Video is on the gemstones that represents planets, and what planetary gemstone one should wear on what day, as in when to wea. In this video I have taken up the study of a sample horoscope so that you will learn many things about a vedic horoscope chart. The horoscope I have chosen f. Horoscope Prediction Technique Of Movable, Fixed, and Dual Zodiac Signs In Astrology Lesson - 2 - Hindi. Attributes and nature of 12 zodiac signs.

Youtube Videos On Vedic Astrology


Youtube Vedic Astrology Lessons Youtube

    • Becoming an Astrologer
    • The Fundamental Concepts
      • Astrology Basics
      • The Planets
      • The Signs and Houses
      • The Aspects
      • The Moon's Nodes
    • Approaching a Chart
    • Methods of Prediction
    • Comparing Charts for Compatibility
    • Keys to Chart Synthesis
    • The Politics of Astrology
    • An Introduction to Vedic Astrology
    • General Principles of Vedic Astrology
      • The Signs
      • The Houses
      • The Nodes
      • Yogas
      • The Ascendant and Lord of the First House
      • Significators of Life Themes
      • The Strongest Planet
      • Aspects
      • Nakshatras
      • The Art of Synthesis
    • Vedic Tools of Prediction
      • Dasas
      • The Iyer Method
      • Prashna
      • The Timing of Relationships
    • Websites on the best astrology programs
      • Solar Fire Gold