Thursday, April 1
Important relationship developments. A severe and/or pessimistic space. Difficulty in communications or connections. (Sun tridecile Juno, Mercury semisquare Saturn)

Simha Marriage Rashifal 2021. Married life will be challenging during the initial part of the year 2021 for Simha Rashi couples. Jupiter will bring happiness to marriage during the year. The period from April to September will be rocky for marital relationships. There may be misunderstandings, and marriages may see the parting of couples. Craig Hamilton-Parker has been hailed by the mainstream press as ‘The New Nostradamus’. In this post, he gives his predictions for 2021 and beyond. He was the first psychic to foresee the coming of the pandemic. He is also recognized in India as a rishi seer and has gained access to the hidden secrets of Indian prophecy. Find out what is in store for you in 2020 - 2021. Will your dreams come true in 2020 - 2021? What kind of impact the 2020 - 2021 planetary alignment will have on your career, finances, business, love relationships, marriage and your health etc. Follow Vedic Astrology Predictions done here by experienced Astrologer on My Recent Posts. IPL 2021 Match No.15 Kolkata Knight Riders versus Chennai Super Kings at Mumbai on 21 April 2021 – Tarot Reading Results April 21, 2021.

Friday, April 2
Fascination and deep revelations. (Mercury sextile Pluto)

Saturday, April 3
No peaking influences

Vedic Astrology 2021 Global Predictions

Sunday, April 4
Easter Sunday
Last Quarter Moon

Exciting promising connections, but don’t let just words or opinion convince you alone. (Juno sextile Jupiter)

Monday, April 5
No peaking influences

Tuesday, April 6
Excitement and good working conditions, stay focused on goals and not simple desire-satisfying. (Venus sextile Mars)

Wednesday, April 7
The press to victory, be a winner. (Mars biquintile Pluto)

Thursday, April 8
Incisive and shrewd, cut through the BS. (Mercury quintile Pluto)

Friday, April 9
Be wary of false or delusory actors challenging everyone’s attention. Personal energy or motivation may be weird. Not every opportunity or relationship will work out or have carefree days all the time. Cut your losses and move on. (Mars square Neptune, Mercury semisquare Jupiter and quintile Mars, Venus quintile Saturn and trine Juno)

Saturday, April 10
Get clarity and perspective, find that golden mean in all things and gain profound peace. (Mercury sextile Saturn, Venus sextile Jupiter, Mercury tridecile Juno)

Sunday, April 11
Emotional power plays, guard your personal boundaries. Feelings eclipse reason. Mars enters sidereal Gemini shifting all perspectives, perhaps makings us all a little more proactive for the next month and a half. (Venus square Pluto)

Monday, April 12
New Moon
Juno Stationary Retrograde
Relationships, love and interactions become highly magnetic, possibly more subtle in their needs.

Tuesday, April 13
Important relationship and personal landmarks, make the next adjustment and move appropriately decisively. (Sun trine Juno. Mars opposite Juno, Sun sextile Mars, Sun quintile Saturn)

Wednesday, April 14
Moon at Apogee
Adjustments are called upon us, mandated with impact. Be careful with potential upsets, accidents or b breakdowns. Keep a cool head. (Mars semisquare Uranus)

Who Will Be Next President 2021 Vedic Astrology Horoscope

Thursday, April 15
Easy to make leaps of progress, then keep focused on the new road. Do not let the air leak out of your balloon. Getting “caught up” can require a period of sustained extraordinary effort. (Sun sextile Jupiter)

Friday, April 16
Controlled passage through interesting and challenging situations, conscientiously choose the better options. Outlook may be somewhat pessimistic, but the mind is the lever of change, keep faith in the goodness of life. (Sun square Pluto, Mercury quintile Saturn)

Saturday, April 17
Intensity of outlook, palpable readiness to engage. Aim and push higher. Defy negative expectations. (Mercury square Pluto, Mars quincunx Pluto, Mars trine Jupiter, Mercury sextile Jupiter and Mars)

Hindu Astrology 2021

Sunday, April 18
Mercury at Superior conjunction
Keep a steady pressure on things that need to crack, bend, or move. Will becomes the way, but learn patience and compassion in the process. (Sun conjunct Mercury, Mars sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Monday, April 19
First Quarter Moon
No peaking influences

Tuesday, April 20
First Quarter Moon
(Self)-Deceived love hurts the most; be wary of your feelings. (Venus aspect Neptune)

Wednesday, April 21
Significant and potentially beneficial relationships emphasized. (Venus sesquiquadrate Juno, Venus quintile Jupiter)

Thursday, April 22
Earth Day
Lyrid Meteor Shower
Shifts in emotions and relationships. Learn to live in new appreciative life-spaces. Strive for clarity and honesty with self and others. (Venus conj Uranus, Mercury semisquare Neptune)

Friday, April 23
New exciting bridges built, new opportunities and connections. (Mercury quintile Jupiter, Mercury sesquiquadrate Juno)


Saturday, April 24
Push yourself into unknown territory, the regular relationship/emotional space may seem hostile at times. Newly innovative solutions are at hand. (Mercury conjunct Uranus, Venus square Saturn)

Sunday, April 25
Resist pessimism, defeatism. Break out of your limiting shell, old, outworn boundaries. (Mercury square Saturn, conjunct Venus)

Monday, April 26
Experience new interpersonal and self-awareness perspectives. New lessons, new victories. (Mercury and Venus tridecile Pluto)

Vedic Astrology Predictions For 2021

Tuesday, April 27
Full Moon at Perigee (Supermoon)
Mercury at Perihelion
Pluto Stationary Retrograde
Self-betrayals, but also brilliance of action and decisiveness. Dysfunctional motives and behaviors emerge. See, know and resolve to change. The full moon occurs at its closest distance to the Earth today. Breakdown. Relationship developments realized. (Sun semisquare Neptune, Mercury semisquare Mars)

Wednesday, April 28
Powerful love in relationships. (Sun sesquiquadrate Juno, Venus biquintile Juno)

Who Will Be Next President 2020 Vedic Astrology

Thursday, April 29
Idealistic motivations, creativity and inspirations. (Mercury sextile Neptune)

Friday, April 30
Unexpected, but exciting developments. Strive for realism and practicality in your aspirations, then stick with them. New connections and interactions. (Sun conjunct Uranus, Sun quintile Jupiter, Venus semisquare Mars, Mercury quincunx Juno)

2021 Vedic Horoscope

Horoscope 2021 is something that you must be looking for to make your year fantastic. Our horoscope predictions helps you to face the year 2021 with confidence and strength, every year, we make so many resolutions we decide lots of things to do throughout the year to bring the best out of the given time, so that we can thank ourselves before the beginning of the new year. However, unfortunately, we end up joking about our motivation level just after the day 1. In this pursuit, we thought about giving a helping hand by providing these advance predictions for 2021. This forecast of 2021 is based on the principles of astrology.Here, we will give you an overview about your health, finance, family, career, job, business, education, etc. for the year 2021. So that, you can get an idea about what all is coming to your way in this year. However, you have to really be very smart while following these star predictions. Horoscopes are mainly about giving you a direction about the future.

Here, you are getting 2021 horoscope for all zodiac signs – Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces carries the destiny for the year. This horoscope for 2021 do guide you to re-strategize your plans for the period keeping in mind the planetary movements. In short, we are making group predictions by considering that the world is divided into 12 parts. Virgo daily singles love horoscope. So, this forecast can be taken into consideration just to get an overall idea and to help you give a clear view of your upcoming life. The main strength of our horoscope for the year 2021 are totally reliable, precise and trustworthy. As these horoscope are a translation of the planetary positions. Life is very wonderful when it comes with surprises, the 2021 horoscope depends on the positions of different planets, these predictions will help to show your obstacles as well as will give the solution of overcoming those obstacles in different ways. It would be an indispensable guide that would support you at the right time and helps you to take the best of yourself.Overall, 2021 looks to be a positive year, as long as you put in the requisite efforts. All the very best for a great, healthy future.!!


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