Heaven's Child is a good place to find info about Whereincity Astrology Palmistry. Our astrology website has a lot of Whereincity Astrology Palmistry information. Check out the links provided below! Palmistry had its roots in India and at times is also called as Indian palmistry or Vedic palmistry. In astrology, birth details are required in order to predict future but in case of palmistry, hand says its all, when it comes to predicting future. There are lot of combinations of palmistry lines through which future can be predicted.

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In Palmistry hand reading begins with the line life, it is considered to be the main line.

Line forms a semicircle on the palm and ends at the wrist, the life line of some people does not reach the wrist, is endless or connected to another line. But let's talk about it a little bit later.

If the life line is deep and without the gap, life will be without problems. This line is considered ideal.

This does not mean that such a person very smart. Actually, the owner of this hand has a strong influence of the family, father or mother. A hand can be seen by the loner children in the family. The closer to the center line of the palm, the stronger influence of parents.

Such a person, when gets wealth loses friends and become miserable. The more he will receive wealth, the fewer he will have friends. Such a person becomes selfish and nobody needs in old age and depression may start suddenly.

The gap of the life line to warns about the danger. The gap is a warning not the sentence because your life is in your hands. If you do nothing the one who has such a line, may die.

The gap appears through is not the right way of life. For example: through nerves or depression. Those who had separation on the life line, survived a car accident or had surgery.

Whereincity Astrology 2020

Also, problems arise through poor lifestyle choices, such as smoking, alcohol abuse or drug abuse.

If the line is not clear after the break and disappears slowly, so the disease was not defeated. Person won't be able to overcome the disease.


All zodiac sign meaning. What does mean the islet on the life line?
- A small islet - warns about diseases or problems.
- Several small islets - many challenges.
- One big island - one a big problem.
- Islet said about physical and psychological illnesses.
- Psychological diseases include: loss of a loved one (death), the gap love relationship or a quarrel.

Point on Palm reads like a big problem. A point on a life line can be large in diameter and deep. The point can be compared with pit, a people who easily falls but it's hard to come from it.

Sometimes a point on a life line says about death.

Such people need to examine its past to get away from trouble.

Whereincity Astrology Horoscope

If small lines depart down from the line life - it points to a loss of energy.
1 trouble associated with the family.
2 problem outside the family.

If in life line enters small lines - this is a sign of joy.
3 positive changes in the family. In most cases it is the child's birth.
4 happy events outside the family. Promotion at work or a new job..

Life line connects with the line of fate and the gap is being restored. The loss goals in life but in the future will renewed strength.Such a pattern on the hand says the death of a loved one.

When the line of life is connected with the line of fate is a positive sign. This wealth and peace of mind.

Now consider the effect of hills on the life line. Each Hill has a specific purpose and effect on the destiny of man. If the line of the Hill has a referral to life line and is therefore, a person under the influence of the Hill.

1 line departs to the hill Moon – physical pain. Accident with physical injuries.
2 line departs to the hill Venus – human energy is divided into two parts, the interest in the other person.
3 line departs to Jupiter – financial success in a specific section of a person's life.
4 line departs to Saturn – problems at work and in the family. Trouble will last for a certain period.
5 line departs to the Sun – financial stability and peace of mind. Positive period in human life.
6 line departs to Mercury – happy moments. A successful marriage.
7 line goes to Mars – travel period and rebellious character. There is a are two Mars hill and each has different effects on humans.

Age on the line of life

To determine the age of life on the line, you will need a pair of compasses and a pen.

1 - one end of the a pair of compasses establish on the hill of Jupiter and the other end between the index and middle finger. Now draw a semi-circle in the direction of the line of life.

2 - then draw a line on your palm as shown. It is believed that a person under 30 years will reveal himself. This is the most active years, where a person acquires knowledge and gets a profession. Thus, we can find out where the line has 30 years of life.

3 - now you need to find out where the line has the following 30 years. From the mark 30 years (point A). Then look for the end of the life line (point B). We measure the distance between point 'A' and 'B' and divide by 2, this will be the point 'C'. Point 'C' means 60.

Whereincity Astrology Meaning

Thus, if on life lines are signs of life or line touch each line, you can find out how many years you will have joy and failure.