I sawthis with SA Venus = Sun, which wasexact in mid 2006. Because I never evenconsidered that pregnancy might occur(given the fact that she was in her mid40s), I naturally thought of marriage orrelationship issues instead. The marriagedid manifest, but it was triggeredby the fact that she becamepregnant!

We’ll explore the Venus energynext.

4. Venus

As I stated earlier, I anticipated seeinga predominance of Venus cycles inexamples of pregnancies because I associatethis planet with matters of women’sfertility. From the sample charts I had,37% were receiving a transit or solar arcto natal Venus. Particularly interesting tome was that there were 21 charts withVenus being aspected; in 5 of the 21,Venus ruled the 5th house (children),and another 5 of the 21 had Venus rulingthe 4th (family).

When i will get pregnant astrology

Amazingly, it was Saturn transitsor solar arcs to Venus that were mostcommon (6 cases out of 21), followedby Pluto (5 cases), Uranus (4 cases),and Jupiter and Neptune (2 each). Thecycles I usually consider to be classicpotential pregnancy indicators are eitherSA Venus = Ascendant or SA Ascendant= Venus. There were 2 casesof each of these cycles inthe sample.

Let me share with you a clear caseexample that had Venus and Ascendantactivity: Veronica is a client of mine whoalso became one of my astrology students.Her studies, however, were interruptedby her pregnancy. What’s trulywonderful is that Veronica allowed theclass to use her chart in early 2012 asa teaching tool for aspects that suggesta possible pregnancy. Starting in late2011, she began to feel the desire to bea mother tugging at her, and in January2012, she asked if we could explore thistopic in class.

Veronica has one of the very easyto-spot signatures for heightened fertility.(See Chart 4, below) When sheasked the question about possible pregnancy,she had SA Ascendant at 27°55’Virgo. I noticed that she would have SAAsc. = Venus exact in the fall of 2012(solar arc planets advance forward5 minutes of arc per month). She alsohad transiting Pluto square her natalJupiter–Saturn conjunction (Jupiter isthe ruler of the 5th house). I knew that,in the summer of 2012, transiting Uranuswould join the mix in oppositionto natal Jupiter.

That’s all I needed to see to feelconfident in saying there was a strongsuggestion that it probably wouldn’t bedifficult for her to conceive sometime in2012. I felt very comfortable saying thisbecause she had already announcedher intention. I never told her she wouldconceive — I mentioned that there wasa suggestion of easy conception. I thinkthat putting it this way sends a bettermessage and doesn’t create pressure.

She became pregnant in the springof 2012, just before transiting Jupiterwas conjunct her Midheaven, and gavebirth in December.

I hope you spotted something inVeronica’s horoscope suggesting a secondchild: Did you see that SA Sun =Venus (Midheaven ruler) in 2016, exactin December 2016?

I want to mention something noteworthyhere: Veronica has the luxuryof living circumstances where she doesnot need to work. She is viewing motherhoodas her career and a large partof her life purpose, and she is a veryhappy, dedicated, full-time mother. Perhapsthis is why one of the old “classic”signatures — Venus combined with theAscendant or Sun — was present duringher first pregnancy (with the themeshowing up again for possibly anotherbaby in 2016).

5. Jupiter

There were 18 out of 56 pregnanciesin the research group (32%) wherenatal Jupiter received a transit or solararc. In 8 of these 18 cases, Jupiter ruledeither the 4th or 5th house.

The Jupiter return was in play for 5of the pregnancies — that was the mostactive cycle. For the solar arcs, a few ofthe planetary combinations that reallymake sense with birth were present:Ascendant = Jupiter, Sun = Jupiter,and Moon = Jupiter.

6. Saturn

Twenty-one pregnancies (37.5%)had a solar arc or transit to Saturn.

One of the most frequent questionsI received from astrologers, aftermy posting on the Tyl forum, concernedthe Saturn transit conjunct Chelsea Clinton’sAscendant, and whether the Saturnenergy would make the pregnancydifficult. Honestly, at first I also contemplatedthis, until I collected enough dataand questioned many of the motherswho had this aspect. I learned that veryfew of them mentioned difficulty whilethey carried or delivered their baby.Perhaps the consistent Saturn cyclesthat show up are simply pointing to thefact that the structure of our daily lifechanges when we bring in a new life.Having a child is a serious matter, reallyan issue of increased responsibility —and isn’t this the essential message fromthe Taskmaster planet?

7. Uranus

Thirty percent of pregnant womenin my research group were experiencingan exact transit or solar arc to Uranus.There were 17 cases with natal Uranusactivated, and 3 of those were receivingmultiple cycles to that planet.

I have to note that Saturn transitsto Uranus were most common. Thismakes sense when you consider thatthe Saturn–Uranus combo spells changeand the release of the old so that fresh,new energy can come in.

8. Nodal Axis

I’m very glad that I included thetransits and solar arcs to the nodal axisbecause, in 30% of the pregnancies,there was an exact transit or solar arc tothe nodes.

Transiting Jupiter to the nodal axisshowed up most frequently. I did not differentiatebetween the North and SouthNode, but simply looked for contact toeither. I also recorded how many times Isaw the SA nodes hitting a natal planet,and there were 6 cases out of 56.

The transits and solar arcs to thenodal axis shouldn’t be ignored. I understandthat considering “motherhood” asa symbol when the nodes are activatedmay be a new concept, but the factthat it happened in 30% of the cases isextremely interesting. This subject needsmore study, of course.

9. Neptune

Sixteen cases out of 56 (28%) hada direct hit to natal Neptune throughsolar arc or transit. In 4 of those cases,there were multiple cycles triggeringNeptune.

Transits from Pluto to Neptunewere the most common; however, thisis largely because all but one of thewomen in my sample had Pluto andNeptune in sextile in the natal chart,and Pluto had moved to transit Neptuneduring the childbearing years. Jupiter’stransits to Neptune were almost as frequentas Pluto’s.

10. Pluto

Transits or solar arcs to Pluto werepresent in 25% of the cases I studied.The very powerful transit from Saturnto Pluto was most common. That was asurprise because this cycle is connectedwith hard work and sometimes loss. Iwouldn’t have anticipated seeing thesetwo planets in contact with any regularityduring a pregnancy.


I suggest that you consider youranalysis and understanding of planetaryactivity related to the astrology of pregnancythis way: The cycles work in combinationwith each other and create anactive time frame in a woman’s life for amajor life event. No single cycle standsout that would herald a pregnancy inand of itself. Instead, you need to beaware of multiple big bell aspects chimingtogether. It then seems logical that aconcurrence of planetary cycles can triggerthis kind of momentous expansion.

When analyzing the horoscopeof a woman in childbearing years, weshould be alert to the time frames whenthe chart is highly activated by manysolar arcs or transits occurring at once— and especially take note if the anglesare involved. We must also be practical:With effective contraception soprevalent, if a woman is practicing birthcontrol and has no intention of gettingpregnant, the patterns I am presentingwill likely bring about a result other thanpregnancy.

I’ve already started a new level ofresearch with the women in this study,asking them to describe significantevents going on in their lives and theirstate of mind when they became pregnant.As we would expect, their storiesflow with the specific transits or solararcs that were in effect in their chart.

And of course, this topic wouldn’tbe complete without pondering theactivity that was going on in the father’shoroscope during the period of themother’s pregnancy. Future research willbring this critical context to the discussionof the astrology of pregnancy.

The learning continues …

Chart Data and Sources

(in order of appearance)Chelsea Clinton, February 27, 1980; 11:24p.m. CST; Little Rock, AR, USA (34°N45’,92°W17’); A: letter from the White House.
Emma Rose, August 9, 1913; time unknown(sunrise used); Nashville, TN, USA (36°N10’,86°W47’); X: date without a birth time.
“Pam,” December 23, 1960; 6:19 a.m. PST;Los Angeles, CA, USA (34°N03’,
118°W15’);AA: birth certificate.Veronica, August 17, 1981; 6:48 a.m. EDT;Norfolk, VA, USA (36°N51’, 76°W17’): AA: birthcertificate.

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