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Free Career Astrology Horoscope By Date Of Birth

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Career Astrology generates your career or working profile based on the sun signs of Western Astrology. This shows more about your work profile and the different kinds of professions that suit your personality.
Career Horoscope can help you understand your working preferences depending on your zodiac sign. Each of us exhibits some definite working traits. Some of us may be good in artistic and creative jobs while some us may be good financial analysts. Career Astrology can give you some convincing answers in this regard.
Our response to different kinds of work place situations, problems, career-oriented decision making skills, financial management, strategy making are believed to be effected by zodiac signs. The sun signs assume a great role in shaping our personalities and also our choice of work. What is enjoyed by people belonging to one particular sign may be absolutely no-no for others. If you want to know how you can prepare for the perfect job or understand more about your Leo colleague who seems to get on your nerves all the time, this software can be of immense help to you. Choosing the right kind of career through Career Astrology will earn admiration from your friends and relatives.
Career Astrology Horoscope is simple to use and accurate in predicting the working habits of different zodiac signs. This astrological tool describes in detail the career of people around you depending on their star signs. This tool gives you complete and relevant information about knowing how good or bad you are to work with.
Career Astrology tells you more about people’s career characteristics as well as the different suitable professions for one’s temperament. All you have to do is enter the details required and we do the rest for you.
Get a free Career Astrology Horoscope consultation online as per your date of birth.

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Horoscopelogy is an ultimate destination where you can find all that you need to know about Horoscope astrology which includes stars, horoscope, psychic astrology and 12 zodiac signs. We tell you how the working of the Universe and the movement of planets influence your personality, your decisions and your overall life. To choose a career according to astrology, i.e Job or business, it is necessary to evaluate the strength of 6th and 10th house and their Lords. If 10th house is stronger, then business is more suitable. Also, the 3rd and 7th house are important to understand the business prospects in kundli. – In medical astrology, Alexandrite healing properties are considered quite effective for people suffering from nervous system disorders. According to the gem healers, Alexandrite promotes regeneration of nerve cells and can also provide relief from leukaemia and pancreases or spleen related issues.

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Determining the nature of your profession or the sources of income is a very tough task for any astrologer. Selection of a business is a very important decision of life. There are many astrological factors which need to be considered. Astrological readings can also suggest whether you can enjoy smooth success in your business ventures. You must have heard of some people studying in one field with distinction, but later doing some other business. What is the reason behind this? We all know in astrology, the fifth lord in natal chart indicates what to study. This planetary position may is connected with the source of income. In astrology, 2nd house, 5th house, 9th house and 11th house indicates the source of income.


If the lord of 5th house is connected with these houses then there will be greater possibility to make higher income from what they have studied.

But if the lord of 5th house is not connected with these houses then there is very less possibility of making income from what they have studied. Now we will discuss which type of business is preferable. Online english to urdu dic.

As per astrology in the natal chart the planets connected with 2nd house, 5th house, 9th house & 11th house has the power to make more income.

Which Career Is Right For Me

Which career suits me according to astrology reading

What Does Each Planet Signfies In Terms Of Business

We need to see which planets are stronger in these houses. It is these planets which decide the best option in business.

A strong Sun indicates-

Government related business, export and import, gold business, power and energy businesses, business from plants, any business related to clothes, medicine and food grains and all businesses, which give status and fame.

A strong MOON indicates –

Which career is right for me

Businesses related to milk, hot & soft drink. Business related to water, silver, Business related to tours and travels, readymade garments, farming, nursery, toys, seasonal business, transport, salt, silk, polyester clothes, all type of designing field, writing, art, education related to children and doctors.

A strong MARS indicates –

Business related to hard work, all type of machinery, electrics and electronics, business related, gold, chemical, farming, fertilizer and pesticide, defense, surgery, vehicles, spare parts, business related to maintaining all types of equipment, sports equipment, business related to all type of adventurous work, business related to fuel and mines.

A strong MERCURY indicates –

Business related to consulting, and all the business related to education, media and Film Industry. Business related to advertisement, transport, Publisher, Book Seller. Business related to silver, all types of grains, vegetable & fruits. Business related to stocks, commodity. Business related to finance and law. Business related to telephonic works, call centers. Business related to public relation. Business related to paper.

Which Career Suits Me According To Astrology

A strong JUPITER indicates –

Business related to religious rituals, religious products and work where you will have many followers, Business related to hotels and restaurant, Motels, Business related to education and NGO, Business related to all type of food products, Business related to milk products, oil, Business related to Chartered Accountancy, Banking, Business related to publishing and Offset work.

A strong VENUS indicates –

Business related to luxury and luxury items, Business related to film, acting, Drama, Story writing, director, choreographer, Business related to all type of latest electronic gazettes, medicines, Public relationship, politics, Hotels, Restaurant, Motels, Business related to Painting, Music, Dance, Poetry, and cultural activities, Business related to event management, Fashion, Business related to beauty product, Business related to Jewellery, decoration, interior designing, architecture, Readymade Garments and Branded Clothes.

A strong SATURN indicates –

Business related to all types of metals, manufacturing, Job Work, Sub Contractor, Laborer, Architectural, Civil Work, Constructional Work, building materials, plumbing, Business related to all types of labor works, Justice, Cements, Mines, Coals, Archeology, Research Work, Finance, Economics, Whole seller, Malls & Super Markets, Provision Store, Grass, Farming, Land Developing, Banking, Packaging, Carpenter, Shoe Cobbler, Business related to elementary knowledge, Oil, petrol, Gasoline, Crude Oil, Civil, Mechanical Work, Chartered Accountant, Commerce Field, Shares, Stock and Commodity.

A strong RAHU indicates –

Business related to automobiles, Engineering, Technical Works, Poisonous drugs, pesticides, Fertilizers, Anesthesia, Chemical, Antibiotics, Pharmacy, Pathology, Lab Technician, Liquor, anti-social works, Fraudulent works, Occult, Mines, Smuggling, Luxurious things, Gambling, Speculations, lottery, Foreign Languages, Export & Imports.

A strong KETU indicates –

Which Career Suits Me Best Astrology

Business related to all type of seasonal works, Multi businesses, Religious things, Gas, Fire, All type of metal works, Process work, cattle breeding , Farming, Pets, Drugs and equipments, Gym, All the things related to forest, Chemical, Spiritual Works, Things which have strong fragrance, Doctors, Computer, Multi manufacturing, Whole seller, Astrology, Spiritual Field other than education, sports goods, transport, heavy vehicles.