Astrologically, yoga refers to the planetary combinations and their special results, which affect the life of an individual. In traditional Indian ephemeris, known as Panchangam, yoga is also the name of a particular division of time, which are 27 in number. This time-division is different from the asterisms, which are also 27 in number. Yogas In Vedic Astrology. A Yoga is a special disposition of a planet or planets in a vedic astrology chart, which can produce very specific results. There are hundreds of yoga mentioned in various classical hindu texts. We have compiled a list of around 400+ yogas. Presence or absence of Yogas in a chart can significantly alter the meaning of different planetory positions.

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Siva Yoga Understanding Siva Yoga in Vedic Astrology If 5th house lord is in 9th house, 9th house lord is in 10th house and 10th house lord is in 5th house Siva yoga will formed. 5th house stands for children happiness, speculation, and competition. 9th house stands for spirituality, signifies father, luck. There is much yoga in Indian Astrology. There are Raj Yogas (Yoga which give very good luck in certain area), Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga, PARIVARTANA Yogas, SCISSORS YOGAS and many other important Yogas. MoonAStro calculates All of them for Free as a part of free horoscope.

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'Yoga' is one of the unique predictive tools of Vedic Astrology. Yoga is a predefined rule taking Planets, Signs and/or Vedic Astrological aspects into account. The effect of a Yoga, good or bad will manifest in one's life the timing of which is determined by transits and, or planetary periods.

The effect of yoga depends on several combined and interrelated factors. Yahoo horoscope virgo. Sometimes a single planet is the cause of more than a one yoga and one of them could be malefic yoga and other a benefic yoga, this is because all planets except Sun and Moon owns two houses. For example, in case, of Mesha Lagna or Aries ascendant, the ninth house lord Jupiter is also the lord of malefic twelfth house. Thus, if Jupiter is making any benefic yoga is one's horoscope, then its positive results will be diminished, (however marginal it might be) and at the same time if it is making any malefic yoga, its negative results too will be diminished.


Sometimes the planet/s causing a benefic or malefic Yoga will never manifest in one's lifetime or will do so in very weak way, this is because as per Vimshottari dasa system the total planetary period is of 120 years and if the planet's period causing particular yoga happens during childhood years or very old age or may not happen at all in life time. In these cases only weak results may manifest during sub periods or anter dasha of the planets connected with any particular yoga. The best results happen when a yoga karaka (a planet having lordship of trine as well as quadrant house) planet is involved in any favorable yoga and is well placed as per house, sign, aspect and favorable transits coincide with the planetary period of concerned planets.

Our effort is to mention all the known Yogas of Vedic Astrology which are mentioned in ancient text as well as the addition to these in medieval and modern times. The Yogas are mentioned below in alphabetical order.

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