35,442 likes 1,345 talking about this. Astrologer, Moonologer, podcaster and best-selling Hay House author. I blend astrology with the Divine Feminine, law of attraction, meditation. A NOTE FROM YASMIN BOLAND ABOUT YOUR CHART. If you’re getting a free chart, then there’s a good chance that you’re new to the amazing world of astrology. So what is astrology? It’s the study of the connection between humans and the planets. For thousands of years, astrologers have studied and tested the connections. 35,442 likes 1,345 talking about this. Astrologer, Moonologer, podcaster and best-selling Hay House author. I blend astrology with the Divine Feminine, law of attraction, meditation. Meet Yasmin Boland Award-winning astrologer and best-selling Hay House author Yasmin Boland is read by millions of people each month, via her columns in newspapers and magazines around the world, and on the web including the Sunday Telegraph, Yahoo and Red and Closer magazines.


Learn about the archangels who work with your birth chart in Doreen Virtue’s Angel Astrology 101. Co-authored by the widely published astrologist and Angel Therapist Yasmin Boland, this is the first book to combine angelology and astrology. The 12 beautifully illustrated and easy-to-understand chapters describe the personality characteristics of each of the sun, moon, and rising signs, as well as which archangels to call upon in association with them.
Angel Astrology 101 is perfect for anyone who is new to these subjects—but it also offers plenty of fresh insights and material for those who have long worked with either astrology or the angels.

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Of all the tarot spreads, the Horoscope Spread is probably the most comprehensive and informative. It covers important aspects of your life and the likely outcomes You simply must refer to the list explaining what each card position refers to (as you’d do with any other spread) to benefit from this amazing Tarot reading.

The palmistry has its roots in Indian, Chinese astrology as well as Roma fortune-telling. From the ancient remaining record of the frescoes in ruins of India and words passed down from Brahmanism, we can find palmistry was very popular in India at that time. In China, palmistry also has a long history. In Chinese tradition, the number four is associated with bad luck. We still use this system of numerology in an attempt to discover the hidden meanings of the world—some even use it to play the stock market. However, most employ numerology similarly to astrology—for self-discovery and prediction. What Is a Numerology Portrait? Discover the 12 chinese zodiac signs! Charming and sociable, but a cool cookie. The Rat is comfortable within groups of people, and work well with the. The Ox is study and plows the fields alone. They are independent workers and dedicated for the long haul. Tiger years: 1926. What is Chinese-zodiac? TheThe Chinese zodiac is 12 years, where each sequence is related to an animal, and it represents the year of birth. A particular animal and its attributes characterize Theople born in that specific year. The chinese astrology is also used by other countries as well. What am i in chinese astrology today. Chinese Horoscope. According to the Chinese Astrology Stem-Branch Calendar, 2021 is Xinchou year of the Ox. It comes after the Year of Metal Rat 2020 and is followed by the Year of Water Tiger 2022. The Chinese New Year of 2021 falls on February 12. The 2021 Chinese Zodiac Year lasts from February 12, 2021 to January 31, 2022.

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You can combine card meanings. If you want more information about your love life. Positions one, five, seven, and eight relate to you, your love life, partnerships, and sex, so when you consider those four cards together, you gain even more insight into your love.
If you want career and financial guidance, combine the meanings of houses two, six, eight, and ten. This way you gain multiple insights from just one reading.
A Horoscope Spread can also help you make sense of the future. The thirteenth card represents the outcome, so that helps you see how things might unfold.
In a reading that shows many problems, a positive outcome can be a sign that you will solve the problems and enter a better period.
Likewise, if the reading is overall positive and the outcome looks problematic, you can assume that the future will bring some downturns and that you should look for ways to solve problems before they become more serious.

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  • Me and the impression I give to other people; How I feel about the situation being discussed? My physical self? Issues affecting me such as health?
  • My finances? Earned income?
  • My siblings and close friends. The way I communicate? Short, local trips?
  • My mother and childhood foundation? My home? Emotional issues?
  • My love life? My children? Creative projects and impulses? Pleasures?
  • My job? My pets? My health?
  • Partners? How partners feel about things? How I feel about partners?
  • Sex? My partner’s resources? Debts? Insurance and taxes? Death?
  • My philosophies and outlook on life? Education? Faraway travel?
  • My career? My father and his legacy in my life? My achievements in the world?
  • Friends? My long-term goals for the future?
  • My subconscious mind? Hidden things? Dreams? Old enemies?
  • The outcome?