As per Hindu traditions each day of the week represents a Planet. Sun, Mon, Tue for Mars, Wed for Mercury, Jupiter for Guru,Venus for Shukra and Shani for Saturday. Shukra represents Comforts, luxury, Gems and Jewls, Art, Theatre, Music. The influence may be beneficial or may be malefic. Let’s take the example of red. The colour is associated with Mars which is a fiery planet. It is the planet of accidents, bloodshed and violence. If a person has ill-placed Mars in his horoscope, buying a red-coloured car would mean inviting the above mentioned negative energies. Hence, it would not be a wise decision. So is a red car bad idea for. Tweeted a day before release, without seeing the film Remember once again our New Year Line-‘And as said every year, some others to do well are those whose current age is same as their birth Number; like if you are born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th in any month then all years adding to 1 could be eventful, like your 10th, 19th, 28th, 37th, 46th, 55th, 64th, 73rd years and so on.’. Realme Buds Air 2 review: Should you buy it? The Realme Buds Air 2 is currently selling for Rs 3,299 in India. Those who are on a strict budget and want to buy a pair of true wireless earbuds with support for ANC, touch controls, good battery life and decent sound experience, can consider buying the new Realme TWS earbuds. 175 Likes, 12 Comments - KatherineAnn (@rininnature) on Instagram: “ESF class of 2020🍃 I just graduated from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry with a”.

We all have choices and preferences; it may be with regards to people, things or may be the vehicle that we own. A vehicle is important means of transportation and has seen drastic changes and advancements in its making and progress. So there is a steady change in the liking of people towards their choice of vehicles. We buy a vehicle out of passion or necessities but from these choices of vehicles, one can interpret personality and traits of a person. Clear all your questions with our pandit having profound knowledge in vehicle Purchase Astrology.

Some people even if they have the intention to buy vehicle they would experience some kind of delay because of the 4th house lord bad placement in horoscope. 4th house in the horoscope is considered as the house of vehicle. Based on the information,

  • Sun if placed in the 4th house will give you a government vehicle with a driver
  • Moon if placed will get many white color cars with luxury
  • Jupiter is a sign of strong and safe car
  • Mars gives many cars with choices
  • Mercury is known for its luxury and grandeur
  • Venus gives lovely car with many collections
  • Saturn will give stable but old car blue color
  • Rahu gives a big car in black colour
  • Ketu affects no vehicle as the planet is of denial
  • Moon and Venus Combination gives you the beautiful grand vehicles

Which Colour Car Is Best To Buy

Which Colour Car Should I Buy As Per Astrology

Which Colour Car Should I Buy As Per Astrology Daily

Vedic astrology signs and body parts. Are you thinking of purchasing a vehicle but confused? Then you must consult our “Vehicle Purchase Astrology” expert Sri Pandit Damodhar Rao who gives you the information with the fusion of both astrology and numerology. Our Acharya will not only help you to find the right type of vehicle according to your zodiac signs but also help you to find out the lucky number for your vehicle. moreover he will likewise help you to think about your attributes, which vehicle parts you should take care well, fortunate color, color to stay away from, positive day, lucky number, implications of the number, planet associated with your numbers.