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ASTROLOGY and HUMAN RELATIONS—-There are 12 Houses or Bhavas in a Horoscope. First house represent Self and seventh house represent Spouse (life partner). Third house represent Younger Siblings and ninth house represent Brother-in-law and Sister –in-law. Fourth house represent Mother and tenth house represent Mother-in –law. In the family of planets, the Moon is two things: mother and baby. It is the needy one and the caring one. The Moon is the ‘planet’ which gets attention by alternately whining, manipulating, insinuating, being moody, helpless, infantile, subtle - or affects other planets in the chart by being powerfully silent and suggestive, helpful.

In Vedic astrology, the seventh house of the horoscope is the life partner house and the fourth house of the horoscope is the mother’s house. Now how to know about mother-in-law with this?

We can know about mother-in-law from the tenth house which is the seventh house of the 4th house of any person. According to the zodiac located in that house, the position of its lord and the planets sitting in that house and the planets which affect that house through aspect, etc., We can know about the nature of the mother-in-law of the native.

Jan 26, 2010 Here if Moon is good then mother in law will be much professional and always work based on reality not on emotions. If moon is malefic then mother in law will play with your emotions and cheat you. If Dashmesh is Mars or exists into 10th House then mother in law will be with tough nature, good orator and always maintains discipline. The nine planets of Vedic astrology are classified under various groups as per their peculiar characteristics. The nine planets considered in Vedic astrology are the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.These are grouped under various headings as per their gender, humor, Intrinsic Vedic Qualities (Gunas) and relationship with other planets as described below, this. Horoscope can also indicate the relations with in-laws. In a horoscope, seventh house indicate the house of spouse. Fourth house from seventh i.e. Tenth house belongs to mother-in-law. Nature of planets posited there may indicate the nature of mother-in-law.

The word mother-in-law has been made a scary thing in our society and in which Indian serials are playing crucial roles nowadays than the actual society. Now if we do the survey, we will find that more than 90 percent of brides are not satisfied with their mother-in-law.

Now we cannot make changes on such a big scale in society because time keeps bringing change by itself; some time ago everything was done In house according to the mother-in-law’s choices, nowadays daughter-in-law wants everything according to their wish so it is normal to fight them.

Mother-in-law wants to rule over her daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law does not accept any manipulation in her personal life. The husband and wife both have good relations, even they get a chance to divorce and many such horoscopes also come where the girl says that the husband is very good, but because of his mother, he wants to be divorced or is on the verge of being. Now let’s discuss what is the astrological reason for this.


If there is more than one sin planetary influence in the tenth house of the horoscope and the girl is a housewife i.e. if not working then there is more possibility of dispute. Because the working person does not get time to get in a dispute, the person remains busy at work, and when gets a little time, he finds comfort, which he wants to get through the family. You must have seen that when working women return home from work all day, they are so tired that if they talk a little to their family members, they do household chores and want to relax. Also, being isolated throughout the day reduces the chances of a dispute. Therefore, if women who have afflicted the tenth house of horoscope to be influenced by more than one sin planet they are more likely to get in disputes with their mother-in-law.

If more than one sin planet is sitting in the tenth, then he sees the fourth house, or if the more than one sin planet is sitting in the fourth house more then he sees the tenth house i.e. if the sin planet is sitting in either of the fourth houses So these planets hamper domestic pleasures & the peace, cause mental disturbance and irritability. In such a situation domestic dispute increases.

If we look at the fourth house of our horoscope, then the fourth house gives the complete position about our mother, the fourth house is important about the whole life of the mother, the second to the fourth house, the fifth represents the wealth of the mother. The accumulated wealth and the child of the native will be the grandson of the mother and the mother shows more authority over him as you may have seen that the grandmother has more attachment to her grandson or granddaughter.

This 2nd house is the house of family, the sixth house gives knowledge about the mother’s younger brother and the words spoken by the mother, how the mother shows herself, this house then becomes more important. , When a male’s horoscope is seen, how she will become mother-in-law & will display herself along with the coming new bride. the seventh house is considered for the mother’s property, and that is why the mother-in-law considers their daughter-in-law to be her personal property, because the mother’s fourth house is the seventh house of the horoscope, as well as the dominating influence of the mother on son’s wife, depending on the way one wants to handle her car and show it to the society, and all type of mother-in-law wishes to rule on her, similarly, mothers-in-law try to do with daughter-in-law and run her in her way if the daughter-in-law is capable of lifting a load like a car, then the car of life goes right, Otherwise, it remains standing on the way.

Now if someone wants to use others like her property in any way, then life gets messed up. Now no human being can tolerate himself being the property of another, ao mutual understanding between both is a must. It will be developed with time and patience.

Now if we look at the planets, Chandra Dev who is the mother’s factor & Venus, is the factor of a wife. Now if we look a little deeper, we find that Chandra Dev is exalted in the sign of Venus i.e. if anyone can give the most happiness, then she is his daughter-in-law and she goes to her house and considers herself a sacrifice. But when Venus and Moon are connected badly in the horoscope, then the mother-in-law’s lack of consideration among themselves becomes strong because any two planets are in the immediate house, they become rapid enemies.

Apart from this, Moon sitting with a weak, debilitating zodiac or with sin planet present with moon also causes quarrels among the mother-in-law and females. It has also been seen that the relationship between the mother-in-law & daughter-in-law by Moon Ketu or Moon Saturn connection in the horoscope.

If the tenth house of the horoscope is under the influence of more than one sin planet or the fourth house is under the influence of more than one sin planet then there is a quarrel between the females and their mother-in-law. The second condition which is often seen is the effect of sin planets like Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn on the Moon. This in effect creates the sum of mental stress and domestic blur. In such a situation, we have seen fights between mother-in-law in females.

Venus is the female factor. Venus is the factor of wife for every man. Therefore it is important to have good Venus in the male horoscope.

In Vedic astrology, Moon is the factor of Mother and Sun is the significator of the father.

Mercury considers a younger or older sister. Mars is the brother factor.

Guru is the symbol of a husband in a woman’s horoscope. And being good in any woman’s horoscope is important for a good marriage.

Rahu is traced to the in-laws and all the people associated with the in-laws.

If we take the constellations together then we can know about any relationship in depth.

Like how my mother-in-law would be. Will I be with my mother in law or not? Much can be known from the constellations of Rahu regarding brothers and sisters of spouse or brother-in-law and sister in law.

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Similarly, we can see in horoscopes also. The first house means you. Your wife is the seventh house from you.

If the wife’s brother is to be considered, then the place of the wife i.e. seventh and third from seventh is the wife’s brother’s house. In this way, from the ninth house, you can know about your brother-in-law and sisters-in-law.

How will relationships with father-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and mother-in-law? Will your relationship last long? Will you fall in love with your mother-in-law or father-in-law like your own parents? Often these questions come to mind before getting married.

To answer similar questions, you must understand that the place where the sin planet or the irritated planet or the debilitated planet is seated will disappoint you from all the relationships related to that house.

For example, Rahu in the tenth house will make your mother-in-law negligible for you.

If your Saturn is debilitated then there will always be a lack of elders blessings in your house.

If Rahu is not good in your horoscope then you will not get any special benefit from your in-laws and if your Rahu is good then the in-laws will not only keep your relationship sweet throughout your life but you will also receive help from the in-laws from time to time.

What should be done to calm this dispute, then you know that by showing a horoscope to a good astrologer first find the quarrelsome planet. When you know that due to this planet, your house is facing this problem, then get the remedy of the respective planet. Chanting and havan should be done for the respective planet. Till the time the planet can have a ritual of peace, then take some small measures which we are going to tell you.

How to solve this problem ???

Well, for this, first of all, both of them need to change their thoughts, but at the same time from an astrological point of view, first of all, we should see the architecture of the house in this matter.

If the Moon Light and aun light Are not coming to the house, the middle area of the house which is called Brahmsthan is covered by toilets or junk, etc. Then it is necessary to remove these defects first.

Along with this, the family picture of all the members in the house smiling together also helps in resolving mutual differences as per Vastu shastra.

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Along with this, there must be some raw place in the house, if there Is no raw yard/space, in such a situation, women will have some problem in the house.

These remedies will beneficial –

Never take white things like silver, water, and milk as gifts from an outside person, but use saffron as food or put as a tilak On the forehead.

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‘Rudrabhishek’ should be done at home every fourth month.

If Venus or Moon are suffering in the horoscope of the native, then it is also necessary to take measures to remove their defect.

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Milk water should be offered on the Shivling daily or at least on Monday. This will give a comparatively better experience.