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Will Modi Become Pm Again Astrology

  1. Positive Report card: During the last elections in 2014 Mr Modi had promised that he would come.
  2. Will Shri Narendra modi ji become the prime minister again?(Episode-1)-Disclaimer- (This video i.
  3. Stars do not favour Modi as PM, a woman or an old man will become PM, says astrologer Ahmedabad: Mohan Patel, president of All India Astrologers Federation has predicted that Gujarat chief.
  4. Modi will again become prime minister after 2019 elections. Will modi become pm again astrology. Unless modi takes complete security measures and performs remedies to cross these tough years of 2015 and 2016 he will not be able to serve full term of 5 years as indias prime minister. Inc is the ruling party in india for more than 65 years.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday (March 28) addressed the 75th episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat‘, his monthly radio programme. While addressing the nation, the Prime Minister hailed the contribution and accomplishments of women in sports.

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“In the month of March itself, when we were celebrating women’s day, many women players secured records and medals in their name. While PV Sindhu won the Silver Medal in the BWF Swiss Open Super 300 Tournament, Mithali Raj became the first Indian woman cricketer to have made 10,000 runs,” said PM Modi.

“India bagged top position during the ISSF World Cup shooting organised at Delhi. India also topped the gold medals tally,” he added.

The Prime Minister also talked about India leading the way in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic. Speaking about Janata Curfew, PM Modi said that it has become an inspiration for the entire world as it was an extraordinary example of discipline. He also added that the coming generations will feel proud of it.

“It was in March last year when we heard the term ‘Janata Curfew’. It became an inspiration for the entire world as it was an extraordinary example of discipline. I laud citizen’s conduct during Janata curfew. Our love and respect for corona warriors was well received,” he said.

The Prime Minister also asserted that India is driving the world’s biggest vaccination program. “In UP’s Jaunpur, a 109-yr-old woman got herself vaccinated. Similarly, a 107-yr-old man in Delhi got himself vaccinated. We have to make people committed towards the mantra of ‘Dawai bhi, Kadai bhi’, said PM Modi.

Mumbai, Feb 26 (IANS): Actor Anupam Kher on Friday expressed that he is honoured and humbled to receive a letter from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on his latest book titled Your Best Day Is Today.

Will Modi Become Pm Again Astrology Sign

'Honourable Prime Minister @narendramodi ji ! Thank you for this beautiful, generous and full of warmth letter to me about my book #YourBestDayIsToday. It really touched my heart! I feel honoured and humbled that you actually took the time out to go through my book. You are an amazingly inspirational leader! With you as our PM I am confident that India will be the #JagatGuru of the world very soon! May you continue to lead us for years. My mother, your biggest admirer sends her blessings! Thank you once again sir! Your letter is my treasure!' Anupam Kher wrote in an Instagram post.

The actor also shared the letter signed by the Prime Minister and addressed to him. The letter has been sent by the Prime Minister after he read Kher's book.


The letter reads: 'Shri Anupam Kher Ji,

'I was delighted to receive your book 'Your Best Day Is Today'. It is a timely book given the recent developments over the past year.

'Right at the beginning of the book, I read that the title of the book is a phrase that your mother used to tell you everyday as a child. The wisdom of your mother, Smt. Dulari Ji, in filling such positivity and spirit of purpose in her child each day has clearly paid off in your achievements.

'It is clear that it was the same spirit that helped her as well as your family to overcome the moments of crisis that the pandemic brought into your lives.

'Individuals and families with such fortitude make up our nation. This is why we have been able to put up a united and resolute fight against Covid-19 and the disruption induced by it.

'Your book also reminds me of something I wrote in Exam Warriors. A mantra I gave to my young friends was that the 'present' is God's greatest present.

'It is interesting that you have analysed the 'new normal' that we could see in the post-covid world from many angles. Whatever the structure of this 'new normal', I am positive that the role of India and Indians in the future of our planet will only become more and more crucial. This is where the call for Aatmanirbhar Bharat originates from.

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'While that may be the global picture, one thing that shines through your book is the warmth of personal relationships and their importance. Especially in a time of churn and crisis, there is no greater strength than the love and trust of people around us.

'Your book is a message to humanity to be ever prepared for any challenge that life throws at us, to adopt a positive outlook and stay firmly rooted in the present.

'Heartiest congratulations for this compilation of your innermost thoughts and experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic. I wish your book all success and hope that readers enjoy reading it.

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'Please convey my greetings and respect to your mother Smt. Dulari Ji.

'Best wishes for the good health and well being of all the members of the Kher family.'

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Kher published his first book The Best Thing About You Is You! in 2011, and his biographical work, Lessons Life Taught Me Unknowingly, in 2019. He wrote Your Best Day Is Today! last year, accounting his experiences during the Covid pandemic.