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  1. March 13, 2020 Acharya Mragank Vedic Astrology One comment Coronavirus or COVID-19 has now emerged as a gigantic problem in today’s time, and almost every country has now become vulnerable to it. Every day new cases from countries such as America, Iran, Italy etc. Are coming up where the Coronavirus infection is being confirmed.
  2. Vedic Astrology is the oldest form of Astrology known to us, being 5000-7000 years old. Indastro follows Vedic / Indian Astrology principles without any compromise for all its readings that are man made & never software generated.

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That is the cold, hard truth that Vedic Astrology will tell you, that almost no Western teacher wants to admit. In India, people ask when they are going to die, if they will lose a child, if they will live in poverty. They want to know the truth. Most people are terrified to know the truth about their lives. But the adage is right.

Most of us try to avoid the only and ultimate truth - Death. But still questions like How will I die and when? What is my life span? How long will i live? Can astrology predict death? All these come to our mind from time to time. However, thoughts regarding time, cause and circumstances of death is one thing and really knowing all these is a completely different thing. It will not matter much if one 'knows' that he is going to die in certain way and at a certain time after say 20 years, but as the fateful time nears, things can change completely. His psychological, emotional and mental balance can be destroyed and it is a kind of death before the actual death arrives. We really do not want this to happen to anyone.

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Vedic Astrologers starts their work on horoscope analysis and future prediction by checking the life span or longevity of the person first, because what is the use of predicting events related to career, marriage, wealth, relationship and fame if there is no longevity beyond few years. All the results will only fructify if the native is blessed with longevity. If his or her lifespan is not much then there is no use making prediction for years ahead.
In Vedic astrology the subject of longevity has been exhaustively dealt in a very detailed manner. To start with, the life of a person is broadly classified Balarishta Yoga, Madhyarishta Yoga, Yogaristha Madhyayu Yoga, Deerghayu Yoga and Purnayu Yoga or Amithayu. For finding out this there are various combinations or yogas for each category of life length which have been mentioned in ancient Vedic Astrology texts and have stood the test of time.
Balarishta Yoga or the astrological combinations for child mortality or infantile death - This indicates that the child is vulnerable to an early death before 8 years.
Madhyarishta Yoga or the astrological combinations for teenage age death - This indicates that the death will occur before 19 years.
Yogaristha (Yogaja Ayu) Yoga also know as Alpayu Yoga or the astrological combinations for death in prime age - This indicates that the death will occur before 32 years of age.
Madhyayu Yoga or the astrological combinations for death during mid life - This indicates that the death will occur before 64 years.
Deerghayu Yoga or the astrological combinations for death during old age - This indicates that the death will occur before 84 years.
Purnayu Yoga or Amithayu or the astrological combinations for full lifespan - This indicates that the death will occur after 100 years.
However, for example if Yogaristha (Yogaja Ayu) Yoga is present in any horoscope, the astrologer should not blindly predict that death will be before 19 years of age. This is because there can be Bhanga Yogas present which means the cancellation of effect (Bhanga means cancellation) of certain types of malefic Yogas. Only after thoroughly judging a horoscope, the astrologer should proceed to predict death as it is the single most important prediction.

Time of Death as per Astrology

Planets who are the lords of the 2nd and 7th houses in any horoscope are known as Maraka or death inflicting planets. Apart for this there is Bhadhak planet or the life obstructing planet which is different for movable fixed and common signs.
For Movable signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, the 11th house lord is the Bhadhak or the life obstructing planet.
For Fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, the 9th house lord is the Bhadhak or the life obstructing planet.
For Common signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, the 7th house lord is the Bhadhak or the life obstructing planet.
These Maraka and Bhadhak planets combined bring about death of a person in their periods or sub periods and malefic transits also have to occur simultaneously.

When Will I Die Vedic Astrology

Causes and Type of Death as per Astrology

The nature, cause and type of death is derived from the 8th house, its lord, aspects it receives from other planet and planets placed in the 8th house. Type of death here means by natural causes during old age, disease, accident, murder, suicide etc. What is taurus horoscope for 2021. And the cause of death means if the death is due to disease then which disease - heart attack, kidney failure, cerebral stroke etc., if the death is due to accident then what kind of accident - car, drowning, fall, air crash etc.

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If you ask me what is the highest level of destiny analysis and forecasting system, I would proudly say astrology. It was one of my aspirations to acquire the knowledge as a Feng Shui practitioner many years back.

The Sun, the moon and the planets in our solar system cast an influence on us and our living environment. To put things in perspective, the earth revolves around the Sun and not the other way round. One of my research areas now is to brave myself up to look into the morbid subject of death, serious health issues and imprisonment. It is easy to predict when one will get rich (or poor) in Vedic Astrology but death wasn’t that easy because the Big Guy up there decides isn’t it?

I opened up the charts of late friends and relatives and couldn’t help but notice some signs and patterns. Saturn has a role in it. And not forgetting the connection with karmic nature of Rahu and Ketu. I think the Big Guy does drop hint through the Vedic chart.

When Will I Die Vedic Astrology Horoscope

Every thing happens for a reason. Why do the oil price come down to a historical low recently? Why did the government introduce cooling measures to suppress the property prices last year? Astrologers look at the ephemeris and observe that Saturn is in a difficult horoscope. Saturn governs those areas. We also look at the Sun, the moon and other planets for price fluctuation of gold, silver and other commodities. Planet is one dimension of prediction. Interactions of planets are important for macro-economic analysis, said Master Amey Joshi, who specializes in Gaming Astrology, FOREX and Stocks Astrology and Medical Astrology.

I am actually planning for my semi-retirement. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my job as a feng shui consultant. I plan to do it till I die. But being semi means I hope to put some time into serious research to learn about the correlations between stock movements and planets. Many in the western world have researched and written books on it. Rumours have it that big tycoons hired financial astrologers to be on their team. But first of all I would need to brush up my knowledge on trading of stocks by taking up some courses. It is now maybe a good time I approach some of our graduates from our Vedic Astrology program since they are professional trainers and traders. It is time I learn from them.

For me, knowing Vedic astrology has been one of the greatest gifts from god. Its benefits are far-reaching. At a personal level, I use it as a planning tool and a warning device. Vedic astrology leverages on moon movement which we all know has a deep impact on earth since it is very close to earth. Moon travels from one horoscope to another within 2.5 days while Saturn takes 2.5 years. Moon represents our mind and the liquid in our body. You should avoid seeing your lady boss during full moon. Research has found that she will get more cranky and moody that day. Sow the seed of your plant during the waxing phase of the moon if you want it to grow very well. Go to casino when moon is in your 5th and 8th house to get a better luck in gaming (refer to chart below). I have tested it and posted on Facebook.

Vedic astrology, a very precise luck calculation system, requires the input of one’s birth time down to the level of minutes, place of birth and GMT. It dissects the various aspects of your life into 12 parts or 12 houses and further segmentise them into 27 subparts known as Nakshatra or lunar mansion. Amey Joshi shows us how he further divides our chart into 108 mini parts and hence uses this to predict what time our classmate walks into the room. How amazing.

People think that astrology is mumbo jumbo. It is not scientific.

Well, then please tell that to one of our greatest physicists at all time, Sir Isaac Newton. He predicted that 23 years after his death, which was in 1750, there would be a solar storm followed by an earthquake in London. All these came true. Thousands of people died then. Newton explained that all these happened because of the occurrence of solar eclipse and close proximity between moon, Jupiter and earth.

When Will I Die Vedic Astrology 2020

Again, I would like to say that things happen for a reason. If you cannot find the reason, it is perhaps time to touch the sphere of astrology.

When Will I Die Vedic Astrology Calculator

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Can Astrology Predict Your Death

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