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Transfer of a government servant or private employee affects the person physically, mentally and financially.

Whether minor or major change it influences one’s normal working. These transfers some times are undesirable, but in some cases they are profitable. In some cases transfer are optional and avoidable, but in some cases they are inevitable.

In the horoscope third house, fourth house, sixth house, ninth house, tenth house and twelfth house should be seen for job change or transfer. Vedic astrology transits today.

Career Development in the later age: when the fate line touches the headline, that point represents 34 to 35 years of age. From headline to heart line this middle point represents 36 to 55 and when it crosses the heart line that age is above 54 to 55, in case of career, especially in jobs, it is the age of retirement. Having questions related to career, job or finance then you have need to go for the Ask A Questions service for Career astrology. Questions like 'When will I get a job?' Or 'When is the right time to change?' And similar questions related to career will be answewred. Get answers related to your career here. Astrocopia predicts job month, when will I get a job? Months for job by date of birth. Lucky job months ensure the hope of new employment free online. This ensures success in present employment and also in getting new jobs. This was my discovery from Vedic numerology in the year 2016. When shall I get a job? Contents hide 1 Career Prediction in Indian Astrology 1.1 Job or Business as Per Astrology 1.2 Main house for Career Prediction 1.2.1 Role of Planets in Career Astrology 1.2.2 Career Prediction by Date of birth from Planets in the 10th house Career Prediction Sun in 10th house Career Astrology Moon in 10th house. The horary number I received from him was 71 for the query “When will I get a job”? I cast the horoscope as follows:-When will I get a job. The rule is 6th CSL should signify any of the 2,6,10,11 houses for getting a new job. Here the 6th Cuspal sublord is mercury and signifies the following houses as per kp astrology and 4step theory.

Factors responsible for job change or transfer are mentioned below:

Sun – It is a planet of power and authority.

Saturn – It represents obstacles as well as consistency

Mars – it indicate sudden events of life

Ascendant and Ascendant lord – It denotes personality and environment

2nd house/lord – It is house of wealth, financial gain and resources

3rd house/lord – It is a house of courage, efforts and short journeys

4th house/lord – It represents home life thus indicate change of residence if afflicted.

6th house/lord – It represents authority and current job

8th house/lordIt represents obstacles, some break, being fired, research knowledge

At what age will i get job astrology

9th house/lord – It signifies transfer, long journeys, change of job being 12th from 10th house.

10th house/lord – It is indicator of job, career, name and fame

12th house – It indicate loss, shifting from one house to another, transfer from one place to another

Astrological combinations for job change or transfer:

  1. Dasha, antardasha, pratyantar dasha of 1st, 5th and 9th house lords. Third house is 6th, 5th house is 8th and 9th house is 12th from 10th house of career.
  2. 10th lord in 12th denotes jobless or frequently changing Job situation
  3. Affliction to 4th house the transfer may cause separation from family.
  4. Saturn influencing ascendant, 4th, 7th and10th house indicates stability and confinement to a place for years together.
  5. If ascendant and the 10th house form any relation with the 9th and 3rd house, then the transfer takes place.
  6. If the relations between the 12th house and 9th house and lord of 10th house and lord of 9th house are formed, then the person gets success in the foreign country.
  7. If the relation between the 10th house and 12th house is formed, then the person gets success in the foreign country.
  8. If transfer gives position (pada prapti) then seventh house is involved.
  9. If fourth gets affected then change of residence is expected.
  10. If lagna gets involved then transfer gives pleasure.
  11. If second/eleventh houses are involved then transfer gives financial gains.
  12. If sixth house is involved then transfer gives authority in service.

Timing of job transfer

  1. Double transit of Jupiter and Saturn in horoscope influencing 3rd/6th/12th house from ascendant /Moon indicates transfer.
  2. During Mahadasha, antardasha, pratyantar dasha of 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th and 10th house lords there is possibility of job transfer.
  3. Native will get transfer from present place to another during the joint period of significators of 3rd, 10th and 12th lord.
  4. Rahu and ketu transiting over 7th or 10th house creates the possible changes in the career.
  5. Lord of 10th house transiting over 6th, 8th and 12th house from moon, lagna and its antal position may trigger separation from the current job.
  6. If ascendant and the 10th house forms any relation with the 9th and 3rd house Mahadasha, Antardasha or transits then the transfer takes place.

Promotion in job and astrology

Some Peoples get promotion with a little efforts and some don’t even after hard labor. So the question arises that what are the factors which keep success away from some people despite of so much hard work? In astrology success depends upon planetary combinations in your horoscope. If planets positions are favorable result will be positive if you work according to the planets. If planets positions are unfavorable and native does hard labour results will still not be favorable despite of hard work. If Mahadasha, Antardasha and planetary transits are favorable than there are greater chances of getting promotion. Timing of promotion can also be found out by astrological analysis of the horoscope.

Some of the astrological combination for promotion and prosperity are mentioned below:

  1. In a horoscope 2nd, 6th, 9th, 10th and 11th house are seen for promotion in job.
  2. Mahadasha and antardasha of the ascendant lord, 10th lord and exalted functional benefic planets in the birth chart make a person successful in their life. If these planets make a relationship with 9th and 11th house during their mahadasha and antardasha then it will be more auspicious for the native.
  3. If 10th and 11 house lords are well placed in D1, D9, D10 and other divisional charts and their mahadasha and antardasha is running and they are making relationship with 2nd, 6th, 9th, 10th and 11th houses or their lords then surely one will get promotion in job.
  4. If Dasha and antardasha lords are functional benefic and influence 2nd, 6th, 9th, 10th and 11th house in transit then results will be favorable.
  5. Double transit of Jupiter and Saturn influencing 2nd, 6th, 10th and 11th houses/lords while dasha and antardasha of favorable planets is running native will get promotion in job.

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Whether you’re looking for big picture suggestions or daily advice in the workplace, this spread can be used daily, weekly, or even monthly to help you plan your career path. All you have to do is focus on your question and we'll do the rest, providing you with insight and guidance at what career decision to make next!

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When Will I Get Job As Per Astrology Today

At what age will i get job astrology

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When Will I Get Job As Per Astrology Sign

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When Will I Get Job As Per Astrology

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