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Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Devo Maheshvar,
Guru Sakshat Par Brahm Tasme Shree Gurve Namah

8th house north node.

White Sapphire Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology Birth Chart Report

The gemstones representing the positive powers of the planet Venus according to Vedic Astrology and Navagraha Gemology are Diamonds and White Sapphires. Venus is the planet representing the power of love, compassion and divine knowledge. Venus or Shukra is considered as a Guru/ preceptor and all things associated with Venus can be categorized by one single word, “Abundance”.
All things which are beautiful and luxurious are ruled by Venus. This planet is represents the bond of love between two souls. Venus controls fine arts, careers which require a lot of creative talents like acting, music, and entertainment.
An individual ruled by the positive powers of Venus will have, “Panache” and will have a taste for good things in life. In ancient cultures Diamonds were used as a protective talisman and were supposed to reflect the ultimate victory. It is a well known fact that an individual wearing a Diamond is protected from Evil Eye, negative spells and spirits.
Bhargava Ratna or a Diamond is a gemstone for the truly blessed.
We will analyze ascendant wise the combinations in which diamond gemstone is suitable.
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The colour wave transmitted by a White Sapphire Gemstone is indigo. This soothing color wave directly impacts the water system of the body especially mucous. White Sapphire is commonly known as Safed Pukhraj, Safed PushkaRaj and Colourless Sapphire. The gemstone exudes class, panache and beauty. White Sapphire astrology is associated with the planet Venus, which is an incarnation of good luck, wisdom and celestial grace. Astrological Gem: Unheated White Sapphire for Venus. Unheated White Sapphire is a secondary gemstone (Uparatna) for Venus (Shukra). In Vedic Astrology (Jyotish), it is considered an extremely powerful substitute for Diamond. Choose your gem from our collection of Top Quality Unheated Untreated White Sapphires carefully selected by expert Gemologists. White Sapphire Gemstone is significant in astrology as it corresponds to the vibrations of the planet Uranus, is a planet for good luck, divine grace and immense wisdom. Like the Jupiter-ruled Yellow Sapphire, the White Sapphire is also helpful in attaining marital happiness.

It is connected with planet Venus. The metal it is associated with is platinum/silver. It rules over throat, eyes kidney and reproductive system. It can be worn by those whose ascendant is Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius. It is worn in middle finger.
White sapphire is the gemstone recommended for Venus. It increases artistic and creative abilities. It can also lead toward love and devotion in relationships and may also increase passion and sexual desires. Physically, it strengthens the reproductive system, and is said to aid in the treatment of chronic diseases. White, or colorless, Topaz is a good substitute for white sapphire and may be used in the same manner.
Major sources of white sapphires are Sri lanka, Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana. Best White sapphires are mostly found in Sri Lanka.
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Free Vedic Astrology Predictions Life

Individuals should be careful of wearing a white sapphire that has any dark flaws or fractures. If a gem with such imperfections is worn it will cause havoc in a person's life, rather than the beneficial influences being sought. White sapphire should weigh at least 2 carat. More is always better.

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