Dhanush – Sagittarius People of Sagittarius Rashi should wear Yellow Sapphire and their sub gem is Topaz. It is in yellow color. It reduces the Guru Graha Dasa and helps the wearer to increase finance and good progress in education. Vikas March 12, 2018 in Astrology YELLOW SAPPHIRE IN VEDIC ASTROLOGY:- Among the important Astrological gemstones Natural Yellow Sapphire holds a special place. It is the gemstone of Planet Jupiter also known as Brihaspati in Hindi Astrology.

The stronger the yellow color, the more rare and valuable the sapphire. This also makes the gemstone more powerful for Vedic Astrology. Light yellow is also acceptable, but if it’s so pale that the stone almost looks colorless, it decreases in value and becomes more like an impure white sapphire than a. Astrological Associations – Vedic Astrology holds gemstone yellow Sapphire in high regard. The gemstone, known to represent Jupiter, one of the most important and positive planets, is suggested as a remedy for getting rid of financial difficulties and struggles and many other issues.

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Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire is called Guru Ratna or Pushparaag in Sanskrit and Peela Pukhraaj in Hindi. Yellow Sapphire is worn to provide extra strength to Jupiter. This gemstone transfers energy of Jupiter into the body of the wearer and through such energy, Jupiter may gain extra strength in his horoscope as well as in his aura.

Looking at the composition of this gemstone, Yellow Sapphire belongs to the family of corundum. Yellow Sapphire is available in different colors and shades of Yellow; like light yellow, medium dark yellow and dark yellow. The color and clarity of this gemstone are two important aspects to look for when purchasing Yellow Sapphire.

Depending on the overall horoscopes, different colours of Yellow Sapphire may be suitable for different natives. Some may benefit more by wearing dark Yellow Sapphires whereas some others may benefit more by wearing light ones. Appropriate weight of this gemstone is an important factor. Different weights may be suitable for different natives, depending on their overall horoscopes. In general, weights between 3 and 8 carats of this gemstone are suitable for most people.

Jupiter represents marriage (female natives), husband, guru, intelligence, creativity, intuition, hope, optimism, faith, generosity, respect, wisdom, spiritual growth; and a number of other things in general. Depending on which houses it rules in a horoscope, it may represent a number of other things and people for the native. For example, if Jupiter rules the second and fifth house in a horoscope; it represents family, face, speech, money, wealth, financial management, memories, foods; eating and drinking habits, children, love affairs, romance, entertainment, creativity, fame, spiritual growth, politics and many other things; in addition to its general significances.

Though this gemstone may produce wonderful results when Jupiter is benefic in the horoscope of the wearer, it may cause serious problems when Jupiter is malefic in the horoscope of the wearer. Hence care should be taken when wearing Yellow Sapphire.

What is the difference between vedic and western astrology predictions. When buying Yellow Sapphire, you should get a lab test report with it. The report should mention ‘Natural Yellow Sapphire’ or ‘Natural Sapphire’ along with other details. This tells you that the Yellow Sapphire has been made through natural processes and it is not fake.

Yellow Sapphire is generally worn on the Index finger of right hand in Gold. However, based on a native’s requirements as well as on his overall horoscope, it may be worn on some other finger or in a pendant or bracelet.

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Vedic astrology recommends practicing some procedures before wearing Yellow Sapphire. They include purification and energization of this gemstone. Since these procedures have already been discussed in the chapter for Ruby; we’ll skip them and move on.

Once you’ve got your duly purified (optional) and energized (optional) Yellow Sapphire, fitted in a ring, pendant or bracelet; the next step is to wear it. Vedic astrology recommends that Yellow Sapphire should be worn on a Thursday morning, when wearing it for the first time. Before wearing Yellow Sapphire for the first time, you should put the ring, pendant or bracelet in Gangajal (water of Holy River Ganga) or in a mixture of unboiled milk and pure water for about 12 hours prior to wearing it. This means you should do so on a Wednesday evening so that you may wear it on the following Thursday morning.


You should take bath on the chosen Thursday morning, sit or stand in front of the ring, pendant or bracelet and you should chant Mool Mantra or Beej mantra of Jupiter for 108 times or 27 times. After doing so, you should take the Yellow Sapphire ring, Pendant or bracelet and you should rinse it with clean water, in case you had put it in a mixture of unboiled milk and water. You should then wipe it with a clean cloth and wear it.

If you had put it in Gangajal, simply wipe it with a clean cloth and wear it. In case you’ve got it purified through Vedic procedures, you don’t need to put it in Gangajal or a mixture of unboiled milk and water. In such case, simply keep it at a clean place after purification and wear it on the chosen morning after chanting Mantras.

For the sake of convenience, here are Mool Mantra and Beej Mantra of Jupiter:

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Jupiter Mool Mantra: Om Gurve Namah

Jupiter Beej Mantra: Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Gurve Namah

You may wear your Yellow Sapphire anytime between 6 AM to 11 AM in the morning, when wearing it for the first time. Though more specific details about timing may be obtained specifically based on your horoscope; they may not be needed. Once you have worn it, you may keep wearing it permanently; unless you’re asked to wear it for a specific period of time. If you wish or need; you may take off this gemstone for an hour or two as that may not compromise the results given by this gemstone.

However, removing Yellow Sapphire for days and months may gradually reverse the effects given by this gemstone. Hence this practice should be avoided.

Vedic Astrology Signs

Himanshu Shangari

According to Vedic Astrology the yellow sapphire represents the planet Jupiter. It is yellow colored and a most expensive gemstone. It is worn to get blessings of Jupiter. It gives the good health, wisdom, prosperity, financial gain, longevity, and name, honored and fame. If Jupiter is well placed in your horoscope, and giving the good results you can wear yellow sapphire. If you are facing finance problems or having loses in your business you must wear the yellow sapphire , but it is very important to consult an experienced Astrologer before wearing yellow sapphire as if in your horoscope Jupiter is playing a malefic role that can also harm instead of giving you beneficial results. It is also very beneficial for the ladies who have not found any good life partner or they are having many problems in getting married. As Jupiter also blesses with the son so if anybody interested to blessed with a son must wear the yellow sapphire. There are many disease in which the yellow sapphire can be very help full, which I will defiantly discuss in my next coming chapters.

Chemical Composition – AL2O3 (Aluminium Oxide). Color – yellow color to dark golden to greenish yellow. Species – Corundum Density – 4.00 Birefringence – 0.008

Yellow Sapphire’s Natural Sources

Yellow Sapphire are found in Eastern Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, China, Madagascar, East Africa, and in North America and in few locations of Montana.

Yellow Sapphire- Pukhraj Price In India.

Yellow Sapphire In Vedic Astrology

Thailand Yellow Sapphire price starts from INR 500 to around INR 10000 per carat in India. Ceylon [ Shree Lanka ] Yellow Sapphire price starts from INR 5000 to INR 100000 per carat in India.

How do i know if i should wear yellow sapphire gemstone or not?

You must wear any gemstone only after consulting an expert, you must check your horoscope by an experienced astrologer before wearing yellow sapphire gemstone, If you want to consult me [ Astrologer Sunil Kumar] about your gemstone recommendation, you can book your consultation now.

Yellow Sapphire Vedic Astrology

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