Essential Concepts

  1. Default settings in any KP astrology software
  2. What is Horary Astrology/ Prashna Jyotisha
  3. Philosophical foundations of Prashna astrology from India
  4. Philosophical foundation of KP Prashna astrology according to KSK
  5. Computer software and KP Prashna with Jyotishya Deepika
  6. Types of KP Prashna
  7. Nature of question asked
  8. When to solve a KP Prashna
  9. Essential steps in solving KP Prashna
  10. Prashna Moon shows the Querent’s mind
  11. House rotation rules in KP Prashna
  12. KP Golden Rules of solving Prashna charts accurately
  13. Rule of Gulbarga Researchers
  14. Retrograde planets in KP Prashna
  15. Instant KP Prashna: YES or NO answers
  16. Ruling Planets and KP Prashna: Tested Golden Rules
  17. Golden Rules of Rahu and Ketu in KP Prashna
  18. Timing in KP Prasha: A Comprehensive Case Study
  19. Do’s and Dont’s during Prashna Analysis
  20. “Mother Nature Gives the Answer”

Practice Charts-- Normal Cases

Who is the father of Vedic astrology? The originator of Vedic astrology is Parasara Muni.Parasara was the father of Vyasadeva who compiled the Vedic literature.Parasara was one of the celestial sages because, in his treatise, he mentions – that he learned directly from Brahma and Narada, two celestial personalities who figure prominently in Vedic lore.

How can I get a job according to astrology? Do Namaskar and pray Sun god for a successful career. 11) Astrology Remedies: Two most powerful mantras that can help build successful career are Gayatri mantra and Maha Mrutyunjaya Mantra. Therefore chant these mantras 31 times each every day and win the blessings of Mother Gayatri and Lord Shiva. Welcome to My Astrology Signs! My dear you were born under the rising of Capricorn and Constellation of Sravana! My dear your horoscope shows you a person having multi personalities! Have great attachment with your father,your father got great rise in career with your birth! I think you will become pregnant in first half of 2014!

When Will I Become A Father Astrology
  1. Longevity of my son
  2. Am I having short span of life?
  3. How long will I live?
  4. Is my uncle still alive?
  5. Will my plans be successful?
  6. How will be the overall quality of my daughter’s life?
  7. Can I accumulate wealth and become wealthy?
  8. Will my eyesight become better after operation?
  9. Whether outstanding dues will come back to me?
  10. Will I ever speak with her?
  11. Does my lover speak truth with me?
  12. Will my Party give me election ticket?
  13. Will my contract be accepted?
  14. Will I get N.O.C from the Municipality?
  15. When will I get USA Visa for foreign trip?
  16. When will the parcel come?
  17. When will my office send me a vacation?
  18. Is there any change in current residence? If so, when?
  19. Is the news correct or wrong?
  20. Younger brother will help me in my business?
  21. Will I get the interview call letter for IAS?
  22. Court appeal will be admitted in High Court?
  23. Why my mother dislikes me?
  24. Will my son get admission in Presidency College?
  25. When will I get a tenant for my flat?
  26. Can I become a house owner?
  27. When will I get the possession of my flat?
  28. When will my village land get sold?
  29. Will my mother-in-law join us?
  30. Will I ever buy a car? If so, when?
  31. Is child birth promised for me? If so, when?
  32. Has my wife become pregnant?
  33. Will I win the Diwali lottery bumper prize?
  34. Can I become a film actor? What will be my star status?
  35. Can I be successful in my love affair with this girl?
  36. What exactly is my disease? Any cure?
  37. Why am I suffering from this difficult disease?
  38. Will I win my Court case?
  39. Will I win this litigation? When will it get over?
  40. Will I become the Chief Minister in this election?
  41. Can I win club Secretary’s position this year?
  42. Will my loan get approved by the bank? Full amount?
  43. When will I get a new job?
  44. Will the service in the new company bring success for me?
  45. When will I get married?
  46. Any marriage for me? Love or arranged marriage?
  47. Will second marriage take place? If so, when?
  48. How will my future husband look like?
  49. Married and separated. Any reunion for us?
  50. Will this business partnership be successful?
  51. Will be able to marry my lover of 10 years? When?
  52. Any accident will ever happen to me? When?
  53. Will I get my Gratuity payment? How sooner or later?
  54. Will the insurance company pay the dues? When?
  55. Why suddenly misfortunes are happening?
  56. Will my father make Will for me and keep the inheritance?
  57. When will this scandal and trouble get over?
  58. When will my father talk with us?
  59. When is the next pilgrimage? Where will I go?
  60. Will my article get published in the Medical Journal?
  61. Will my research become successful and well known?
  62. When will I finish my PhD? Will I get the degree successfully?
  63. Will my patent get enlisted? When?
  64. When will I travel to USA to meet my son? How will be the travel?
  65. Will I ever get recognition for my work in this office?
  66. Is it good for me to take up politics as a politician?
  67. Will changing my professional field bear good result for me?
  68. Will I get re-instated in the job after the suspension period?
  69. When will I get my next promotion?
  70. Will I rise to higher status in my life? When will this happen?
  71. Any cure for this miserable disease? How and when can this happen?
  72. Should I make this investment? Will it be profitable?
  73. Why this secret enmity against me?
  74. Will I be able to repay the debts before I die?
  75. Will I get imprisonment in the Court order? How long can it be, if it comes through?
  76. Will I get separated from my lover? What could be the reasons?

Practice Charts—Strange Questions

  1. Is there an attitude problem with me? What could be the reasons for such, if it at all exists?
  2. Will I ever suffer from an identity crisis? When can that ever strike me?
  3. Will the brand image get created within next 6 months for our product?
  4. Will my new car ever give trouble to me? If so, when?
  5. My husband tortures me. Will it be good for me to divorce him?
  6. Is my new chauffeur an honest person?
  7. My son is kidnapped? Whether we will get him back or will he be killed?
  8. I am afraid of being raped. Will it ever happen to me?
  9. Will my name appear in the final list for IAS officers?
  10. Prostitution is legal in my country. Will I have success in it? How much can I earn?
  11. Cannot find my almirah keys? Is it misplaced or someone has taken it?
  12. An unknown box has come to our office? Is it something of trouble? Should we inform the police?
  13. My father is Muslim and mother is Hindu. What is my true religion? Which religion will give me peace and spirituality?
  14. Will my maid servant come for work today? When will she arrive?
  15. I have been offered a huge bribe. Will it be okay for me to accept it? If I accept, what will be the consequences?
  16. Am I infected with a dangerous virus? What to do now?
  17. I want to file a police report against my boss for sexual harassment. Will it be the right thing for me to do?
  18. Will my new computer be fortunate for me?
  19. Will I be terminated from my service before retirement? Any punishment will be given to me?
  20. Is there any growth in the current profession?
  21. Will I be successful in getting the job as per the interview? If so, when will it happen?
  22. When will I get the job of a Director?
  23. Is someone trying to kill me? Who can it be?
  24. When will the police trouble go away for me?

Third House Lord Effects in Different Houses in Astrology If the third house lord placed in the house of lagan or first the native will be accumulates wealth through his/her hard work. He will be happy, short tempered and will serve courageous people. The native will be sensuous, greedy in the matter of food and may try to create barriers among one’s own people. The person may be learned and may be bitter in one’s conversation with friends. He may be argumentative, cruel and may keep bad company. One may be bold, quarrelsome, ambitious and a big industrialist. The person may be full of valor and of independent spirit.

Third House Lord in the Second House

If the lord of the third house is in the second house the native will be interested in other’s spouses and other’s wealth. He may have some problem with the kidney and may not be a happy person. If the lord of the third house placed in second house with malefic then the native become a poor, short-lived and opposed to friends.

If the lord of the third house is an auspicious or benefic planet then native becomes an official and work as a government servant. There may be quarrels in the family; money may be spent for brothers. The native will try to accumulated money but there may be face some problems.

Third House Lord in the Third House

When the lord of the third house is in the third bhav then the native will be full of valor, wealthy, having many servants and endowed with an amazing degree of happiness. The person may be a king’s minister, a person skilled at making friends, respectful towards elders and will gain favor from the king/queen.

If the third lord in third house native will be bold, convincing, soldierly, industrious, engaged in independent business and will enhance the prestige of the family and will be wealthy.

Third House Lord in the Fourth House

If the lord of the third house is in the fourth then he will be happy, wealthy and intelligent. However, one’s spouse may be cruel. The native will bring happiness to one’s parents and will help in their promotion.

If the lord of third house is a malefic then the person become inimical towards mother. The person blessed by father, brother and friends. you will accumulate wealth through own efforts, invests in house, agricultural land etc… You will help his/her friends and relatives and enjoys one’s wealth. He will start work very soon.

Third House Lord in the Fifth House

When the lord of the third house is in the fifth house, then the native will be happy, wealthy and very cruel. You will spend long life. Such a person will be good looking, forgiving, helpful, will enjoy materialistic pleasures, be happy, will rear one’s brothers and sons. You will be devoted to God; will gain fame due to his intelligence. His sons will be full of braveness. The person holds religious thought.

Third House Lord in the Sixth House

When the lord of the third house is in the sixth house then the native will be inimical towards his/her brother. you have no maternal uncle, you may be desirous of having an affair with one’s maternal aunt and one may be very rich. You may suffer from some ailment of the eyes; one may not have many enemies, may be inimical towards civilized persons, may be a trader and may be ailing. The native may have fights with enemies but it will be difficult to become successful. .

Third House Lord in the Seventh House

If third house lord in the seventh house then the native may be a thief and bad character person and may have a face difficulty in childhood. The person may die at the doorstep of a king’s house. The native spouse may be good looking he may be inimical towards his spouse.

If the lord of the third house is a malefic planet he may be very sensuous and one’s spouse may have an affair with one’s brother-in-law. The person may be victorious in arguments and quarrels may travel elsewhere and may marry by one’s own efforts.

When Will I Become A Father Astrology

Third House Lord in the Eighth House

When the lord of the third house is in the eighth house then the person will be ill character. You may have face difficult in childhood and may die at a king’s doorstep. If the third house lord is a malefic planet and placed in the eighth house then you become short tempered. Your friends and brothers may be die. If one survives till the age of 8, one may lose one’s arm.

If the lord of the third house is auspicious then you will gets wealth, but may suffer from many ailments. You may not have brothers and sisters and if have then one of them may have a bad character.

Third House Lord in the Ninth House

When Will I Become A Father Astrology

If third house lord placed is in the ninth house the person make fortunes with own efforts but opposite sex can be helpful for good fortune. Your spouse can be harmful for you. Your father may be indulging with bad thought. If the lord of third house is a malefic planet then your brother’s defeats you and all the following interpretations are reversed.

If the lord of the third house is an auspicious planet then you perform good deeds and surrounded by good friends. Such person is affectionate towards brothers and sisters. You have blessed with a son. You are valor and intelligence. You may be travels to religious places. You can get wealth from the opposite sex and yours father is pitiable and involved in bad deeds.

Venus in capricorn birth chart. Indian astrology is a prestigious portal for live astrology, explore astrology, readings and get guidance by renowned astrology experts & buy software online. Venus would remain combust. The beginning of the year would be auspicious for work and profession point of view. They have an impediment in speech. The Capricorn people. Capricorn is a movable Earth sign and there is a sense of fixity in their character and temperament. They tend to be reserved and emotionally contained people. And when Venus, the planet of love is placed in Capricorn, it gives trouble with expressing feelings and emotions to the partner. Venus In Capricorn Man Key Features Positive Characteristics. A Capricorn man is generally loyal, driven, hardworking, decisive, smart, and full of ambition. Negatives Traits. The dark aspects of Capricorn can make him stubborn and selfish. There is a tendency for him to roll over others on the way to his focused goals. Venus in Capricorn according to Saravali: If Venus occupies Capricorn at birth, one will be miserable due to heavy expenses, will have an emaciated body, will be fond of aged women, will suffer from heart diseases, be miserly in the matter of money, be a liar, be skillful in cheating, be a eunuch, be devoid of (good) acts, interested in other`s work, very distressed, be a dunce and will, however, endure misery. Venus in Capricorn zodiac Shukra in Makara rasi. The placement of Venus in Capricorn zodiac would bring the planet in a pleasing appearance along with much of positive reflection for the natives of this combination on account of Venus being sharing a natural friendship with the ruling planet Saturn of Capricorn arena. The influence of planet Venus in Capricorn would enhance the inner softer.

Third House Lord in the Tenth House

At What Age Will I Get Pregnant Astrology

When the lord of the third house is in the tenth house one is always happy, wealthy and intelligent. However, one’s spouse is cruel. One’s father and the king/queen may add to one’s happiness, one supports the elders of one’s family, is fortunate and is honored by the king/queen, devoted to one’s mother and friends and is respected by good relatives.

The native may progress due to own valor. You may start a large business, may be wealthy and may receive honor and a high position in the king’s court.

Third House Lord in the Eleventh House

If the lord of the third house is in the eleventh house then the native earn wealth through own effort. You will work as much as you`ll get reward. Such person is interested in other’s spouses and wealth. One may have some problem with the kidney.

If the lord of the third house is an auspicious or benefic planet, one becomes an official and one is strong. There may be quarrels in the family, money may be spent for brothers, money cannot be accumulated and there may be problems.

Third House Lord in the Twelfth House

If the third lord placed in the 12th house the native may be settle in foreign land. You may be extravagant, pure, inimical towards relatives and lacking in valor. One’s fortunes may arise because of the opposite sex. The native father may be a do unsocial work. One’s spouse may give trouble to father in law.

When Will I Become A Father Astrology Sign

If the third lord is an auspicious planets or associated with then the results will be very good. If associated with malefic one’s mother may face hardships and there may be fear from the king/queen. One may oppose one’s friends and trouble one’s relatives. One may stay abroad, far away from dear ones. Such person may be pleasure loving, extravagant, poor and may suffer from losses in business.