The Astrology of Brexit comes down to the Uranus conjunct Neptune dynamic of the Maastricht Treaty. It's triggered by Pluto this year then Jupiter in 2020. So what is going to happen now is that the poor get demonised again, this time by the middle classes. The country will go to the dogs (this is a deliberate strategy) and the. Oct 10, 2019 Mars is in Libra, making Venus and Mars in mutual reception by sign in traditional astrology (where Venus rules Libra and Mars rules Scorpio). Should the hard Brexit take place, it will mean a fundamental change in thinking and a radical redefinition of daily life (Uranus Retrograde in Taurus).

Yesterday I made a horary chart (that’s predictive astrology) for the question “Will Brexit happen?”, asked me by a Brexiteer. So what did I find?

Jun 11, 2016 Roy Gillett, the head of the British Astrological Association, wrote a nice piece about the Brexit campaign back in March. “Predicting mundane events is sometimes possible, but more often outcomes are decided by the use the parties make of the astro-cycles, rather than those cycles alone.” He thought it could go either way then.

It seems not. Here’s my reasoning (derived from John Frawley’s excellent Horary Textbook):


  1. Brexiteers: Lord of the 1st House (Saturn)
  2. The enemies of Brexit: Lord of the 7th House (Sun)
  3. Boris Johnson (PM): Lord of the 10th House (Venus)
  4. The Electorate (Moon)

Brexiteers and the electorate are making a strong effort (Saturn and Moon in Rulership) but powerless to affect the outcome (…in the 12th and 6th Houses). The enemies of Brexit are weaker, collectively (Sun in Fall), but they’ve got power to act (…conjunct Midheaven). Have they rigged the game? It seems so. We also see that Johnson (Venus) is in a weaker state (Venus in Scorpio is in Detriment, which is worse than Fall) and less able to act (further from the Midheaven) than the enemies of Brexit. Lastly, “some important declaration will be made imminently (as the Moon is ~1/5th of a degree from an exact trine to Mercury, Planet of communications), I could only expect in the next day or two.”

Will Brexit Happen AstrologyWhat is brexit all about

This morning I woke to the following story: British government reveals plan to rush Brexit laws through by Halloween

Mercury and the Moon are also the fastest planets in the sky. The development came fast and it concerns doing things fast. Will it work for Brexit? Again, all indications are no, and by looking at Boris’ chart we can get an idea why:

Jupiter opposite Neptune – Johnson is a fantasist. He believes he’s stronger than he is, feels he’s taking a firm stance and winning (Jupiter in Taurus) – actually his position is quite insubstantial. His habit when pressed is to rush ahead and outmaneuver his opponents (Mars in Gemini), but here it seems to be for naught – he is not in control of the field. It may be that the game is rigged and he’s been allowed to get far as he has to produce the impression of a fair fight.

So will it happen as I say it will? I’m new to horary. The worst case scenario is I embarrass myself and am forced to improve, which is not a bad outcome at all. God bless.

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Mundane astrology is the study of how the changing positions of the Sun, Moon and planets impact on world events. This is best done using the horoscopes of nations. Many mundane astrologers still persist with using ingress or lunation charts set for capital cities, or focus on the horoscopes of world leaders. These methods have failed miserably in the past, more can be gained by using national horoscopes.

As Nick Campion points out in his Book of World Horoscopes, p.1, the leaders in mundane astrology of the time failed to predict the outbreak of WWII using the old methods. In fact they even stated Hitler was a man of peace, just weeks before the invasion of Poland.

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The fixed stars are also of importance when studying mundane astrology, especially when involved in a planetary aspect pattern. Even a single conjunction of a planet to a fixed star can have dramatic affects on world events. For example, Mars retrograde on the fixed star Algorab on 22 April 2014, coincided with an escalation in violence and terrorism around the globe.

Apart from the national horoscopes and other event charts listed above, I also add mundane astrological interpretations to the moon phases, retrograde planets, and major planetary aspects, for example Uranus square Pluto from 2012 to 2015. All of these posts, the national horoscopes, fixed stars and planetary aspects, have comments where you can add any current events which appear to be significant in mundane astrology.

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