According to Vedic astrology concepts, the celestial bodies have a powerful influence on your professional and personal life. The experts at ClickAstro will go through your career prediction by date of birth Indian astrology and provide you with an accurate prediction. The horoscope chart acts as a snapshot of the planetary sky. You may not know enough astrology to figure these things out, but in time, you will. Taking notes on each eclipse is a good way to get acquainted with the movements of eclipses. You don’t have to know astrology to know this. Just read for your rising sign and your Sun (birthday) sign, and I will take care of the rest for you. If you aspire to get a government job, then make a bundle by placing black urad, jaggery, black sesame and barley in one meter black cloth in Anuradha Nakshatra. Now go and keep that bundle.

Dear readers, I have been asked this question umpteen times that – Do I have yoga for government Job in my chart. So today I will talk about a horoscope which is kind of blessed one because the native actually got more than 10 Government Jobs in his career. The native is from general category and not ST/SC/OBC etc which are using the government grant to their selfish motives to the fullest.

The purpose of writing this article is also the latest news of Tina Dabi which made to the top in the UPSC exam and she is from reserved class, those from the general class which had better marks suffered failure. I personally have no grudges against reservation for the needy but those ST/SC/OBC who are well to do in their lives and thriving on tax payers money should show some self respect if they have any and leave the crutches of reservation but I am sure that none will show the courage to do it. And our filthy politicians and politics will also feed this weed of reservation to gain votes.

Anyways, let`s come to the horoscope of the native. The native was born on 21st august 1975 so he is now running his 41st year of life. He got his first government job in the year 1996 when he was just 21 years old. Then he got selected in IES and joined Indian Railways. In between he got selected for more than 10 Government job but chose railways as his final choice.

Will I Get Government Job Astrology Sign

Sun is the ruler of the planetary kingdom and denotes government and favors from government. To get a government job, Sun plays an important role. Below is the horoscope of the native:

The native is of Leo ascendant. The lord of the tenth house is Venus which is conjunct sun in the horoscope. It is also conjunct Mercury – The lord of 2nd and 11th bhava for the ascendant. Note that 5th lord is in 9th house and 9th lord is in 10th house.

The 5th house is also of “purva punya” because it is 9th from 9th. 9th house lord in 10th is also again a great yoga – The native is very religious and righteous as mentioned in the Hindu Astrology books.

Can I Get Govt Job Astrology

Will i get government job astrology sign

Cancer navansha rises at the time of this birth, Leo being the second house and sun and venus are making rasi parivartna yoga in the navasha which is considered more powerful than the main horoscope itself. Cancer is again a royal sign and has produced many great politicians and officials. The lagna lord moon is in second house conjunct Venus which is the 11th house lord.

Thus we see that the connectivity of lagna lord with 11th house lord is maintained in the rasi-navansha which is very rare to find.

Coming to stellar part of this chart, the 10th cuspal sublord is Venus herself. Venus is conjunct sun and mercury as told earlier. Venus is in own star and sub and Mars sub-sub. I am taking sub-sub here because of one dictum given by Late shree Sahasne ji that when star sub are same the take the sub-sub for better clarification and note that Mars is placed in the 10th house itself.


Let us see here the significations of sun too; Sun is in 12th bhava but in sub of moon which is in 6th bhava. Thus sun is connected with the house of job at sub level.

Let us now come to the dashas of the native, he was born in Mars mahadasha and then came the dasha of Rahu. He got his first government job in rahu period sun antara in December 1996.

He was doing private job earlier. In 2002 september he joined Indian Railways through IES. That time he was going through the dasha of Jupiter and antara of Saturn. Again, Saturn is in own star and sub and mercury sub-sub which is conjoined Sun and Venus. Saturn is the ruler of 6th bhava and gave the result of the same because it is in own star and sub.

Note that Jupiter is in ketu star which is in star of sun, sign of venus and conjoined with Mars. Thus this ketu has manifold significations for the native. No wonder the native got the job of choice at the correct time and age and is now enjoying his life religiously and righteously.

In this horoscope, Saturn is in own star and sub and also Venus is in own star and sub thus making these two very strong planets. Also Mars is in star and sub of moon which is placed in 6th bhava which makes Mars very strongly connected to 6th house of Job.

You can check all these details in your birth chart by using our free Janam Kundali tool.

Will I Get Government Job Astrology Online

Thus we see that this horoscope is in both ways traditional and stellar, very strongly meant for government jobs. This also happens to be a blessed horoscope because the 5th Lord is connected with 9th house and is aspecting 5th house.

Will i get a govt job astrologyHow to get government job astrology

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