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3 What two planets are aligned right now? 4 What is Planet position in astrology? 5 Where is Pluto right now? 6 What planets are currently in retrograde 2020? 7 Which planet is coming near to Earth today? 8 Where is Jupiter now? 9 In which Rashi is moon today? 10 What is the bright white star in the sky tonight? 11 Why is Venus so bright? Saturn is conjunct my 13 degrees mars in Aquarius right now. I’ve been feeling some arthritis and not getting a lot done physically but having a great time in the spiritual realm perhaps thanks to transiting Neptune Sextile my natal Venus.but my thinking and thoughts are pretty unfocused. Transiting mercury square my natal Venus.

Which sign is that planet in right now?

Here is a list of each planet (including Pluto and Chiron) showing which sign they are currently in, whether they are in a retrograde motion, and what will happen to them next.

Mercury in Taurus. Mercury enters Gemini at

Venus live position and data. This page shows Venus location and other relevant astronomical data in real time. The celestial coordinates, magnitude, distances and speed are updated in real time and are computed using high quality data sets provided by the JPL Horizons ephemeris service (see acknowledgements for details). The sky map shown below represents a rectangular portion of the sky.

Venus in Taurus. Venus enters Gemini at

Mars in Cancer. Mars enters Leo at

Jupiter in Aquarius. Jupiter enters Pisces at

Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn goes Station Retrograde in Aquarius at

Uranus in Taurus. Uranus goes Station Retrograde in Taurus at

Neptune in Pisces. Neptune goes Station Retrograde in Pisces at

Pluto (retrograde) in Capricorn. Pluto goes Station Direct in Capricorn at

Chiron in Aries. Chiron goes Station Retrograde in Aries at

This page brings you face to face with the heavens as they are today, now, this moment! And also as they will be and how they were.

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Mobile App View

By default we assume you are viewing this page using a mobile device and provide a lightweight app showing you the positions of the planets today and 30 days into the past and future. However you can select to view the page using our desktop version which uses more CPU and has more features but is fiddly to use on a small screen.

You can also watch a video of the planet positions using our yearly planetary alignment videos.

Desktop App Version

With our desktop app, you can rewind time to see the heavens at the time of your birth and discover for yourself which sign each planet was in and which were in retrograde. However, please be aware that although the positions of the planets shown are accurate, they are not to the second by second precision of the charts that astrologers normally use.

How do I control the desktop app?


Most of the controls are reasonably obvious - especially if you play with them. The top slider allows you to control how time moves so you can speed forwards and backwards in time. Pressing the yellow button by the slider puts it into real time so the planets move as quickly on the screen as they are in space. So it's not to difficult to rewind time to the time of your birth to see the planets as they were. If you need to get the display back to show the planets as they are today and now, then press the yellow button next to the date time display at the top. For full information on all the app controls, click here.


The view above shows all the planets arranged around the Earth as if they were in located on a sphere with the earth in the centre - a geocentric view. This ensures all planets are shown in the correct zodiac sign.

Which Planets are in retrograde?

Planets glow as they go into retrograde. You may find that planets were on the cusp of retrograde at the time of your birth, in which case you may need to consult accurate charts to see exactly when retrograde phase started. Or indeed if the planet was in a stopped phase either side of retrograde.

Astrology Today - What does it all mean for me?

Astrology is a very wide subject with many many layers of interpretation required to understand all the meanings provided by a persons natal chart (where all the planets were at their precise time of birth) in conjunction with the positions of the planets today, or at a time of importance for that person.

There are also various schools which use slightly different methods and ways of measuring the planets in order to make predictions and give advice.

The following is a very brief overview of western astrology to give you an idea of how it works without touching too much on areas of contention with the astrology world. If you are more interested in the Indian (also known as Vedic or Hindu) system, then take a look at our Hindu Astrology page.

If you have half an hour to spare, this very informative video explains many of the concepts and symbology behind modern western astrology.

What is a Horoscope?

Although we generally take 'a horoscope' to mean an astrologers prediction of our future. It actually means an astrological chart or diagram representing the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, astrological aspects, and sensitive angles at the time of an event, such as the moment of a person's birth. The word 'horoscope' is derived from Greek words hora and scopos meaning 'time' 'observer'

Once it has been worked out, the horoscope provides the basis for divining many aspects of that event or related events or time periods.

The signs of the Zodiac

The sky is divided up into 12 areas - the 12 signs of the zodiac. Each of these signs covers an equal area of the sky and is aligned to the stars. (Over millennia the zodiac moves with respect to the stars as the earth's axis precesses - but it's best to ignore this whilst learning the basics). So when looking at the sky, the stars are fixed when compared with the zodiac, but the planets, as they orbit the sun, change position and 'wander' about. Astrology tries to use the movements of the stars to understand our personalities and to some extent control our destinies. Each of the 12 signs is also associated with an element (earth, air, fire and water) and also a mode (cardinal, fixed and mutable). More about this later.

The Planets

Each of the planets (which for astrology includes the sun and the moon) control a different aspect. In general terms they can be listed as:

Sun = Ego / Self
Moon = Emotion / Moods
Mercury = Communication / Thinking
Venus = Harmony / Affections
Mars = Confidence / Energy
Jupiter = Prosperity / Good Fortune
Saturn = Limitations / Practicality
Uranus = Individuality / Inventiveness
Neptune = Idealism / Compassion
Pluto = Transformation / Power

Liu He are 6 groups of 2 signs. As each animal sign belongs to different element, Rat, Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Monkey and Dog belong to ‘Yang’ and the other six belong to ‘Yin’. The six compatible groups are set according to the combination of Yin and Yang. Essaysanddissertationshelp.com is a legal online writing service established in the year 2000 by a group of Master and Ph.D. Students who were then studying in UK. Friends Zodiac Signs Friendship Compatibility. Zodiac Signs Friendship: From A to Z. Aries Friendship. Taurus Friendship. Gemini Friendship. Cancer Friendship. Virgo Friendship. Libra Friendship. Calculate your Friendship Compatibility. Transits and Ephemerides. 17 Apr., 03:15 AM UT.

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are the personal planets which affect our personalities and immediate relationships. The more distant planets affect how we interact with the world in a more general way.

When planets are in retrograde (e.g. they appear to be traveling backwards to their normal motion in the sky) their effect can be reversed to be directed inwards. When they again start to move forward again their effect can be enhanced.

Planets and Signs

Each planet is the ruler of a particular sign (or signs). Whilst in that sign the planets influence is enhanced. The rulerships for each of the planets are as below:

Moon Cancer
MercuryGemini and Virgo
VenusLibra and Taurus
MarsAries (and* Scorpio)
JupiterSagittarius (and* Pisces)
SaturnCapricorn (and* Aquarius)

* before the invention of telescopes, these signs were also assigned to these planets. Since telescopes the three outer planets have been discovered and assigned these signs.

This information is useful since if you know what influence a planet has, then you will know what influence that signs ruled by that planet have.


Signs are allocated a different element in turn. This means that every fourth sign has the same element as follows:

Fire Signs : Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Air Signs : Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Water Signs : Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Fire signs represent a persons passion, energy, enthusiasm, inspiration.
Earth signs represent a persons practicality, stability, materialism, realism.
Air signs represent language, intellect, communication and social relationships.
Water signs represent emotion, mysticism, intuition.

Generally speaking, the more planets someone has in a particular sign at the time of their birth, the stronger that signs personality traits will be in them.


Rather like elements, each sign also has a mode allocated to it. Every 3rd sign has the same mode as follows:

Cardinal Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn
Fixed Signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius
Mutable Signs: Gemini. Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

Cardinal signs are energetic, dynamic and proactive.
Fixed signs are persistence, perseverant, stable.
Mutable signs are flexible, changeable, adaptable, suggestible.

Again, the more planets you have in a particular Mode, the more your personality has those traits.

Working out the planets influences?

It takes quite a lot of skill to determine one's personality traits accurately. However, a simple rule of thumb is to count at the time of birth how many planets fall in each sign and then work out how many are in each element and mode (perhaps counting the sun and moon as 2 due to their extra influence). The greater the score for each indicates how much of an influence each element and mode are on that person.

What are the Houses

Just when you thought you might have got some sort of a grip on astrology, in come the houses. Whereas signs indicate what personality traits one has, houses indicate where they will exhibited themselves.

Like the signs, there are 12 houses which divide up the sky. However the alignment of the houses is defined by the position of the horizon on the time of your birth. This means in order to calculate the houses, one must know not only what date one was born but also what time (to within a few minutes) and at what location on earth.

Today Planetary Alignment And Effects

If one were to the set the application above to the time of ones birth and then set the lat and long to the place of ones birth, then the lowest slider will then bring up a display of the horizon at that time and location. Using this horizon one can ascertain how the houses are defined.

The first house is located just under the western horizon, and the others follow consecutively in an anti-clockwise direction - e.g. the first 6 are in the black area (below the horizon), the last 6 are in the sky area (above the horizon). Once one knows where the houses lie, one can again see which sign lies in which house. Since there are 12 signs and 12 houses one can see that normally each house will overlay parts of 2 signs. The sign used is the sign which overlays the cusp of the house. The lines which separate each of the houses are called the cusps. The cusp of a house is the line preceding.

What do the houses mean?

The following chart from wikipedia shows how the houses are interpreted.

HouseSignLatin mottoTranslationModern title of houseInterpretation
1stAriesVitaLifeHouse of SelfPhysical appearance, traits and characteristics. First impressions. General outlook into the world. Ego. Beginnings and initiatives.
2ndTaurusLucrumWealthHouse of ValueMaterial and immaterial things of certain value. Money. Belongings, property, acquisitions. Cultivation and growth. Substance. Self-Worth.
3rdGeminiFratresBrothersHouse of CommunicationsHigher education and childhood environment. Communication. Happiness. Intelligence. Achievements. Siblings. Neighbourhood matters. Short, local travel and transportations.
4thCancerGenitorParentHouse of Home and FamilyAncestry, heritage, roots. Early foundation and environment. Mother or mothers as figure. The caretaker of the household. Cyclic end of matters.
5thLeoNatiChildrenHouse of PleasureRecreational and leisure activities. Things which makes for enjoyment and entertainment. Games and gambling. Children. Love and sex. Creative self-expression.
6thVirgoValetudoHealthHouse of HealthRoutine tasks and duties. Skills or training acquired. Jobs and Employments. Health and overall well-being. Service performed for others. Care-taking. Pets and small domestic animals.
7thLibraUxorSpouseHouse of PartnershipsClose, confidante-like relationships. Marriage and business partners. Agreements and treaties. Matters dealing with diplomatic relations of all kinds, including open (known) enemies. Attraction to qualities we admire from the other partner.
8thScorpioMorsDeathHouse of ReincarnationCycles of Deaths And Rebirth. Sexual relationships and deeply committed relationships of all kinds. Joint funds, finances. Other person's resource. Occult, psychic and taboo matters. Regeneration. Self-transformation.
9thSagittariusIterJourneysHouse of PhilosophyForeign travel and foreign countries. Culture. Long distance travels and journeys. Religion. Law and ethics. Higher education. Knowledge. Experience through expansion.
10thCapricornRegnumKingdomHouse of Social StatusAmbitions. Motivations. Career. Status in society. Government. Authority. Father or father figure. The breadwinner of the household. One's public appearance/impression at large(audience).
11thAquariusBenefactaFriendshipHouse of FriendshipsFriends and acquaintances of like-minded attitudes. Groups, clubs and societies. Higher associations. Benefits and fortunes from career. One's hopes and wishes.
12thPiscesCarcerPrisonHouse of Self-UndoingMysticism. Places of seclusion such as hospitals, prisons and institutions, including self-imposed imprisonments. Things which are not apparent to self, yet clearly seen by others. Elusive, clandestine, secretive or unbeknownst matters. Retreat, reflection and self-sacrifice. Unconscious/subconscious. Unknown enemies.

Many modern astrologers assume that the houses relate to their corresponding signs, i.e. that the first house has a natural affinity with the first sign, Aries, and so on.

Where Is Venus Right Now Astrology 2020

And there's more..

The houses can also be classified as Angular, Succedent and Cadent and are ruled by signs according to the astrological modality. And.. well there are many many more aspects to astrology which seem almost designed to confuse and complicate.

As you can see, astrology is not a simple area of study. The above is just skimming the surface of a subject that could (and does) take up volumes and volumes of books. There are many systems of astrology and many variations between individual astrologers that use the same basic principles. Some astrologers also use astronomical objects which have never been seen by the unaided eye (such as chiron - an asteroid/comet cross discovered in 1977) and others objects that have never even been detected. Some prefer to align the zodiac to the night time sky as seen by astrologers hundreds or thousands of years ago - such as in the Hindu Astrology system.

All in all, with astrology today, one must pick and choose the astrologer and the style of astrology that suits one best.

Today I'm taking a look at Venus entering Pisces, the meaning of Pisces and the Moon in Cancer.


Hi everyone, this is Acyuta-bhava from Nightlight Astrology. Happy Monday, everybody, I hope you're doing well. Today we are going to talk about Venus's upcoming change into the sign of Pisces and what that means there's some really interesting implications for that. We're going to talk a little bit about Pisces in general and also connected a little bit to the Cancer Moon that's coming through today, tomorrow or early part of this week. And in order to talk about this, I'm also going to show you a recent horary chart that I worked with, which was a question about whether or not a woman's house would flood - she's in a flood zone. And she's wondering if she ought to put her house up on like, beams, or stilts, wondering if there's any evidence that her house could be flooded in the future. So I did a horary on that that actually plays into the Venus symbolism that I want to talk about today. So let's start by taking a look at the real time clock and getting a feel for what's happening with Venus this week.

All right, here it is. So you can see right now in the sky that Venus is in the late degrees of Aquarius, and that's at 20, about 26 and a half degrees as I'm making this on Monday, February 22. And in the upcoming days, let's watch what happens. You're going to see Venus is moving into Pisces by February 25. That is this Thursday. Now the other thing that's happening is that right now, because Venus is within about eight degrees of the Sun, we say that it is combust, which means that Venus is under the pressure and heat and intensity of the sun, Venus's own light is gone in the sky, Venus has been making the change from morning star is about to be reborn as the evening star. So that transition is in the process of taking place. And when a planet is close to the Sun within, let's say 15 degrees broadly and then narrow it down to about eight degrees, it gets more intense, the planet is said to be burnt up and sort of co-opted or consumed by the Sun, it's weakened, you can't see it's light and the sky disappears for a while it's in the process of death and rebirth. So these are really important cycles that we can track. And we are going to be tracking Venus's cycle in the upcoming weeks and months because Venus is about to through March and into April go into evening star phase. So at any rate, the reason that this is really unique is that when Venus is under the beams of the Sun, Venus stuff can be difficult. Let's just broadly say Venus represents friendships love, harmony, allegiances, agreement, compromise, well, those things are all more or less going to be a little bit more challenging when Venus is combust. It's also not a great time for example, to you know, maybe perhaps you could get a great deal on used furniture, you could also buy something that's way too expensive, you know, for decor, you could get a haircut that you don't like, I mean, they're just it's just Venus stuff might be a little compromised right now, whatever way you want to look at that whether it's something as superficial as you know, your wardrobe of purchase for your, you know, your a piece of clothing, or if it's a relationship, typically combustion is going to be a little bit difficult for Venus. And there's a lot of nuances about how with regard to combust Venus and how that can be read in a birth chart, and so forth. It's really, and it's not all bad, either. It's there's a lot that can be said about it. But the short version of this is that one of the forms of protection that Venus can receive from combustion is called being in being in its own chariot. So if Venus goes into Taurus, well, it's combust or Libra, well, it's combust, or Pisces, which is the sign of its exaltation. It receives protection, because it is in its own domicile or its own exaltation, as it's going to be by Thursday of this week, the 25th of February. It receives a form of support and bolstering and sort of protection. And it's said to be like a mitigating factor like a reducing the stress load of Venus. That's really interesting, and a transition that is about to happen. So I want to show you an example of how this can make a difference practically from within my my practice, and then give you some ideas about how you may notice it in your own life. Because this is a it's a neat little learning lesson, I think for astrologers or students of astrology, and there's some practical takeaway from this as well. So here is a horary that I did called Will my house flooded.

Now I got permission from my client to use her horary. Here's the gist of it. The woman has a piece of property that is in, I don't remember what the levels were, but it's like a level 10 flood zone or there's there, it's hard to get insurance in such a zone, if at all, because it's so likely to flood. So she was wondering if she should take action to put her house up on beams if I understood correctly, or like stilts, basically, in order to protect your home against potential flooding? And she asked a horary question for this. So here's what I'm going to do, I'm just going to take out the outer planets, and we're going to just remove them from our view, because that's how I tend to teach horary without the outer planets at first. Now, we are going to look at the ruler of the fourth house in this horary that was asked a horary just for those of you who don't know, is a chart that's cast at the moment that a question is asked. So it's like the birth chart of a question. And then we have techniques that are very, very old that teach us how to assign planetary signifiers and then read the chart and determine an outcome or an answer could arrive at a judgement. So in this case, the ruler of the fourth house is going to represent her property, that's Venus. So she wanted to know, will Venus, you know is is Venus, essentially, the property going to be flooded. And so what we want to look for is any kind of affliction that's coming for Venus. So I'm going to take out everything in the chart now except for Venus in the sun to sort of sort of show you how this judgement came through.

So here's Venus in the sun and the question, now Venus is about 10 degrees off, which means that Venus is starting to come into the razor beams of the sun. And that means that Venus progressively is going to become combust. Right. So let me just animate this chart now and show you what that's going to look like. So in other words, in a horary chart, if something or someone if you're if you're inquiring about whether or someone or will recover or get even sicker, or if something bad will happen to a marriage, or like in this case, the property, if the planet is going to go further and further into combustion with the sun, that is one of the telltale signs that that thing, whatever it may be, is about to get damaged or hurt or will become sicker or something like that. So initially, I thought, wow, this is not a good sign. You know, we have the symbol of the property falling under the hard the the destructive qualities of the combustion with the sun. And what's so interesting about this, is that right as Venus gets closer and closer to the sun, the sun changes signs, right, and it enters Pisces a water sign. Right as it enters Pisces a water sign, you're going to see Venus's combustion intensify. And it condenses, typically within eight degrees. So now we're seeing the picture, not only of the property being damaged by the sun, but of the property being damaged by the sun as it is in a water sign.

So for me this was startlingly beautiful, like Wow, that is such a beautiful picture of a piece of property getting damaged by water, you have combustion, which damages and then as the combustion is perfecting the sun, who does the damaging is going to be in a water sign. Now, I thought okay, so case closed, in a sense, yeah, there's upcoming damage water damage that we can see here. But then we want to know if there's any chance for hope here? Or do we see any glimmer of hope for raising it up on stilts, and what's amazing is that what's going to happen as this intensifies, is that Venus is going to enter Pisces where Venus is exalted, which means lifted up, that literal translation in the ancient language of exaltation is lifted on high. And so we have an example of the planet, lifting up in the water sign, and then being in what we call its own chariot, which is a form of protection from the combustion.

So this was one of the more beautiful and eloquent horary charts that I've literally ever done in 10 years. Sometimes they come through like this, and it's just so beautiful, you can hardly believe it. So to repeat, we have combustion signifying the potential flood damage. And then we have the damaging planet, the sun going into the water sign where it's going to do the damage. But then we see Venus going into the sign where she's lifted up, and then in her chariot and protected, or its chariot and protected. So that was, again, just a really remarkable horary. And the reason that I wanted to share it is because it illustrates so well, what's happening in the sky right now. And just let's just reiterate what's happening in the days ahead. Okay, so, in the days ahead, Venus is now preparing to enter its own chariot, Venus will enter its chariot in Pisces where Venus is exalted. So we have there it is, that's Thursday of this week on the 25th. So all of this is to say, this week, if you notice any of the following themes, don't be surprised. One would be if you're struggling with Venus things, right? Let's say the Venus thing is something to do with art, or beauty, or something creative, or if it has to do with sexuality, or romance or love, or relationships, or friendship or general keeping of peace between people. And if that's been a little different, or difficult lately, and remember, Venus has just gone through the square to Mars, right? So we have Venus has been in Mars is in Venus's sign. So there's been some conflicted Venus energy in the air. Now, what you're going to see by the later this week, is that suddenly, the transformational process that's been running through the symbolism of Venus in our lives right now is going to get this big, elevated, kind of boost and, and pick me up, you may notice that in terms of things suddenly turning out for the better within a compromised or difficult Venusian situation of some kind.

It could be as simple and mundane as, okay, like, I see my daughter do this all the time, right. She's making something on the table. And she loves to paint and draw and all sorts of stuff. And she loves crafts. So she's making something and she makes a mistake. And she first she, she gets really upset, it's ruined, right? My wife always has a way of helping her be like, well, what if we just did something creative with that? What if that mistake became the platform for a new idea? Right, so you take the deviation, you take the, the the random, chaotic, loose, and that bothers or that puzzles it seems to seems to introduce chaos and breaks up peace, or it it somehow challenges the harmony that you're seeking, or the cohesion aesthetically that you want. And you say, Well, what if that just becomes becomes the beginning of some new twist or turn. I heard this once also said by a jazz musician, and I heard this quote somewhere, I think it's fairly famous, which is that the difference between like a jazz musician and someone who's classically trained, is that a misstep in you know, some maybe some more tight or restrictive classical practice where you really can't mistake on notes. And no, no offence against classical music. I love classical music, but that a jazz musician, the mistake becomes the next piece in the improvisational wizardry. That is not at all what the quote said. I don't remember at all with the quote said was something like that. It was like, you know, a jazz musician, when they hit a wrong note. It's like, no, let me hit that three more times, and then see where that goes. And my daughter's getting good at that. She's getting really good at when something that she feels like a mistake is coming up. She'll, she'll repeat kind of my wife's little mantra about like, well, maybe this means you can do something with that.

And I feel like that's the kind of improvisational blessing that we might receive later on in the week, especially by Thursday, and then and then really, that energy stays with us for a while because Venus is going to continue to be in its combustion with the sun for a little ways into March, and still exalted in its chariot in the meantime. So we have an opportunity to avoid the flood to put the house up on stilts, so to speak, and to receive some some benefit from that and, and so I just thought everyone would want to know that little, that little segue that Venus is providing us with to make something good out of something bad potentially. And we said as much about Venus if you guys recall last week, when I said that Venus is in the overcoming position to Mars, and that Mars differs to Venus. The next stage in that reasoning is the fact that Venus is combust, but moving into its exaltation and protected and its chariot. So put your metaphorical house up on stilts, or know that the stilts the stilt may show up at your door and help you rise above the flood, I would think that there's going to be some really good turns of Fortune this week into next, for example, for I think there's, you know, quite a few people who are dealing with problems, speaking of housing and flooding and stuff like that down in Texas and a lot of that kind of stuff going on in the world right now. That's the aftermath also of the Uranus Saturn square. So watch for some good fortune when Venus gets into Pisces, and specifically the kind of good fortune that has to do with almost like a protective energy that comes around and tends to lift things up.

Okay, so that was the first thing I wanted to say. The other thing that I wanted to say today is that we have this really nice energy from Cancer and Pisces simultaneously. So let's take a look at this. It's what we would sometimes referred to as a waxing gibbous you're going to see the moon here, it's past its first quarter phase, and we're into waxing gibbous phase. It's generally a supportive time of the moon cycle in the next few days. So I like this going along with Venus improving its dignity by Thursday, we're going to see the moon in cancer between now and essentially Wednesday, and then the next day, Thursday, then we get Venus moving into its exaltation. So it's a nice little sequence of events where there's just a lot of supportive energy in the air this week. And that's coming off from, you know, Mercury also turning direct, and if you look forward just a few days, you're gonna see that Mercury is getting going again, by the end of the week. And right at the end of the week, as Venus has entered its exaltation. And as the full moon comes through, Mercury is also applying then within three degrees to Jupiter, which is also very fortunate. So are the energies of any astrological week perfect. No. And of course, depending on what's happening in your own chart, overall things you know, for a lot of people are going to be varied and but generally speaking, I like the weather this week. So I just wanted to give you guys something to be hopeful about and, and also, I wanted to say a few things about this connection between cancer and Pisces. One of the things that these two signs have in common is a little it's a little esoteric and psychological. But I think you guys will enjoy this.

They have in common the theme of memory. There's a lot of memorialising. And remembering there's nostalgia and almost like a daydreaming that comes in with both of these signs. And I want to explain why and then just say a few things about that, sort of philosophically. So let's just start with the seasonal metaphor of Pisces and it is a metaphor because this metaphor is applicable to us no matter what time of year it is, this metaphor could be applicable within a 24 hour day, what to speak of solar year and how one might be oriented to that solar depending on where on the globe you live, right. That's not so just take this as a metaphor. So Pisces season, as I mentioned, last week, in a video I did on the meaning of the sun in Pisces happens as the light is about to return but has not yet taken over. It happens at the equinox, the spring equinox from the northern hemisphere standpoint. So you have this kind of gestation within the darkness. It's a Jupiter ruled sign, it's moving toward the restoration of light. And that but it's not there yet. So it's kind of angsty and moving toward that feeling of restoration renewal. It's a faithful sign but sometimes tortured by the feeling that it's we're not where we're supposed to be. So there's this kind of divine discontent and longing. And you find that that is used by the piscean personality type, let's say, often in really, really beautiful ways. compassion, empathy, dreaming, mysticism, imagination, romance. This is the sign of Venus's exaltation. And this is Jupiter's watery, feminine or Yin signs. So, the longing can infuse one with an emotional sense of I've got an emotional crusade that I'm on. There's an emotional sense of righteousness. And sometimes on the opposite side, you're going to be tortured by your own sense of discontent. Nothing ever being good enough or the wound never being healed are the light, never quite being there. It's like the knight of cups, for example, in the Tarot deck, if you know that card, there's a sense of romantic dissatisfaction. That is the absolute most beautiful thing about Pisces, as well as sometimes the most tragic thing, it just depends on if it's driving us or if we also have the reins, so to speak.

Now, one of the things that is interesting about Pisces is that this is the exaltation of Venus. So Venusian qualities get exalted in this sign that that's why we have such an affiliation with the romance and the return of light and the return of spring and Venus, that longing and that beauty. Venus is very happy and content to long for something that is not had. In fact, Venus as a goddess really can't be possessed. If you look back at Aphrodite, in the Greek tradition, you know, Aphrodite is married to someone that she really doesn't want to be with because otherwise all of the other gods are kind of coveting, and you know, jealous and so forth. And so she's put into a marriage, that's not really ideal for her. And of course, she ends up having this sort of illicit love affair with our Ares or Mars. And so Venus, Venus can't be kept or held or possessed. And yet everyone desires to possess Venus. And there's a teaching in there about Venusian things that Venus is at its best in some ways, like as in Tantra, when desire and longing for some unfulfilled state is the enjoyment itself, that we learn how to relish the feeling of longing rather than rushing toward or mistakenly thinking that the satisfaction of our senses will ultimately please us. That's why Venus is so exalted in Pisces. Robert Schmidt once said that exaltation is like, you know, when someone's playing on the violin, and they get up to that highest highest point, and it's so taut, and it's so bright and high, it's like Venus is being played. So high, and and, and so tight, and it feels like it could explode, but it doesn't, it just holds there and it. And in that sense, it's just over pour. It's just overflowing with this kind of Venusian romanticism.

This is also the depression of mercury. Because when you put Mercury into that, that state that we're describing, it just loses a lot of the normal, you know, Hermes-like qualities, which are going to tend to be more mental, rational, linguistic, communicative, logical. Now, that's not to say that Mercury is a dry intellect because that's not Mercury Hermes at all. But it is to say that mercury will just in some ways lose itself, right? There's a lot more that can be said about mercury and Pisces, but just so you get the tension of what Pisces includes, for the rational mind, for the heart, for the moods, and and for the spirit.

So within this sign, there's a longing, there's a daydreaming. Why call it daydreaming? because we're dreaming of the coming of the power of light that we're daydreaming. We're looking forward at the takeover of light and dreaming toward it. And the reason that it's a form of remembering is because this is a circle. We've been here before. We're longing for something we've already had. We've already tasted we've already known but somehow we've lost touch with. So that's why the symbol of Pisces is also those two fish with the upward and eastward moving fish in the downward and westward moving fish. We've been here before. Right we've gone through the whole circle. We've descended into a body before and we've ascended, we know that we're spirit souls as well. And so that that longing, that that daydreaming, that's a forward looking form of memory. It's tricky because it almost seems like it's idealistic and future oriented. And it is, in a sense, but because we're talking about a great circle of the alternation of light and dark, we're also talking about a form of nostalgia for the light. And that is so attractive. So many of the poets and musicians and filmmakers and people that we love, or people that help us remember that we all come from a common source. And that compassion comes from that that's a form of remembrance as well.

Now, what's interesting about Cancer, which remember, for the next couple of days, we have the moon, training the sun in Pisces, while the moon is in the sign of cancer and other water sign. Water signs have a lot to do with memory overall. Scorpio too but I won't get into that one today. cancer has another approach to memory and it's it's very different, it tends to be backward looking. And the reason for that is that what where does Cancer come? Cancer comes at the moment where the gaining of the light has reached its peak, and is Zenith the right word, I think Zenith is the right word, and then it starts coming down. And the days grow shorter. Now, again, metaphorical because any of these things can happen in any season of the year does not matter. These are archetypes. So the sun coming down, right in the solar year, we're starting the lightest starting to decrease or decline. That's funny for the beginning of summer, isn't it? But the beginning of summer is there's this weird built in nostalgia that happens with the beginning of the summer in terms of the alternation of light and dark, we start this time of year, that's arguably the lightest and the, you know, the most associated with with light. And yet, that summer season is also defined by the gradual dissolution of light every day of summer, the light is waning. So that's a that's there's a really beautiful teaching in there about light and about memory.

So if you think about Cancer, ruled by the moon, this is also Jupiter's exaltation, and it's the fall of Mars. We'll talk about those things in a second. But the cancerian archetype that we usually hear about is mothers, mothers and children. And there's you can get it, there's a lot of good associations, sometimes that's just going to be a beat up stereotype for cancers. But the one reason that the moon and mother metaphor is so good for Cancer is because a mother is defined in the trajectory of a mother is defined by a gestation that happens within, where there's a union, there's a kind of at oneness between the child and the mother, not saying anything, anybody probably doesn't know, right, but then the child comes out into the world. And individually, it separates from the mother takes on its own form its own shape, apart from the mother. And in those early stages, it can't do that alone. It still relies on the mother for breast milk it's going to rely on the environment, whether the environment is a mother, or even a father, you rely on the source from which you came a parent, a parental figure, or the mother itself.

Because you're not fully capable of being independent yet. And so the need to stay closely connected to the source as one is separating from it is part and parcel of the sign of the zodiac that the moon rules. And that's what's happening with the light. The light is coming down in the year, we're departing from the brightest lightest place, which could be visually understood as the source, the summer solstice, the peak of light, closest to the pole star that the sun will be. And then it's coming down, we're separating from that highest light from that source. We're descending spirit into matter. And so the mothers job is to constantly be okay, where am I? Where am I? Where am I? a child looks around, they're looking for their mother, because that's their orientation point. So the the cancerian archetype has memory built into it, both in terms of the the light and the separate the gradual separation from the light but the need to remain closely bonded or yoked to it in remembrance in devotion in care and nurturance and emotional proximity. And also in terms of the mother and the moon, archetypes connected with cancer, those are all part and parcel again of what's happening astronomically.

So when you think of cancer, cancer also has romance built into it, Cancer, the moon, you know, sort of like the moon child, but it's different than Pisces, whereas Pisces tends to have that daydreaming quality, it has almost more of a forward longing towards something that isn't can't be obtained, but it's also being remembered. Cancer has the sense of remembering something that once was that's very close at hand that we need close to us to remember that we're separating from and that we still have to remain proximately close to. If you want to think about it like this, the reason that these themes are so important spiritually, is because in everyday life, as we live our spiritual lives and try to stay in our spiritual centre, we are plagued by forgetfulness. And we have to learn how to spiritualize the dance between remembering and forgetting. So in the Bhagavad Gita, in chapter 15, text 15. Let's see. Here it is.

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'I am seated in everyone's heart.' This is Krishna speaking, 'and from me come remembrance, knowledge and forgetfulness. I am seated in everyone's heart, and for me come remembrance knowledge and forgetfulness.'

And so Isn't it funny? I mean, just think about this, isn't it funny how I'm thinking about this a lot as I've returned to Minnesota, which is where I grew up, last summer. So I went through fall, and then we're in this deep, long winter. And it's the first time that I've been back in like a deep, long winter for a while. And I was thinking also about what people in Texas are going through where they're having the worst winter storm, in whatever decades and decades, I don't know how long it's been, I think, like 100 years or something like that. So it's been a really long time anyway. And I heard someone on it was like social media who was showing a picture in Texas. And they were saying that they grew up in the midwest, I think it was, I want to say it was it was like, maybe Iowa or something like that. But anyway, and they were saying, it's been so long since I've really deeply remembered winter. And I was just thinking about that. And I was thinking about the seasons and so forth. And then this verse came into my mind. And then being in the deep winter here. It there's two different functions that that memory is always playing for us. One feels like it's looking forward towards something that we longed for. But we've had before, we longed for it, because we've had it before, and we've lost it somehow. And then there's a memory that has to do with departing we we've received something, we've remembered something. When you when you remember something, the longing goes away. It's like oh, now now I'm close to the thing that I've longed for. I have it and then we can almost forget what we have. Right? And then the cycle starts over we long for what we forgot.

Okay, so let's think about this seasonally. You can be in this state I would call like fall or winter consciousness. And again, it doesn't have to be literally tied to the seasons. It could be any day of your life. And you remember the darkness. You have this moment where the darkness is coming back and you go, Oh, yeah. Wow. I was I was enjoying the light. I was completely absorbed in the happiness let's say of the light. And I fell asleep in it. Right I just completely I fell asleep in some kind of sunny summer spring like bliss, and the darkness starts coming back and it causes you to remember what you had. It causes you to remember where you came from. And there's a there's like a fall or an autumnal or winter nostalgia, the dark is coming back and the dark serves to remind me of what I had that I was taking for granted or I was kind of blissfully unaware of. And so the dark always has this way of reminding us about what we have if you lose someone, you go, you don't know what you've got till it's gone who some hairband sang that song, right? So the darkness is always awakening us and reminding us of our source of our spirit, soul and of communion with God. But then what happens is, you know, darkness can take over darkness can completely absorb us. And we can forget, again, like you get into the deep winter, here in Minnesota, and it's like, I can't really remember what spring or summer feels like.

This is one of my favourite things about living in Minnesota actually, even though I know for some people, that's gonna sound crazy, but I love the fact that the winter is so deep and frozen here that I literally can't remember spring or summer, it's like I fall asleep in it, it's so dark. And, you know, you tend to kind of stay up late and you make fires and you go into a very deep Yin state is what I would call it's not at all bad. It could be I mean, the darkness certainly could represent madness, or being completely lost or consumed by ignorance or, you know, something like that. So the darkness first of all reminds us as it's coming in, oh, my God, like I was, I was asleep, you know, I was kind of asleep in the light and the darkness is coming back. And now I remember like, it doesn't last forever. And we somehow need that. And then the darkness can consume us and we can completely forget about the light and then all of a sudden Pisces season comes around, right? And then we start remembering the light, we start longing for it, the memory of it starts awakening within us. I'm not saying literally Pisces, again, just metaphorically speaking, we start remembering the light, it awakens us. But then what happens? Once it returns, we are consumed by it, we take it for granted. And we forget that we're in the very thing that we longed for. And then again, we we start separating from it, the darkness starts coming back. And our task, spiritually speaking, is to spiritualize this whole process because it's always happening. We're always in the process of remembering and forgetting. Why else would an avatar of God saying, I am seated in everyone's heart and from me come remembrance, knowledge and forgetfulness. As if they're connected in a circular flow with one another, we see that, you know, and so how do you how does one spiritualize that we spiritualize that by every day practising the art of remembrance, because then we're not tossed back and forth by remembering and forgetting, remembering and forgetting. Everyday we recognise that remembering and forgetting, spiritually speaking, become the stuff of intimacy. There's a way in which we're, we're helpless before the powers of darkness of sleep of heaviness of forgetfulness. But if we daily have a spiritual practice, where we say today I'm remembering my spirit soul, I'm remembering love, I'm remembering other people. I'm remembering service, I'm remembering becoming the better version of myself and remembering sweetness. If we're doing that every day, then it's a lot harder for the process of forgetting and remembering to be one that tosses us back and forth. And that's when we tend to go to extremes. When it tosses us around, that's when we say, Oh, you know, I need a 30 day cleanse and oh my god, I need salvation. I need to fall down on my knees and scream to the sky and say, you know, why have you forsaken me and where have I gone and what's happened and wring my hands. And, you know, we do that emotionally speaking in small ways all the time. Because we don't have daily practices of remembrance. We don't have ways of daily recognising I tend to forget, it's okay. Now I'm taking time to remember.

When that happens, then there's going to be times in our life where we're living through seasons, where it's just very dark. But even in in that darkness even though on an almost like an outer covering level, it feels like the light is gone. We have it within because we're remembering it every day. And there's going to be seasons of light where it's really really light. But we don't forget the darkness. We stay humble because we know that darkness will come back around. And so we're always staying in a practice of remembrance and remembrance is not just of the light remembrance is both of the light and the dark. So anyway, I wanted to share that because it strikes me as a good thing to recall right now as the the power of that piscean energy that's about to power through in the next month. It tends to play on this dynamic and one of the worst things that I see people do when Pisces season comes through is get into Some kind of wishful ideation about the future and everything that will will solve it. Well, again, if we follow this out, if you project into the future about something that you hope that you'll get that will make it all perfect and better, you'll get there, you'll fall asleep in it, you know, and then darkness will come and you'll go, man, I didn't even know what I had, and round and round we go. So in some ways, those storylines are inevitable. So how can we stay awake and in remembrance within them? You know, so we don't have to live our lives, tossed by these huge extremes. I don't want to go on a 40 day cleanse every spring and try to get some kind of Beachbody because I binge during the winter. Do you know what I mean? That's a simple example. But spiritually speaking, it's the same thing. I don't want to keep going through periods where, you know, long stretches of my life are covered over by ignorance and forgetfulness, and self indulgence. And, you know, my worst qualities, taking the wheel, only to then have to, like, you know, do some kind of Rocky, heroic resurrection quest, you know, run up a million stairs and pump my hands that I reached the top. No, I want to, I'm going to try to remember that I fail and forget every day and remember that I'm redeemed every day. And I do that by entering into sadhana or spiritual practice where I can see that I forget, I can see how I forget. And I can remember all in one practice, in an hour, I can sit down one day, every day for one hour and do that, and forget and remember all at the same time. And that's how every day God becomes more real in my heart because I go, God is seated in my heart. And from God comes remembrance, knowledge and forgetfulness. God is not just in my knowledge, God is not just in my remembrance, God is also there in my forgetfulness. That's very relieving, you know what I mean? Like, and it's just like my daughter sitting at the table. And my wife says, that looks like a mistake. But if you take some time and get creative with it, you can turn that and it can become the source of of something new and creative and interesting. So that's how do we how are we able to make that manoeuvre, only if we regularly process only if we regularly experience the process of remembering and forgetting our very own heart, right, if we if we take time to observe that process within ourselves every day, it's a lot easier to become adaptable and fluid with life, that's what these water signs point to is. A lot of, it has to do with the process of remembering and adaptation. And the only thing that tends to make these signs go in the direction of completely, you know, uncontrolled, you know, emotional problems and so forth, is when, rather than recognising the deep teaching of these great cycles, you know, we get captured by them and then we get thrown about because they're big waves, they're they're, they're big, I mean, it's not like just little stream running down the street you know, from a light rain these you know, Pisces cancer, there's a big water. So how, how to not get tossed about by it. Enter in and get tossed about by it daily in a small way that you have some participatory control over. You know, that's what sadhana is that's what practice is.

So just a deeper thing that was on my mind today I hope you find this interesting and valuable for your own daily experience. And in the next few days you know as the moon cycle in a waxing, you have a waxing gibbous moon right now trying from a moon in cancer to Pisces, it is a great time to go, what have I really forgotten? Right? And where do I need to gather up my sense of devotional remembrance in my in my life, and and participate in these cycles and care for them tend to them nurture these cycles within myself, day by day, the next couple of days, I think are really good for restoration, emotional wholeness. And by the end of the week, on Thursday, Venus really starts to lift us up and help us start to repair from some flood damage. So I hope that you guys are again, having a good start to your week today. I hope that this adds to your good start to the week. I always love hanging out with you guys. Tell me your story. What's going on with you guys right now. I'd love to hear from you guys and hear about your connection to your archetype of cancer or Pisces or an exalted Venus in Pisces. That would be fun. I know I was going to talk about Jupiter and Mars in cancer and I kind of forgot so we'll do that another day. I get on a roll and sometimes I just lose my script. So Alright, that's all I've got. Take care guys. Have a good day. Bye.