When The 7th Lord of your chart is aspected by Venus or Moon or Mercury, This also indicates a very beautiful spouse in astrology. When the 7th Lord of your chart is in the star of Planets Like Venus or Moon or Mercury, you can get a Beautiful Wife as per astrology. Venus Signifies Wife in a Male’s chart. So When Venus is conjunct with Moon or Mercury, It can give you a beautiful Wife according to astrology. Generally in astrology there are two marriage significator planets, which define what kind of partner you will get and they are Jupiter and Venus. These two planets are the most important planets when looking for the person married life. Because Jupiter is the karaka of husband in a woman chart and Venus is the karaka of wife in a man chart. If there are no such combination in a female chart. And there are some combination in male chart but the female is the wife of the younger brother and male venus and Mars is in female Venus sign gemini. And male is attracted to wife of his brother that he watches her with lustful eyes. Do this means the female also attracted to him secretly.

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In astrology, Moon and Venus in a man’s natal chart show what type of women a man likes. The moon is more responsible for an ideal image of his wife, and Venus is responsible for the appearance of a woman a man is attracted to, and to whom he draws sexually.

Venus and Moon in Aries in man’s horoscope indicate a need of a purposeful, hot, and passionate girl. The girl who can enter a burning house, and stop a galloping horse. Not bad, if this girl leads an active lifestyle and active in sports activities. A man with planets in Aries, generally expect initiative from a woman. He does not mind if she will lead their union and make decisions for him. I would not recommend entering into an intimate relationship sooner than after a month you know him. Otherwise, interest in you will be lost forever, and no matter heat you do, a man won’t return. After all, a man with Venus or Moon in fire signs, is primarily, a hunter.

Venus or Moon is in Taurus – A man with such planets loves women with forms. He wants to see you tasty like a bun, and so rosy and plump and with a beautiful smell. He enjoys sensual, calm, home girls who certainly know how to cook and run a household. He strongly rejects the tantrums! For him, a girl is an embodiment of stability, safe haven, so being with a woman he wants to rest and not to sort things out. By the way, the man with the planets in Taurus, never inclined to betray or adultery. And, yes, and he has an inborn desire for laziness.

Venus or Moon in Gemini – With such an arrangement of planets, a man is looking cheerful, sexy, lively girl, with whom can talk about anything, perhaps slightly superficial and easy-going; a girl who is interested in many aspects and sides of life, and has many friends and hobbies. And also he likes when a girl tells him stories nonstop. You need to tell him what you learned or read, because of a man with planets in Gemini, love, and value, firstly, the exchange of information; and secondly, it’s nice to know that his beloved is smart and well-read. He won’t tolerate jealousy, so you need to keep your proprietary instincts inside and forget about them. Be always original! Do not let him get bored with you. Go hiking with him, or fishing; be friends with his friends, constantly invent something. Otherwise, he leaves you for another. There is good saying, “When a woman is changing, she is looking for the best, while a man is looking for something new”, so try to be different for him.

Venus or Moon in Cancer – be his second mother. Well, you need to be in a good and trusting relationship with his biological mother and this will differentiate you from other women he might like. A man with Venus and Moon in Cancer very often turns to his mother for advice and share his emotions and experiences, so your friendship with his mother – this is the trump card! Such a man is just crazy about large breasts. And food. It is about him that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Cook like you have no equals. And if you are dreaming of a large family, consider him yours! But be prepared, if he has problems will turn for help to you, not to his friends. According to him, you need to care for him, nurture and safeguard him in every possible way. At a time of needs, you need to treat him as a child. When life goes wonderfully for him and he has means, he will do the same to you, — love and protect you in every possible way.

Venus or Moon in Leo – a man needs a proud, unapproachable, woman with dignity. God forbid you to make an inappropriate joke – he immediately will look sideways! In such a situation, it is important for a man too proud of his woman. Here works a rule that “a man is evaluated by his woman.” Such a man is well aware of why he chooses respective girls. He does not like to stay at home: you shall go to the movies, theater, exhibitions, trade shows with him. If a man has Venus or the Moon in Leo, he loves the beautiful hair. Especially he likes light hair. So if you have a lion’s mane – he is yours! Also, an owner of such planets pays great attention to women’s posture, the way a woman knows how to present herself, and the way how she holds in society. Forget about sneakers, jeans, — forget completely, these clothes are more suitable for those men whose Moon and Venus are in Gemini. From now on, your casual everyday shoes should be high heels.

Venus or Moon in Virgo – a man needs a reasonable, quiet, intelligent, modest, economical, very clean woman. He would like her to dress rigorously and at the same time beautifully. You need to follow the diet, both for him and for your own. If a woman is very economical, who does not spend all his salary, – he’ll think: “Oh, this is a gift of heaven!” In general, such a man is very picky, he will complain if meatballs are not perfect, or if the dust is not fully erased. For him, it is necessary that everything is perfect. Any ideas how can you make everything perfect? Think 100 times, if he is still a man of your dreams? If the answer is yes – go forward in a squad of perfectionists!

Let’s say you are a fire sign, like Aries – this doesn’t mean that your best partner is from the same group of zodiac signs. He or she can come from a completely different sign. Take this quiz to find out Read more what zodiac signs you are most compatible with! What chinese zodiac am i compatible with quiz. To be truly compatible, you must have things in common. Just because you are an earth sign, you don't have to be strictly compatible with another earth sign. You need to have mesh in other ways, too. As we gaze the stars during this quiz, we will ask you a series of questions that will help us figure out your ultimate zodiac. The zodiac sign you are most compatible with is Scorpio. Scorpio's are driven and ambitious. They are also quite realistic. Since you are a bit of an idealist, this is the perfect match for you, as they will help you to stay grounded and focused.

Venus and Moon in Libra – This man loves beautiful women, well-groomed and elegant. In his view, a woman should be able to smooth out rough edges in a relationship, be easy going with excellent manners. Literate correct speech is welcome! You must exude femininity. This man cannot strong emotions and awaits in a relationship the harmony. He absolutely can not stand quarrels. Go along to museums, exhibitions, learn to understand the art.

Wife In Man Chart Astrology

Wife In Man Chart Astrology Pisces

Venus and Moon in Scorpio – Wear red and black. He prefers brunettes because such a man unconsciously is looking for fatal, jealous beauty with a character, from whom he would lose his head. In sex, the presence of any complexes is simply unacceptable! If he suddenly wants sex on a rooftop – this should be immediately executed. Fantasy of sexual pleasures will never run dry, as well as desire to have sex with you. You can keep this man by means of sex in relations if the relationship itself is cracking at the seams. Life won’t be very easy with him – because he has the fan of making things complicated. With that, and he will suffer. Apparently, a presence of suffering is a major component of love for him. He is looking an all-consuming passion, that sense of love which will fully capture his soul, his heart, and his mind. Scorpio is a water sign and is capable for a very long time to remember love and feelings that he once experienced, even if they cause him a lot of pain.

It is very important to know that if your first boyfriend (with Venus or Moon in Scorpio) loved sex, this not necessarily means that all the others will do too. Every man is different. Knowing and understanding Moon and Venus in men’s horoscope can help you to keep longer and happier relations.

Wife In Man Chart Astrology Libra

Venus or Moon in Sagittarius – a man likes an active, generous, cheerful optimist, a believer in God or higher powers. Adventuress in a soul who has a perennial source of energy. Be his faithful friend and companion. Travel together. A man with Venus or Moon in Sagittarius does not like when anything squeezes his limits so that a feeling of jealousy you need to reserve for another man. He also likes independence; and values honesty and sincerity.

I have most of my friends with Moon in Sagittarius and find them happy, humorous, adventurous and optimistic.

Venus or Moon in Capricorn – a man is looking for a serious, conservative lady, perhaps even a career woman. Never show him sentimentality and excessive sensitivity. Such a man does not know how to speak and express his emotions verbally and openly. For him, love is expressed in a form of specific help. So you hardly ever will hear a sweet talk from him, yet you can rely on him in case of any problems. He does not express his feelings until he is sure that you are a reliable and true person. But rigor is always encouraged. Such a man is very serious about a relationship, so if he chooses you – he weighs the pros and cons, and “for” outweighed.

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Venus or Moon in Aquarius – Well, here precisely be a combat girlfriend. Listen with naked joy his monologue about how he now downloaded utility, which has both a console and a GUI-version, simultaneously breaking into a site. You’d better be technical and talented. If you have an interesting hobby, this is a big plus! With such a man, you must be unusual, original and friendly. Absolutely hide any sense of ownership! A man with Moon or Venus in Aquarius dreams of a free, equal and relationship, – friendship rather than love.

Wife In Man Chart Astrology Sign

Venus or Moon in Pisces – Be mysterious, sweet and romantic. You must be a model of femininity and your whole appearance needs to tell that you’re a fragile and delicate flower, he needs to safeguard. Do not be afraid to look overly compassionate and sentimental. With such a man, you can light aromatic candles and lie together in a bath with foam. Believe me, he will appreciate your efforts. However, I must warn you. A man with Venus in Pisces loves all women. In each woman he finds a feature, he can admire. You can tie him, and he will always come back to you. But he will never become your man completely.