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Or wanted to know who's your most compatible celebrity love? Use to find out! uses the scientific method of biorhythms to calculate the compatibilities. Use to calculate your most compatible celebrity love or select a celebrity yourself and will show the compatibility.

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  • Here are a few pieces of advice so as to make the most of this Love Test. The exactitude - the orb - is adjustable. Please bear in mind that if you select a wider orb, you will get more results. At the end of the test, we advise that you compute the compatibility rate for the celebrities you have selected. Those criteria, along with high.


Aries is a good match for David Beckham

Aries are really active characters and therefore need someone equally as sporty as them! Aries, you are compatible with men who are determined, athletic and well-established in their careers; you need an athlete of course! How do you feel about the drop dead gorgeous David Beckham? Is he athletic, successful and determined enough for you?

WhichWe’re all guilty of flicking through magazines and staring in endless admiration at the photos of our favorite celebrity hunks. Hey, a girl can dream, right?! From George Clooney to David Beckham, we all have a secret crush on a star, but which Hollywood celebrity are you actually a strong match with? We’ve consulted the stars and have paired each astrology profile with their compatible famous star.

Quit being envious and jealous of your favorite celebrity’s wife because you may actually be more compatible with him than she is! The stars have helped us reveal which zodiac sign is compatible with which famous Hollywood star, so, the question is; who would you get on with like a house on fire? Get ready for a chemistry overload and why not even start planning your new life state side!

How compatible are you with your favorite celeb?

Oh, wouldn't living a life of the rich and famous be fabulous? We bet you'd like to get one step closer to your dream and actually find out which famous face you'd have crazy chemistry with and who would give you instant butterflies. Affinity is very important in a relationship and is often the factor that makes or breaks a union. Sticking to this theme, discover the 5 zodiac signs likely to become famous.

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