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Even though you like urban environments, you enjoy more natural landscapes, which makes Krakow, Paris, Budapest, or Berlin some of the best cities for you to live. The peaceful city of Geneva, Switzerland is also a good fit for you, Virgo. Libra (September 23 - October 22). Ideal bf/gf/friend based on astrology Anonymous (ID: Kgf4qa3H) 03/15/21(Mon)16:31:42 No. 29919549 I haven’t seen a thread like this before but I wanted to try it out. I’ve found that I really am more compatible with certain signs. Astrocartography – using astrology to decide where to live and travel in the world. Quantity Add to cart Alternatively purchase your Astrology Birth Chart Personal Book of Life (25+ pages with life changing insight into your personality, includes your birth-charts. Predictions based on Virgo career 2021 horoscope reveal that Mercury will enter Pisces on 1st April which is its debilitated sign. This planetary position will put you in a confused state of mind. Therefore, you should do proper analysis before making any important professional decision. Understanding Geographic Astrology - How to discover those unique places in the world that resonate specifically with you. The best places to vacation, retire, relocation, do business in, get married - any life theme can be identified and brought into focus.

Finding The Best Locations To Enrich Your Life

Geographic astrology is one of the most fascinating areas of astrology. It is about looking at the global world to identify your personal power places. Those places in the world that resonate specifically with you.

Where Should I Live Astrocartography

Here is a visual that I have created to help give a better understanding.

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3 Elements of Geographic Astrology

Geographic astrology - is also known as locality astrology, relocation astrology or astrolocality and is the favorite part of my work. It is the fusion of a few relocation techniques that creates a powerhouse of geographic information for you. If this is an area that interests you- it is best to know what specifically you are planning to do.

Different themes or areas of life will come alive for you in different ways. If you focus is on where to vacation, retire, relocate or do business there are places that come resonate with you based on your personal astrological horoscope. They are specific to you.

Different things come into play when looking at your global perspective and then moving it down to a more local perspective for life planning.


We never lose our natal birth horoscope chart. That moment in time and the place you were born provides a snapshot of the placement of the planets in the sky.

However, as we move around the world there are shifts in energies and potentials and in turn it filters how those impact our lives. So whether it is about the best places to vacation, retire, relocate or do business in, it is important to look at AstroCartoGraphy and the four major angles in our horoscope chart (Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven and IC).

As an astrologer, when I do this type ofo work for you it is important to know what your focus is. Pinpointing on the global map - is based on the desired outcomes. For example - looking for a place to retire is going to have a different set of characteristics than looking for a place to build a career. Your interest will be in the results of the process and interpretation and you are not required to have any astrological knowledge beforehand.

Local Space

Local Space uses a horizon system of coordinates and are based on your personal coordinates on the Earth's surface and is considered to have an affinity with the Compass School of Feng Shui. The Sun, Moon and planets are placed relative to their direction on earth and are drawn around a 360 degree circle, like a compass.


Geodetic astrology is about how an individual feels or resonates within a given location and culture.

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Where should i live based on astrology today

Astrological Mapping and PowerCenter Astrology

AstroCartoGraphy & Astrological Mapping is a specialized branch of astrology that shows YOUR best place to live or travel to. You can schedule your private AstroCartoGraphy reading HERE.

Did you know that AstroCartoGraphy can also help you raise your vibration and align with your souls' divine purpose?

One of the misunderstandings about AstroCartoGraphy is that you have to move to live in the ‘right place.' This is not always true. The way it works is that the earth holds a resonant memory of where the planets were above the earth at the time you were born.

Each person has unique PowerCenters, places on the earth where the planets align to empower you. (We also have stressful places, too.)

And, there are ways to activate the good energies of your best places without moving or dismantling where you live now. I address this in my Find Your PowerCenter program.

Astro*Carto*Graphy maps brilliantly combine the ancient art of astrology with modern technology.

Best Place To Live Based On Astrology

I am one of only 100 people in the world trained and certified in ACG, and the creator of PowerCenter Astrology, a unique system that shows you how to activate your best places without moving.

Read my article in Hay House's Newsletter “HEAL YOUR LIFE”.

With an AstroCartoGraphy reading from me,you get my experience and intuitive guidance. Plus, I have the most up to date astrological software – and I know how to use it!

AstroCartoGraphy and PowerCenter Astrology Can Help YOU:

  • Live in harmony with your environment
  • Activate the Law of Attraction
  • Fast track your career
  • Get more money
  • Find the perfect relationship

Where Should I Live Based On Astrology Daily

Connect to Your Birth Chart Through Resonant Earth Locations:

  • Venus reveals where YOU will find love or meet the right people.
  • Saturn shows where you have to do some hard work.
  • The Sun shows where you can SHINE!

Testimonial from Fateh Bolivar, owner of CASCADAS FARALLAS in Costa Rica

“What Maya told me changed my life! She helped me to maximize my gains, as well as cut loose on things which were draining to me. I had planned to move to Australia and open a retreat where I could dedicate myself to teaching Yoga and natural healing, but first I needed to sell my house. What is 3rd house in vedic astrology. Fascinated by astrology and the concept of AstroCartoGraphy, I made an appointment to have a reading.

Fateh continues: “The Waterfalls Villas property has doubled in value since we bought it 3 years ago. And our guests define this land as a sacred space. Looking back, I know that by using astrological knowledge, I am able to create a healing space and share one of the most beautiful places on earth. Our waterfalls face a wall of native orchids, where the fluorescent blue butterflies dance in the mist, the Jaguarondi sip a cool drink as they pass, glancing to the monkeys and Toucan in the forest.

Where You Should Live Astrology

Thank you Maya, for giving me insight through the sacred art of astrology that opens up the Bounties of the Universe!

Where Should I Live Based On My Zodiac Chart

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Where Should I Live Based On Astrology Today

Find YOUR Perfect Place. It does make a difference.

Where Should I Live Based On Astrology Sign

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