New Moon Astrology Horoscope by Wonder Girl. New Moon Astrology by Wonder Girl. We have been trying to manage and structure a new and better chapter in life that really is here. However, something has been keeping us stuck. That thing has been an over-attachment to an old identity or way of doing things that no longer is viable — and an. Wonder Girl Astrology 370 South 300 East Salt Lake City, UT 84111. Wed-Fri: 6pm - 10pm, Sat: 9am - 6pm. Search for: Like Wonder Girl on. © Wonder Girl Astrology, LLC 2019 Privacy Policy Terms of Service FAQs About Wonder Girl. Wonder Girl Astrology. Making astrology practical, relatable, and fun!

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New Moon Astrology by Wonder Girl

Firstly, We have been struggling for many months and years, especially since April 2019, to overcome old, hard chapters in life and step into new and better ones. However, now we have finally made it! Secondly, this new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius brings the blessings. Furthermore, rewards for all of our past struggles. Also, a major celebration along with it.

Despite these huge blessings that are now coming in for us, as a result of all our hard work from the past. Moreover, many of us could still be hesitant to fully accept these good things. Thirdly, we could be doubtful that we can TRUST what exactly is happening, and worried that it will backfire. In other words, We could could also be doubtful that we truly DESERVE the good things that are now happening.

But shortly after, We are going to have to learn to put all those fears behind us and to STOP OVERTHINKING so that we can have faith in what is coming to us, accept it, and take the big leap forward in order to grow.

Allowing ourselves to take the big leap will then finally start a spiral of positive events in life, moving us onto in the next major chapter of our lives — a chapter that only comes around once, twice, or MAYBE three times in a lifetime.

It will also kick our instincts into gear so that we can move ahead with great passion and sheer force of will, re-arranging even more things in our lives (especially with relationships and money) for the better!

In this paragraph, we must not forget amidst all this great passion for a new life. Once we tap into it, to make the necessary decisions. All that in order to enable these new things to last the test of time and be here for many years after this point — because they can be, if only we put in a tiny bit of effort. What does jupiter represent in astrology.

Most importantly, why would we not want these things to last. Especially when they are so good? Putting the necessary structures in place. That will then help us to relax and heal from old things. So that we can be carried onto into different and better experiences. In conclusion, find the victory that we have been desiring for so long.

Finally, something beautiful, magical, AND solid now comes our way.

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