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March Astrology Forecast:

Pragmatic Saturn and revolutionary Uranus continue to challenge each other all month, a pattern that started in February and continues all the way until October 2022. Create a way to have more freedom in your life while still tending to your responsibilities. Ambitious Mars moves into talkative Gemini on the 3rd, lasting until April 23. This is a quick energy that can help you accomplish numerous short projects, but not especially good for deep, focused research. This combines with the spiritual destiny nodes and makes harmony to expansive Jupiter and long-term builder Saturn in the latter half of the month and early April. It’s time to put action and effort into manifesting your ideas.

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TheSpring Quarterly Astromark newsletter will be uploaded by March 19 at the latest. It will look at upcoming eclipses, the next Mercury retrograde and more.

March 1-6:

YearYear Forecast Astrology

This is a pretty easy week from an astrology point of view. There is a social Libra moon on Monday. What is my 7th house in astrology and what. Then the moon moves into emotionally deep Scorpio on Tuesday at 12:38 PM PST until early afternoon Thursday. It will be interesting to see how private Scorpio goes along with Venus sextile Uranus on Tuesday morning, a particularly friendly combination. By Thursday evening, talkative Mercury aligns with optimistic Jupiter (which has been building up all week). Perhaps this combination helps communicate on deeper levels. Or it could be that you are talkative at one point, then go to the opposite extreme of turning off the phone and locking the doors. Friday and most of the day Saturday are under the influence of a Sagittarius moon, great for social and philosophical activities, or a walk in nature. Saturday evening is more reserved as the moon moves into Capricorn at 6:20 PM PST.

Late on March 3, Mars enters Gemini until April 23. Gemini asks you to open to new ideas, to improve communications skills, take/teach short classes, take a short trip, and to generally open your mind to new possibilities. Mars is ambitious and pushes you to get moving. This is a quick-paced combination, so short projects and meetings are better than those that require deep focus or meetings that go on too long.

March 7-13:

Do something constructive on Sunday and Monday under a pragmatic Capricorn moon. On Wednesday, the Sun aligns with Neptune in Pisces. This is excellent for meditation, intuitive development, and opening to a higher vision for yourself. This is followed by the moon moving into Pisces on Thursday and Friday, supporting a romantic movie or hanging out near water.

The New Moon is on Saturday March 13 at 2:21 AM PST (24 degrees Pisces). Shared love Venus is aligned with unconditional love Neptune, and both are aligned with the new moon. Open your intuitive vision to something higher for yourself and the world now. But do keep your boundaries up as the negative side of this energy could have you feeling like an emotional sponge, sucking up everyone else’s energy. Now is a good time to spend with friends who are operating on higher spiritual levels as there is an opportunity to bring forth a better way to share and play nicely with each other on both the planet and your personal life. Mars is making a harmonious trine to Saturn now, so you can put physical and ambitious energy into projects that will produce tangible rewards in the long term. The adaptable signs are strong right now so bend but not break. Adaptable, or mutable signs, are Pisces and Gemini which are strongest, and also Sagittarius and Virgo. Saturn and Uranus continue their struggle between security and freedom, stability and innovation. Find a happy medium.

March 14- 20:

Times given here are now Pacific Daylight Savings time. The moon is in Aries on Sunday and Monday. Get physical and do your own independent thing. On Monday at 3:26 PM PDT, mental Mercury moves into psychic Pisces until April 3. This adds to the intuitive energy of last week’s new moon in Pisces. Do some automatic writing, channel your guides, do a tarot reading, or sneak off on a short vision quest. Tuesday afternoon has the energetic sun making a soft harmony to Pluto. This helps you make personal changes that you have been wanting to bring into or exit your life. Relationship conversations are favored on Thursday and Friday. The moon is in Taurus for St. Patrick’s Day, a sign that likes sensual pleasures. Enjoy yourself with moderation.

Spring Equinox is on Saturday March 20 at 2:37 AM PDT. Although the sun is moving into aggressive, pioneer a new path Aries, there is an abundance of planets in adaptable Pisces and Gemini. So as the world starts to move forward again, understand that a great deal of flexibility will be needed in the coming three months. The moon in Gemini opens you to new ideas and Mars in Gemini pushes you forward to explore them. It is interesting to note that the moon in this chart cast for the next three months is nearly at the same degree of Gemini as the coming June 10 solar eclipse. On some subtle level, look for hints now about new starts coming this summer. On another level, and a topic you will get tired of hearing about, Saturn is making a challenging square relationship to Uranus.This represents about a 1 3/4 year dance of exploring new ways to blend freedom and responsibility. There is also the energy of expanding, but doing so at a practical pace.

March 21-27:

On Sunday, Venus enters Aries until April 14. This is the opposite of her favorite place to be, termed detriment. That doesn’t have to be bad, but it does mean that it is time to balance individual Aries needs with Venus’s relationship needs. On a material world level, this helps you pioneer new paths regarding finances. Sunday evening has pleasant planetary combinations for social communications and activities. With the moon in Cancer to start the week, family, home and food are high on the priority list. Tuesday evening brings minor mental and communication challenges, so it is best to put off difficult conversations later in the day. With the moon in Virgo on Friday and Saturday, make a list of the things you would like to accomplish this weekend. There is a “happy” spot late Thursday and early Friday as the life-giving sun aligns with graceful Venus (romance, diplomacy, beauty).

March 28-31:

The Full Moon is on Sunday March 28 at 11:48 AM PDT (9 degrees Libra/Aries). This continues the theme of Venus traveling through Aries mentioned above where you must balance independence with sharing. This full moon forms a pattern in the sky that would look like the old style diamond-shaped kite. There are a lot of talents helping you now, but there is a challenge to make certain you use them. The challenge is the balancing self and others. The talents are the moon making a trine to Saturn, urging patience and long term thinking. The moon also makes a trine to aggressive Mars which tells you to get moving on new ideas. Because the sun is aligned with wounded-healer Chiron, there is opportunity to heal self and others. But if you were a half-horse, half-human centaur, you would need to build on this energy in stages (rather than I want it all now).

Monday evening has Mercury making harmony with Neptune. This is great for psychic abilities, watching your dreams, seeing a movie, or sharing your vision with a loved one. The month ends with a Scorpio moon, great for being quiet and researching deep topics.

April preview:

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Down-to-earth Saturn in inventive makes a harmonious trine relationship to the spiritual destiny north node in Gemini. Open to new ideas that can be made manifest in your mundane world. Add to that, both Mercury and Venus align with innovative Uranus at Earth Day. This enhances creative thinking where you can manifest your ideals in a win-win environment. Check back for details.

Year Forecast Astrology Sign