Significance of 11th House in astrology. 11th House astrology in depth and why it is one of the strongest Houses in astrology. What does neptune represent in astrology. The lord of 11th House is makes this bhava the most important House in astrology in respect to wealth and money.

  1. Astrology 11th House Meaning
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Book Your ASTROLOGY Consultations from the below links as per your needs.DETAILED HOROSCOPE ANALYSIS - RAHU - KETHU. It is considered a cruel house in astrology because it is a kama house. We want to achieve things in life due to our personal desire, still, the desire there in the eleventh house therefore is considered a cruel house. 11th Lord in the First House. When the eleventh lord is placed in the first house, the person gets a lot of opportunities in life.


The 11th House is known as the House of fortune and money. It represents money accumulated by one’s capacity. It represents luck and hard-work. It also represents one’s fulfillment of desires, dreams and aspirations. It also signifies gains and profits because of Karma, friendships, recovery from illness, longevity of female members of the family, ability to recover from illness and accidents, financial and social stability, recognition in family and workplace and respect of the person in society.

Astrology 11th House Meaning


Please Note

  • Jupiter and Saturn, both governs the 11th House. However, Jupiter plays an important role and is considered much important for analyzing the 11th House.
  • The Twelfth House represents all kinds of expenses and withdrawals of money from investments, bonds, shares and banks. So the 11th House is what is left after deducting the expenses of the Twelfth House. In short, the 11th House represents profit after deducting expenses.
  • It must be noted that the wealth of a person is also judged by analyzing the 2nd House. The 2nd House represents fixed assets and inherited assets and property. The 11th House is responsible for money and wealth that is earned by hard work and by self.

Favorable 11th House

Astrology 11th house meaning
  • When a person has a favorable 11th House in his Janam Kundli or Horoscope, it brings:
  • Financial gains through all means.
  • Any kind of unexpected gains or profits.
  • Success in any venture that is expected to earn profit.
  • Support of friends and colleagues that enhances the status, both social and economical.
  • Life with all sorts of gains and happiness.

Planetary Aspects That favors 11th House

Who Is The Lord Of 11th House Astrology Synastry

  • If Jupiter is placed in 11th House and that too in an exalted states, it brings immense wealth and native enjoys a sound financial status.
  • A strong Jupiter transit also gives great fortunes and profits.
  • When 7th House conjoins with 11th House, it is responsible for an excellent business partnership. Such partnership and business ventures always gain in good amount of money.
  • An exalted Sun in the 11th House shows great fame and income throughout the life. Sun grants immense opportunities to gain money and wealth.
  • Moon in the 11th House makes person a well-behaved and a highly learned one. Such people are highly popular and in return it makes them wealthy.
  • The combination of Raj Yoga is formed when Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Moon combines in the 11th House.
  • When Rahu is in the 11th House, the person leads a wealthy and prosperous life.
  • When Ketu is in the 11th House, it makes the person learned and wealthy.