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Astronomical observation begins with the early civilizations of Mesopotamia, where prominent constellations (the patterns formed by stars in the galaxy) are recognized and named soon after 3000 BC. Astrology's origins can also be traced to several other locations and cultures, including Egypt, which developed sophisticated timekeeping and calendar science; Greece, where Ptolemy authored influential astrological and astronomical texts; and Rome, where many of the most learned men - including two emperors - were astrologers who wrote laws and counseled citizens based on the stars. Astrology which is believed to be had its origin during the 2nd millennium BC was the period of ancient Babylonians. The principles of astrology along with its different methods came up after the Babylonians started following the celestial omens. Early Babylonian astrology and religions focused on specific kings being in favor with gods. The omens created could be mitigated by engaging in particular rituals or providing offerings to the god having astral ties to the movements of the particular planet and luminary. Babylonian astrology developed in a linear fashion, in a succession of.

I recently requested a comprehensive and computerized astrological psychological reading. It was amazing. I don’t understand how a computerized reading system like this can be so accurate. It certainly makes me believe that the science of astrology can be very precise and accurate when done by a skilled practitioner. Could Eden shed some light on whether astrology was created by Source to provide these insights. I’m also curious if all of this astrology was created before there were humans wanting an analytical framework for assisting in our free choices and our understanding of ourselves, or whether it evolved through the desires of humans or other analytical beings from other places. I realize we have free choice, but wonder if this is provided for us to use as part of the framework of our choices and the framework for the physical aspects that we came into in our incarnation?
With gratitude and appreciation, S.
Dearest S.,
You come into the world as a physical being with an unlimited connection to your higher self and Source. Over the course of human physical history, man has become more shielded from Source information by the imprints of mass consciousness: Although you are born with full connection, you quickly adjust to the same level of connection as your parents and mass consciousness in general, which means, at this time, that there is not nearly as much communication between your physical consciousness and Source as there should be. You know that you have the “emotional guidance system” of which Abraham speaks, which at least offers some communication. This was created at the same time as physical incarnation. And, so, was astronomy and astrology. The two coexist and evolved together simultaneously. For the universe itself has NOT disconnected itself from source. It’s patterning and design is plainly exposed for all to see, to read, to understand, to know. It does not hide from itself. And as IT (the universe) is one with Source, and as YOU one with source, so are you one with it. Which means that your pattern and plans and desires and inclinations are also plainly written there for all to see… if they know how to look.
So, no, humans did not create astrology. It merely IS. The information exists because you and the stars are one, because you and source are one, because source and the stars are one. If you knew how, you could read the same information in the light of the sun, the wind, the plants, the flow of the river, the sound of silence. Anywhere. Everywhere.
The science of astrology, the ability to read the stars, humans re-opened, re-developed, re-activated, that ability because they were dissatisfied with their disconnection from Source. They yearned to reconnect. And so the early pioneers of connectivity developed dream walking, astrology, shamanic techniques, and other “magic.” These were not “new abilities” but rather a reawakening. And there is SO much more, human! Still, with all this progress, you are barely connected as a group. But everyday more are reconnecting, and developing greater understanding of their true selves and potentials.
The newer computer programs that have been developed are accurate in their divinations because they are merely “computing” the data that the universe is putting forth. They are as good or as bad as the astrologers that design them to begin with. If the astrologer who designs a program has deep insight and understanding when reading a conjunction or a planetary position, and records it properly in the computer program, then the program will forever be endowed with the same height of understanding and insight. This is not magic. This is science being used to translate Source information for the human mind.

The stars have a lot to tell us. Humans have used them as a map, a planting guide, and a calendar since the beginning of time.


Somehow, with modern technology, people are discounting the wisdom of the stars. Not us, though! We still believe they have a lot to teach us.

As does the practice of astrology. There are so many levels to the zodiac and birth charts, that it can be overwhelming.

To unpack that, let’s start from the beginning and look at the history of astrology.

Take the journey with us below.

The History of Astrology: A Timeline

Astrology, as it’s known today, started 32,000 years ago, around 30,000 to 10,000 BC (further referred to as BCE – before common era).

There are cave paintings, rock carvings, and bones marked with lunar phases from this time. Though this is too far back to have exact data, archeologists believe this was a coping mechanism.

In the chaotic world that these human ancestors lived, they didn’t have control over much. So, they used the stars and lunar phases as a source of understanding their place in the world.

Both in the literal and metaphysical sense. They’d use the stars as GPS when traveling (no annoying Siri voice here).

Though they didn’t understand why all these changes happened, such as the earth rotating, they took what the universe gave them. We admire our innovative ancestors for their way of living in the present.

3000 BCE

The Babylonian society was one of the first complex human systems we have evidence of. You probably studied their hanging gardens and irrigation systems in history class.

Along with being good gardeners, and perhaps they’re related, they charted the stars.

The oldest zodiac wheel that exists comes from our Babylonian friends. It dates back to 700 BCE and notates planets and houses.

The first horoscope chart dates A couple hundred years later, from 409 BCE. Remember, we’re in negative numbers time wise.

300 BCE to Common Era

Alexander the great conquered our gardening friends around 331 BCE. Eventually, these ancient discoveries and beliefs were expanded upon by the Greeks.

The Greeks, of all the people in history, really loved astrology and the study of the heavens.

In fact, we have a Greek philosopher to thank for the astrological terms we use today. Ptolemy published Tetrabiblos, which was the first book on astrology.

It was and is still highly revered. That went down in 140 AD (or, now referred to as CE – common era).

400 CE

After the fall of the Roman Empire, we lose track of the history of astrology a little bit. We know that the Arabs took over studying what the Greeks had laid out, but evidence from this time is sparse.

Middle Ages

Now is when astrology starts to get cooking. The middle ages were a time of exploration since people had some life basics figured out.

Now that people had time for luxuries like education, Astrology became highly studied. Cambridge University (1200) had chairs and classes on the star-studded subject.

Royal families and courts had their own astrological informants. It was a time where many people let the stars guide them.

We have Placidus to thank for figuring out the house division system we use today. It was around this time that Copernicus began to think the earth circled around the sun, not the other way around.

This wasn’t a popular thought since The Church was rising to power and this was an oppositional view.

The “Age of Reason” 1600-1700 CE

Now that the Protestant Reformation movement was in power, the skeptics came out in force. The church encourages throwing out old notions (like astrology) for new ones like rationalism.

That doesn’t mean that astrology isn’t rational, but the church didn’t think it was.

The Age of Enlightenment

In light of the technological and educational advances, people began to question more. In the late 1700s, Western European salon began to discuss individualism.

This was a reaction from the controlling arms of the church. Astrology gets a little lost here since they were dealing with some bigger psychological issues.


If you were an astrologer in this time, you worked in secret or at least quietly.

19th Century CE

Finally, we get back to people giving the stars credit. Carl Jung makes astrology surface again by referencing it in his psychology.

20 – 21 Century CE

It wasn’t until the 1920’s that newspapers began publishing horoscopes. These sun-based signs (the twelve zodiacs) gave 12 predictions for the whole population.

While the signs are helpful, we know now that it’s important to take other star information into consideration. Things like birth charts that note where the planets were at your birth are much more personalized.

Where Did Astrology Come From

There are calculators online to do your birth chart, but some experts prefer to do them by hand. This complicated task takes ten plus positions into consideration.

Astrology Now

In our opinion, it’s wise to take modern and ancient beliefs as true. Each one has something to teach us, even if you don’t truly believe it.

Unfortunately, the long history of astrology doesn’t impress many people anymore. They think lab-science is the only way to find true information.

You and I know that’s not true, why would we throw out thousands of years of work and never look back?

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