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Yasmin Boland Astrology Chart Midheaven

Yasmin Boland Astrology ChartYasmin

Yasmin Boland Free Birth Chart

Astrology is a hugely complex system, with texts, references, rules and techniques that date back thousands of years.
It can take years, even decades, to acquire in-depth knowledge of astrology: I’ve been studying it for nearly two decades and I still consider myself a student.
However, once you’ve learned the foundational principles and techniques of astrology – all of which are clearly explained in a simple, step-by-step way in this book – you’ll have more than enough to start testing it right away.
This chart you're about to download will give you the basics of your chart. All the information is taken from my Hay House book ASTROLOGY which you can buy here.
The reason why I have called this chart Know Yourself is because using astrology, you truly can come to know yourself inside out.
You will start to understand why you do the things you do, why you like the people you do and why your life lessons crop up for you as they do.
The chart will also show you how your houses are laid out so if you would like to start to learn about predictions, you will have the basics to get started with!
I wish you all the best on your astrological journey. If you want to go deeper into understand astrology, you might enjoy my learn astrology book Astrology or my online 6-part video course here.
All the best,