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Who Will Win Ap Elections 2021 Astrology Calendar

Who Will Win Ap Elections 2021 Astrology

The Astrology of the USA and the Presidential Election 2020


We all know first-hand that 2020 has been chaotic, repressive and even dangerous. If you read my previous Blog about the Astrology of 2020, that I initially wrote in 2019 you will see that I, together with other astrologers, predicted that it would be because of a number of very rare and life-changing planetary transits that would change Society on a global scale.
The time we are in is, in a way, the end of life as we have known it. I am writing this in September 2020 and we have seen the coronavirus pandemic, mass protests and uprisings against systemic racism, we have seen tremendous division, hatred as well as compassionate acts above and beyond the norm. It feels as if we are just about surviving, and some unfortunately, not at all. Conspiracy theories abound as people desperately try to find meaning amidst the chaos.
The good news is that the planets are always helping us through their cosmic movements, to grow and evolve in an upward movement. When we go against this flow of evolution, we struggle and suffer. This is one of those karmic times, especially in the U.S.A. because the planet Pluto is returning to the position it was when the country was founded. This is the first time ever because its orbit takes 248 years. It is a karmic time. The karmic bell will toll. All we have done, good, bad and indifferent as a nation is coming back to us.
2020 is one of those years that people will look back on as the pivotal year when civilization was brought to its knees before the slow-moving change that has to take place for us to survive into the future. We have for too long gone down the rabbit hole of excessive materialism and now we must pay the price. The good news is that the planets are pointing the way forwards and out of this chaos towards a better, more spiritual, more sustainable future.
During the first part of 2020, there was a very intense line up of planets in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, some powerful eclipses and other rare planetary aspects. Now, in September, after a brief respite, we are beginning to feel the intensity again and it will remain this way all year.
September 2020 – Mars Retrograde
On September 9, the planet that gets us moving, Mars, goes retrograde from September 9 through November 13. Mars likes us to be assertive and get us moving forwards. When it is in retrograde motion, we feel frustration – and this is a long retrograde period. If we start to feel aggressive for no reason, it is probably Mars retrograde and I am afraid we will see more of this in the world around us.
The good news is that none of the planetary influences are bad, however frustrating they may feel. This is not the time for direct action but it is the time for planning; it is the time for introspection to find out what is holding you back. It is the time for real self-honesty; a time to get to know who you really are and what you want going forward. So, if you start to feel the anger rising, realize it is Mars retrograde in Aries doing its work.
October 2020 – Mercury Retrograde
As well as Mars retrograde, which happens about every two years, but the most potent of all is the one happening now, in the sign it rules – Aries, we also have some Mercury retrograde periods coming up. Take a look at my website www.astrologycity.com to find out what this means, or my book Mercury Retrograde.
These 3-week periods happen at least three times a year but the period that begins on October 13 is especially important. Firstly, it coincides with Mars retrograde, so trying to get things moving can be very frustrating indeed. Mercury retrograde is in the intense sign of Scorpio so we can expect to see some secrets coming into the open – not just for us personally but in the USA and the world as a whole. This is a very dramatic time, astrologically speaking.
November 2020 - Presidential Election
This is not the first time that Mercury has been retrograde during a Presidential election. The last time that happened was the election between George Bush and Al Gore. Do you remember that one? I was on Radio WJR just before that predicting chaos and confusion around and after this Election. If you remember this was an election that went to the Supreme Court and it all came down to Florida. George Bush was declared the winner of Florida and Al Gore conceded the Election, then he retracted his decision when the votes had been recounted. However, eventually with Supreme Court decision, George Bush eventually won.
Well, the news is that this upcoming 2020 Election is going to be far worse. In those days, 2010, even politicians were fairly civil to each other. Now, the gloves are off: as well as Mercury Retrograde we also have aggressive, hotheaded Mars retrograde in Aries adding fuel to the fire.
Even if Joe Biden does win the Election, and it certainly sounds that Donald Trump believes he might, there will be no civil hand over of power as with Gore to Bush. No polite call of congratulations. Instead, we can expect high drama, riots and all that we have come to expect but much more intense. Mars retrograde is forming some very difficult aspects with Saturn and Pluto bringing power struggles, conflicts of every kind as well as changes within society.

Who Will Win the Presidential Election 2020
So who will win the Presidential Election? Astrologers will tell you it is virtually impossible to predict and so it is; partly because of the Electoral College putting a spanner in the works, and one also has to take into account the mood of around 150 million voters here in the U.S.
But let’s take a look at Donald Trump’s chart since he is currently President. What does that look like? Because, to fully understand the impact for the United States, we also have to look at how it’s affecting the horoscope of Donald J. Trump. That’s not just because he is President of the U.S., but also because the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto which I discussed in my previous Blog about the astrology of 2020, will be closely activating a very important configuration in Trump’s own birth chart. To an extent, the horoscope of a national leader becomes that of the country he represents.
President Trump has a conjunction of Saturn and Venus in Cancer at around 23 degrees. This means the current Saturn/Pluto conjunction is almost exactly opposite his difficult natal pattern. This is the most critical one affecting him over the next year. It not only fuels a drive for wealth and power but it brings deep insecurity and vulnerability. It causes the person to erect walls around himself and in the President's case – the country; the homeland.
This Saturn-Pluto conjunction will pummel his natal chart very hard over the next year or two. Pluto is like a detective bringing secrets and buried things to light – such as the President's true wealth, his bank accounts and taxes, as well as his dealings with foreign governments.

Trigger Dates
I won’t go into all the planetary triggers that have affected the President this year, save to say there is an important trigger that will be occurring around December 20, 2020, when Pluto exactly opposes his natal Saturn. So first there was Saturn – now Pluto. This is especially significant.
It’s safe to say the holiday season of late 2020 will be a very dramatic one for Donald Trump. Note, too, this will be shortly after the presidential election, so it’s likely that whatever turbulence this energy stirs up for him will be in response to the outcome of the election. He does have a Jupiterean luck factor going on so it’s hard to predict. Astrologically speaking, it would be surprising if he is re-elected but one has seen a lot of amazing things happening as far as this President is concerned.
What about the astrology of Joe Biden? He is not as weak as people might make him out to be with Sun in Scorpio as well as Mercury, Mars and Venus, and Moon in Taurus. Scorpios are never weak but they definitely don’t put all their cards on the table. He is, with all these planets in fixed signs, strong, stubborn and determined. Once he puts his mind to something, he can achieve it but he is not as flexible as his opponent who is able to change course when in a tight corner. Biden's North Node in Leo indicates his destiny is to take leadership and he has, of course, had that opportunity through is political career.
Like Trump he has a nice Jupiter aspect conjunct transit Pluto with Saturn nearby. This brings power to the transit and it is enough to win the election but not by a large margin. If Biden wins, it may even be a return of the 2016 election. It looks like he will win the popular vote but not necessarily the Electorate.
Whatever happens, there’s no question that it will be a roller-coaster ride for both Trump and Biden, both professionally and emotionally.
When one looks at the astrology of Inauguration Day, January 20, 2021, Biden appears to have the edge with better aspects and an eclipse in his 10th House indicates change of career. However, one thing is sure, a lot will happen between now and January, 2021 and we can expect more of the same – chaos, antagonism, rioting – right up to this time whoever wins the Election.
If Trump wins, according to his Solar Return chart, the presence of the Capricorn stellium of planets in the 9th house implies foreign affairs will be a major focus in his second term. If he loses, this configuration suggests Trump potentially shifting direction into publishing and broadcasting.
Biden’s 2020 Solar Return shows the Sun, the ruler of his Leo Midheaven, in the 1st house of leadership. The Capricorn stellium is in a tight sextile to his natal Sun. If he wins, his ability to communicate a strong message of rebuilding is vital and includes a restructuring of foreign affairs.
As I explained, the winner is almost impossible to predict for various reasons. Primarily, because we have an Electoral College, it means that the person who gets the most votes isn’t always the winner.

Chrissie Blaze
C 2020

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