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The Tiger is in the 3rd position in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac. Your “Chinese zodiac animal is Tiger” if you are born in of these years: 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022.

Is Year of the Tiger lucky in 2021?

The 2021 Chinese Horoscope for the Tiger zodiac sign announces that the Year of the Ox 2021 is a lucky year for Tiger, a year of development, evolution, knowledge.
In 2021, the Tigers will orientate towards a better lifestyle, they have plenty to learn, to understand, and to explore the more subtle area from within themselves. They can orientate towards a process of spiritual development.

A very good year for your health and for the socio-professional environment in which you activate.

2021 predictions for the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Tigers

Gemini Yearly Horoscope for 2021 for all signs. Astrology.com provides over 30 combinations of free daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes in a variety of interests including love for singles and couples, gay or straight, finance, travel, career, moms, teens, cats and dogs. Yearly horoscope for 2021: Dare to have faith in your future From mid-January, Jupiter conjunct Uranus will push certain zodiac signs too become impulsive, with some of us even adopting tyrannical and directive attitudes.

Zodiac signYear of BirthPrediction
Wood Tiger1914, 1974Be a better listener in your relationship !
Fire Tiger1926, 1986Work hard, be kind, and everything will be fine !
Metal Tiger1950, 2010This year find a career you love !
Earth Tiger1938, 1998In 2021 maintain your health and wellness !
Water Tiger1962It will be a year in which you will spend more time with your lover / girlfriend !waste of energy !

Money & Finance

While you will deal with new projects, you will also face a limited resource of ideas and you will be lacking inspiration of how to further proceed.

Chinese Horoscope According to the Chinese Astrology Stem-Branch Calendar, 2021 is Xinchou year of the Ox. It comes after the Year of Metal Rat 2020 and is followed by the Year of Water Tiger 2022. The Chinese New Year of 2021 falls on February 12. The 2021 Chinese Horoscope for the Tiger zodiac sign announces that the Year of the Ox 2021 is a lucky year for Tiger, a year of development, evolution, knowledge. In 2021, the Tigers will orientate towards a better lifestyle, they have plenty to learn, to understand, and to.

If you think of changing your job, June 2021 is the best month for doing so. Don’t be hasty and analyze all the solutions for the future before you throw yourself in a new job.

Between June and November, it is best to use all your advantages and your expertise to solve and to cover any deficiency which you might carry over from last year.

In the Year of the Ox 2021, between May and October, the Tiger natives will be forced to focus on long-term financial plans, paying attention to the incurring expenses.

It is a good idea to review the financial situation and to make the necessary corrections. Deal carefully with this issue and avoid unnecessary spending.

In 2021, renovation and redecoration of your own house will imply major expenses throughout the year.

Also, there is a temptation to travelling abroad, which will lead to additional spending. It is time to focus on an economical option in order to stop the expenses that might exceed your budget.

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Love – Is 2021 a good year for tiger in love?

The single natives born under the Tiger zodiac sign can enjoy the opportunities created by their new love partners all year round.

They need to be wary before getting involved in a romantic relationship during this year.

After the end of May, you will become emotionally stronger and you will have a better position to judge in a positive manner the future relationship.

The Tiger natives will overcome the negative experiences that dominated the previous year and will move on with a great sense of intuition, in parallel with consolidating and approaching new romantic relationships in 2021.

Dominant and full of romanticism and passion, the Tiger can expect a new stable sentimental relationship.

The married Tiger natives will have to face a lot of challenges at the New Chinese Year .

It’s going to be a period dominated by certain anxiety and even some disappointments, a period which will affect the emotional well-being of your relationship.

Yet it is a good year to have a baby or even to adopt a child.

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You are compatible with the Horse and the Dog. You are compatible in all aspects. You form a good team in business and a couple worthy of envy.

The Tigers are not going to be in good relationships with those born in the yearof the monkey. Only respect, appreciation, and trust can save your affair.


The 2021 health horoscope for Tiger portends that you will be full of energy and vitality and you will mainly follow the directions on which you started at the beginning of the year.

It is time to prioritize achieving your main objectives in an easy and personal way.

In order to avoid any nervous breakdowns, it is best to do everything with patience, in phases and to give yourself enough time to relax.

The Tigers need periods of physical training in order to maintain a good shape and to have the capacity to recover when they go through difficult times.

Emotional health can be much improved by avoiding conflicts with those around you.

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Tiger Luck Predictions and Feng Shui Tips for 2021::

TheTiger is the third sign of the Chinese Horoscope, and it ischaracterized by the yang wooden element, which gives the Tigerspositive traits: magnetism, curiosity, goodwill, authority, and luck.

  • Favorable Directions: south, north
  • Lucky Colors: white, silver
  • Lucky Numbers: 6, 9
  • Favorable Months: Chinese Lunar Months of January, June, October
  • Unfavorable Months: March and July
  • Feng Shui Objects for luck: If your animal sign is the Tiger, wear a Dog keychain to attract success, a Horse keychain for courage, and the Pig keychain for friendship. Also, for increased luck, a Tiger should wear a Rhino or a Blue Elephant keychain or an amulet.

Best Advice for the Tiger in 2021

2021 Tiger Horoscope Month by Month

January: The romantic relationships will be stagnant, and it doesn’t seem that any special changes will occur in this respect. The single Tigers don’t have to worry because they will not lack flirty and adventurous encounters.

February: This period is favorable for starting some hobbies, but also for recreational activities next to your dear ones. However, after February 13th, some tensions in the love life might occur. An older discussion will resume regarding being too involved in other people’s business and spending too little time with your closed ones, or about being too distracted and forgetting quickly about their needs.

March: You need attention and special effort during this month in terms of health. Some problems related to your feet might occur. Depending on the situation, ask for the advice of specialists, and be careful where you walk.

April: All the lights are focused on you throughout the month. You have energy, you are in the mood to get involved in many tasks simultaneously, and you manage to solve many small issues, especially until the 18th of the month.

May: The first part of the month will bring a lot of activity in the professional zone, especially in the relationships with the superiors or with the representatives of some official institutions. It seems you are famous and renowned at work, but keep in mind that the collegial relationships are tense.

June: You will have a pleasant month, but full of all kinds of activities. You will make many journeys, you will meet plenty of people, and you will solve many issues for close friends or members of your family.

July: You rarely dared to express yourself openly because you’ve always feared that you will offend the others. The issue was that you’ve never been able to find the right words to express your dissatisfaction but without offending the interlocutor. Be more relaxed and stop trying to impress others.

August: During the following period, one of your dreams will come true. Whether it is about a new house, a journey to a remote destination, or making official a relationship, the idea is that you will fulfill an older wish, a project you’ve worked intensely, and you’ve never thought you will manage to finalize.

September: If at the beginning of the year, you’ve made a lot of plans that you couldn’t wait to put into practice, the following months revealed that your ideas were a bit unrealistic. Don’t be disappointed, but try in the future to establish attainable goals. For a while, try not to let yourself carried away!

October: The news you’ve been receiving in the last months disturbed you enough to make you feel that nothing good is ever going to happen to you. It’s all just a momentary impression, of course, things will settle, shortly. Moreover, you have great chances to get a promotion at work.

November: Your financial situation is the same as usual, and in love, you feel like standing out!

December: A demanding and tiring month is in store for you at work. Your inefficiency can bother your superiors, who have no understanding of your physical exhaustion. More rest and a healthier diet could help you get back in shape.


As the new calendar year approaches, it's time to make space in our lives for all the goodness coming our way

The truth is, the change in the calendar year is rarely a clean break. Some things from 2020 will carry over, others will become building blocks for what’s next. And the things you do leave behind will become important lessons and landmarks in your personal history. Cycles of time are rarely linear in astrology, either. Planets move through different parts of the sky on their own orbits. They create seasons of their own, which play out here on Earth in the conversations, trends and changes. Some eras last longer than others. Some ideas take off, and others fall off into the ether.

As we get ready for 2021, think about what you are carrying over from 2020. What plans and projects are staying with you? Also consider what needs to be left behind. While many people are eager for 2020 to be over because it represents a (hopeful) move away from the challenges of the pandemic, it’s easy to get distracted by global issues and forget to look at the smaller details of our personal lives.

Try to take some time to reflect on what happened for you these past 12 months: What did you learn about yourself? How did you grow? What changes did you make? What decisions did you face? In 2021, Jupiter and Saturn will both be in Aquarius, inspiring each of us to create new visions of the future and carve new pathways for ourselves. On May 13, Jupiter will enter dreamy, spiritual Pisces until July 29, allowing you to make more room in your life for creativity, inspiration and compassion. We can move into kinder, gentler times in 2021 if we allow for it. The opportunity is there, but the work rests within each of us. Often, the compassion the world needs begins with the compassion we’re able to give to ourselves.

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How you can do that this year is by taking your dreams to a new level. All signs of the zodiac can benefit from a boost of optimism, hope and faith in 2021—faith that you have what it takes to make something special happen this year.

Read on for your individual horoscope to find out what 2021 has in store for you.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Work can take on new meaning in 2021. You are tired of trading your time for money and want to make a bigger difference. You know you have something valuable to contribute, but some of your past efforts haven’t quite flourished the way you’d hoped and that left you feeling doubtful and discouraged.

It’s time for that change. As 2020 comes to a close, it takes with it a challenging chapter. You had to rise up, prove yourself and stretch your limits. Now, you want to give back and be of service to others. You’re coming into this new year with a commitment to make your work more meaningful, and to build deeper connections in your community that make change. You’re ready to step into a higher purpose, and put your energy into something that is more than just a paycheque.

Something to leave in 2020: Fear of visibility. Stop holding back. Get yourself out there and let your ideas be known.

Something to create space for in 2021: New relationships. People are drawn to your energy this year, and it’s time to welcome new relationships—socially, professionally or romantically.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

(Illustration: Elham Numan)

It’s not uncommon for you to feel like the odd one out, like you’re speaking a different language than everyone around you. It’s not your fault, Aquarius. It’s in your nature to be one step ahead of the rest. You have a different set of ideas, and a different way of moving through the world, and that makes you feel out of sync sometimes.

But finally, 2021 is the year when you start to feel seen and heard in ways you never have before. That idea you’ve been trying to get off the ground? It’s time to make it real. That problem in your relationship you’ve been trying to sort out? It’s going to start to mend. That solution you’ve been looking for within yourself? It’s on its way to you.

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Best Horoscope 2021

Finally, things can start to feel like they are flowing your way with more ease and acceptance. Stop feeling like you need to swim against the stream.

Something to leave in 2020: Resentment from past misunderstandings. People have come and gone from your life and there’s no sense holding onto certain memories anymore. Let it stay in the past.


Year 2021 Horoscope Gemini

Something to create space for in 2021: You. Stop hiding behind your work, your screens or your schedule. Show a side of yourself you normally keep hidden and watch how people around you feel moved by your authenticity.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Creative and spiritual expansion are two major themes for you this year, Pisces. It’s time to open your mind and free yourself from a major constraint. It might not be practical to do all that you want to do, but the stars encourage you to at least try. Take a sabbatical, create an artist’s retreat or reduce your working hours to give yourself over to something that feels more important than the daily grind.

The universe is nudging you to honour your ideas and dreams like never before. The challenge is that there are plenty of temptations to pull you off your path, especially once we get into the spring season. Trust your gut and say no when you need to—especially to people who aren’t as invested in their ambitions as you are.

Something to leave in 2020: Stop apologizing for being you. You are allowed to explore your spirituality, creativity and identity without justification.

Something to create space for in 2021: Collaboration with like-minded souls. Find people you can share and create with this year.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

(Illustration: Elham Numan)

This is the year of you, Aries. You are starting 2021 off with new determination to reclaim your true spirit and live a more authentic life. New chapters are opening up for you this year, but the best opportunities available are the ones you decide to create yourself. You have grown so much over the past year, and now is the time to start making use of the wisdom you’ve gained.

Boundaries and priorities are going to be major themes for you in 2021—everything you do and accomplish this year will revolve around your ability to play by your own rules. Make it a regular practice to ask yourself two questions: “What do I need time for?” and “What am I trying to accomplish?”

The sky’s the limit in 2021 if you stay focused and eliminate distractions.

Something to leave in 2020: The belief that you need to be all things to all people. Yes, you’re good at taking on more than most, but it doesn’t mean you have to swoop in and save the day every time.

Something to create space for in 2021: Your mission. Focus on the one thing you believe you are here to accomplish.

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Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

You’re on the cusp of some big changes, Taurus. These are longer-term transformations that won’t necessarily happen overnight, but they will start to reveal themselves in 2021. These changes will be particularly prominent in your career path. You can hit on some important new concepts this year that will help you change the game at work.

Speak up and share your thoughts. Voice your opinions and seek out feedback on your ideas. And don’t be afraid to level-up rather than play it safe. It’s not always easy for you to choose change over stability. But it’s time to see that you’ve built the foundation you need, and now you get to decide what’s next. Don’t be afraid to think bigger than you have before—you’re ready for this.

Something to leave in 2020: Old money habits. Your relationship to your cash flow is keeping you stuck at that level you’re at. Look at how you can create a new relationship with money in 2021.

Something to create space for in 2021: More trust in yourself. Stop doubting what you’re capable of and start believing that no matter what happens, you’ll be able to figure it out.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

(Illustration: Elham Numan)

2021 puts the spotlight on your network. Are you working with the right people, Gemini? Are you building community with the right friends and acquaintances? If not, you might feel stunted and stifled in your relationships this year. You’re craving new learning opportunities and experiences. Going back to school, or seeking out a mentor or coach can really help you grow.

It’s not all about making professional moves this year, either, though you certainly can expect a solid ROI if you choose to invest in yourself in 2021. But outside of your career, your social network is just as important. Seek out new connections with people who inspire you personally, too. It’s time for you to open your mind, so try joining some meetups or masterminds to build your community.

Something to leave in 2020: Grudges and resentments. Let go of that old, tired energy once and for all. Stop going back and forth with toxic people and stop waiting for apologies that aren’t coming.

Something to create space for in 2021: More reciprocity, respect and openness in your relationships.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

It’s time to get some new dreams, Cancer, and 2021 promises to show you new possibilities you never imagined before.

The challenge is whether you can embrace the potential that awaits you this year. Will you allow yourself to move into a new reality, or stay where you’re at? There is no right or wrong answer here—the choice is yours. Just keep in mind that opportunities don’t always come around a second time, and 2021 is offering you something that might be exactly what you need. The snag is that it might not come at the right moment—but then, there might not ever be a right time anyway.

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So decide whether you’re willing to take a risk and say yes to a new possibility. It might end up being so much better than you expect.

Something to leave in 2020: Energy-draining situations. You learned a lot this year about what you want to give your time and attention to. Make sure to leave those time-sucking situations in the past.

Something to create space for in 2021: Mystery and adventure. Say yes to new experiences and see where they take you.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

(Illustration: Elham Numan)


Year 2021 Horoscope By Date Of Birth

It’s time to get back out there, Leo. The world needs your genius in 2021, and the stars are encouraging you to make a big statement this year. Launch that project, commit to your art or find a publisher for that amazing manuscript. Whatever you’ve been working on behind the scenes this past year, it’s time for a big reveal.

And if you don’t have anything in the works yet? Don’t worry, it’s not too late. This is a year to think of how your creative genius can be put to use, so start brainstorming. What do you want to make, share or show off? Stop hiding and start creating. Your audience awaits.

Something to leave in 2020: Your shyness. Wait, a shy Leo? That sounds impossible, but it’s true. Don’t hold yourself back any longer. The more you get comfortable in the spotlight, the easier it will get.

Something to create space for in 2021: Your creative passions. Pick up a new hobby, or revisit an old one. Carve out space in your schedule for inspiring endeavours.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Inspiration is running high for you in 2021. Where 2020 might have hindered your motivation at times, the New Year brings a change of pace. Soon, you will have ample opportunity to get back to yourself, and to pick up some passion projects that have been languishing on the sidelines.

And you don’t have to do it alone: Luck and opportunity come through teamwork in 2021, so stay open to collaborations and social ties. Expect to meet the right people at the right time, and trust that your own inspiration and intuition are guiding you to the ideas you need—when you need them. An important plan will finally feel like it’s falling into place.

Something to leave in 2020: Leave behind those arbitrary deadlines you set for yourself, and the pressure they create. Stop forcing your life to happen under a specific timeline.

Something to create space for in 2021: Ease and flow. As you develop a better relationship to time, you’ll find that life shows up for you in the most meaningful ways.

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Libra (September 22 – October 22)

(Illustration: Elham Numan)

The universe is putting you on some exciting paths this year. You’re feeling more inspired about your future than ever before, and you’re tuned into some sharp insights about what you’re ready to accomplish next. Embrace the unknown this year and be ready for anything. 2021 is not a time for predictability or steady routines. The unexpected awaits, but if you’re open to it, then you’ll find a lot of adventures in the year to come.

Spontaneity is going to be good for you, as long as you can balance it with your responsibilities. Pay close attention to what you’re thinking, feeling and observing, and challenge yourself to break out of any ruts or habits that are keeping you down. It’s time for you to bring some creativity into your daily life, so give yourself permission to play and explore.

Something to leave in 2020: Let go of that guilt you feel, Libra. What’s done is done and you can’t go back and do things over—so decide instead to change the course of your actions moving forward.

Something to create space for in 2021: You’re ready for a new way of working. Whether it’s finding a new career, or changing up your current working styles, 2021 calls for a reinvention in your work routine.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)


Freedom is a major theme for you in 2021. Are you ready to break away from old patterns, relationships and career paths? You don’t have to make changes in every area of your life this year, but know that the opportunity is there for some massive shifts if you’re in need of change.

This is the year where you might finally quit the day job and strike out on your own, or break off a long-term commitment that hasn’t felt right in a long time. You’re prioritizing your freedom and independence this year, and you’re ready to take some dramatic steps in order to experience the life you crave.

Take charge of your life, Scorpio. You know yourself better than anyone else, and this can be the year where you finally take control.

Something to leave in 2020: Head games and power plays. Stop engaging with people who thrive on conflict. You’re ready for more mature relationships.

Something to create space for in 2021: A new sense of self. You are not the same person you were a year ago. Find a guide or mentor who can help you to see what you are capable of.

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Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Horoscope For Year 2021

(Illustration: Elham Numan)

Life is going to feel like it’s changing fast this year, Sagittarius. There are expansive opportunities waiting for you in 2021, but you’ll have to work hard to stay grounded and focused if you’re to make the most of what’s on offer.

There is a danger this year of feeling like you’re floating, being pulled off in different directions at once and conflicted by the choices you see for yourself. It’s not a bad thing to have options, but it can lead to analysis paralysis if you’re not clear in what you want. To make this year count, you’ll want to sharpen your decision-making skills and clarify your priorities. You can have success in whatever you choose, but you can’t say yes to everything. The challenge in 2021 is going to be to pick a lane and commit to it.

Free Horoscope 2021

Something to leave in 2020: You sacrificed a lot of downtime in the last year. Leave behind the idea that your rest and relaxation have to be secondary to everything else.

Year 2021 Horoscopes Yahoo

Something to create space for in 2021: Spirituality and meditation. There is a window of opportunity in the spring for you to tap into a new spiritual paradigm that will help you connect to your path and purpose in deeper, clearer ways.

Year 2021 Horoscope Capricorn