These days, people trust numerology as one of the finest ways to determine in the arranged or love marriage predictions. People have started using numerology very effectively in the recent past time to determine in everything about your married life. This type of reproduction can also include the date when you will get married. In addition, you can determine how your marriage life will be after the marriage. Overall, numerology can tell you everything about your love or arranged marriage without any kind of doubt. There are thousands of benefits that you can expect to get with the help of numerology without any doubt.

As a beginner, you never want to trust a service that you have never got before in your life. We understand that you do not know much about numerology and that’s why we are here to tell you everything about it. In the starting, we want to introduce you to the marriage prediction services availed by our Love Guru. He can provide you the love marriage prediction by numerology service in the best ways because he has a vast amount of experience and knowledge.

You can also find the name initial of your future husband using Nakshatras. How will I meet my future husband astrology? Jupiter Venus in Fourth House: If Venus for men and Jupiter for women is located in the fourth House of your birth chart, you are very likely to meet your husband/wife through your homely life. It can be through any member of. Mars or Sun will not give your Husband a Medium complexion but Venus or Moon will give your Husband very fair complexion. So in a Girl’s chart, the best Planets for handsome husband or handsome Spouse as per astrology is Mars+Venus or Mars+Moon or Venus+Sun. This will give good physique with good complexion and Good height.

What is my astrology sign

Introduction to the Numerology

With the help of the study of numerology, you can find out whether two persons, who are planned to live together, have natural compatibilities or not. According to the expert, numerology has its own ways to decide the marital compatibility. People might have ignored this important signs and study before but now they have realized the real value of this study. Indeed, the marriage prediction by numerology could help to determine your married life.

If you have decided to do the love marriage or arranged marriage, then numerology helps you to leave the rest of the life with full happiness. It can become the best guide you have ever used to increase the understanding between you and your partner.

What's your astrological sign. The psycho analysis of couples could be done with the help of numerology. Otherwise, there are countless benefits you can have with this vital service. You can give preference to the arranged marriage prediction by numerology service offered by Love Guru.

Date of Birth DateNumerology number
1, 10, 19, 281
2, 11, 20, 292
3, 12, 21, 303
4, 13, 22, 314
5, 14, 235
6, 15, 246
7, 16, 257
8, 17, 268
9, 18, 279

Advantages of numerology for marriage predictions

Now, you have become completely familiar with some basic details about numerology and its effect on your married life. Consequently, you would love to become familiar with all important advantages that numerology can give you for the marriage predictions.

Whether you need the wedding prediction by numerology help or other help, there are countless benefits you can have with the help of numerology service availed by the mentioned professional. Take a look at the following advantages that you might get with the help of numerology for marriage predictions:

Determine the marital compatibility

When you are all set to hire the professional services of free marriage prediction by numerology, this is the biggest advantage you can expect to get. Determining your marital compatibility could be quite a challenging task. However, when you get in touch with Love Guru, he can explain everything easily about the marital compatibility that two individuals can have. Therefore, the first reason you should know for this numerology service is the knowing of the marital compatibility.

Know the natural compatibility between couples

On the other hand, you would love to know about the natural compatibility that most of the couples have between them. When the natural compatibilities match, the couples might have less problem and difficult time in the future. In many situations, the couples could not live happily with each other and perhaps their natural compatibility is not matching. This is why you should hire the Accurate Marriage Prediction by numerology service provided by Love Guru right now without any doubt.

Understand each other thoroughly

When you are exploring the advantages of the love marriage prediction by numerology, this is yet another magnificent benefit you can get. In many situations, you cannot understand your partner completely and that’s where the problems can start beginning.

According to the mentioned professional, numerology is such a service that can help you to understand each other within some minutes. In other words, the couples can understand each other thoroughly with the help of this Numerology for Marriage service. When people involved in a relationship understand each other, the chances of facing some problems in future will definitely get decreased.

Know each other’s approach towards the life

The most difficult part about being in a married bond is to know each other’s approach towards the life. Most of the couples get failed when it comes to knowing the approach of each other towards the life without any doubt. This is where the Marital Numerology services provided by Love Guru can become more effective and beneficial.

Work on the birth dates and names

If you ask the professional, he would work on your birth date and names to tell you everything related to your life predicted by numerology. In other words the professionals can work on your birth dates and names to tell you the rest of the things about your married life without any hesitation. Now, you can make your mind clear about hiring the marriage numerology for life partner service without any second thought.

Know what you can bring to the relationships

In the conclusion part, you must fit in your mind that Numerology for marriage life can help to know the things you can bring to your relationship. As a customer, you can get the Free Numerology Reading for marriage from the mentioned professional right now to take this wonderful advantage of out.

With a bit of luck, you may have become completely familiar with all important aspects about the love marriage prediction numerology services availed by Love Guru. Now, you have to make the final call on this service and stay ready to get the rest of the benefits.

Who Is My Husband Astrology
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Who Is My Husband Astrology
Who Is My Husband Astrology

In many astrology books you will read that the Sun describes the husband in the female horoscope.

This has proven to be correct indeed.

The natal Sun not only describes the woman's physical body and way of expressing herself but also who her husband(s) will likely be.

However, the Sun never 'acts' alone and is in many ways influenced by other conditions like the zodiac sign and house it is in, the aspects and midpoints, the degree area etc.

From our own research, we have found that the husband of a woman is in many ways described by a combination of the zodiac sign and the house the Sun is in as well as the planet it conjuncts.

So, this rule only applies if there is a planet conjunct the Sun or is in the Sun sign in the natal chart of a woman.

Because the Sun represents the creative self-expression, it also describes the creative self-expression of the man, the husband, which is most often reflected and found in the career or job of the man/husband.


In other words, the Sun in the natal chart of a woman almost always points to the career drive and job interests of her (future) husband(s).

There are numerous jobs and careers in this world that cannot be described in full detail by the Sun sign and the planet that is in the Sun sign alone though.

Also, the man/husband may have different jobs/careers (at the same time or one after another like a journalist who later becomes a teacher or a soldier who later becomes a fireman etc.) so that you have to keep it to the basics, to the archetypal meanings of the planet and zodiac signs.

Moreover, if the woman marries different times, chances are her husbands will have different careers, jobs and interests as well.

My Astrology For Today

So, after all, some caution is still necessary and it's not always THAT easy to decipher it at all BUT from the below-listed jaw-dropping examples, you will see how valuable this simple rule still is.

In the mean time, you may have noticed that the rule does not apply if there is more than 1 planet/body conjunct the Sun or in the Sun sign in the female horoscope.

Because we don't always have an exact time of birth of the woman, we will neglect the Sun's house position for now and focus on the Sun sign and the planet that conjuncts the Sun.

Aside from the conjunctions to the Sun, any planet in the Sun sign can be handled as if it conjuncts the Sun as well.

Some real life examples from female natal charts will make it clear:

What Kind Of Husband I Will Get Astrology

  • the Sun conjunct Mars in Virgo: the husband is a surgeon (the Sun representing 'her man', Virgo representing the medical fields and Mars representing 'the knives' and 'blood').
  • the Sun conjunct Saturn in Aries: the husband is a police officer (the Sun representing 'her man', Aries representing the armed forces and Saturn representing 'uniforms' and 'law & order').
  • the Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries: the husband was a lawyer (the conjunction is in the 9th house of law) and Mercury in Aries is very talkative and assertive.
  • the Sun conjunct Mars in Cancer: the husband is a selfemployed building contractor (the Sun representing 'her man', Cancer representing real estate and houses and Mars representing the selfemployed entrepreneur).
  • the Sun conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius: the husband is a psycho-educationalist (the Sun representing 'her man', Sagittarius representing the fields of education and sociology and Mercury representing oral and mental assets).
  • the Sun conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius: the husband was an actor portraying authority figures on both sides of the law (Sagittarius is the sign of publicity, making public and may result in showy behavior which fits an actor).

What's My Astrology

  • the Sun conjunct Mercury in Gemini: the husband is an ICT specialist and account manager (the Sun representing 'her man', Gemini representing the fields of information technology and Mercury representing 'being on the road often' or programming/writing code).
  • the Sun conjunct Saturn in Cancer: the husband is a geologist (the Sun representing 'her man', Cancer representing real estate and the ground and Saturn representing 'the outer surface' and the builder).
  • the Sun conjunct Pluto in Libra: the husband is a Human Resources manager (Libra is about human relationships and human resources as well!) at a large corporation and holds numerous degrees (the Pluto influence is about control and power).
  • the Sun conjunct Mercury in Capricorn: the husband is an officer of the Highway Police (the Sun representing 'her man', Capricorn representing uniforms and the fields of 'law & order' and Mercury representing 'being on the road often').
  • the Sun conjunct Mercury in Taurus: the husband was a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and actor in film and television (Mercury in musical Taurus may love to write songs above all).
  • the Sun conjunct Mars in Leo: the husband is the CEO of a large organisation (the Sun representing 'her man', Leo representing the fields of top management and central power and Mars representing 'the entrepreneur' and 'commander').

Is Astrology Real

Hopefully, the examples have made it clear how awesome a simple rule can be.