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“You don’t have to be cool
To rule my world
Ain’t no particular sign
I’m more compatible with …”
Prince Rogers Nelson

When someone discovers that I am an astrologer the conversation usually gets around to which sign is the most compatible for them. But I cannot give them a proper answer without looking at their birth chart first.

I can make simple statements about how Aries gets on well with fellow fire signs Leo & Sagittarius. I can explain that Geminis find it easy to swap ideas with other air signs Libra & Aquarius. I can talk about why earth signs Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn find natural friends in water signs Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces. But true and lasting compatibility goes deeper than traditional astrological ideas about how the 12 signs interact with one another and why.

On the surface, two water signs would be seen as compatible due to their ability to share one another’s emotional, imaginative and creative approach to life. But delve deeper to find there could be too much empathy involved in this relationship. This would encourage the couple to dwell on personal feelings and undermine their ability to keep a grip on everyday life.

The classic romantic matching of water signs Elizabeth Taylor (Pisces) and Richard Burton (Scorpio) is an example of what can go wrong with having too much of the same element. While this couple were strongly attracted to one another, the combination of their deeply emotional natures overwhelmed them. You could say they drowned in each other!


If you are searching for someone to feel comfortable and at home with, you could be drawn to people who are the same zodiac sign as the Moon in your birth chart, or who have a connection to the fourth house of your horoscope. An example would be Prince Charles, who seems to have a sub-conscious attraction to Cancerian women. This could be because there is strong emphasis on the fourth house of his horoscope, which contains his relationship planet Venus. It may also be because the Moon was high up in the sky at the time of his birth. Note: Cancer is the zodiac sign which is associated with the Moon and the 4th House.


If it’s passion and romance you want, you are likely to attract lovers whose zodiac sign corresponds to Mars and Neptune in your birth chart or to the 5th and 8th houses of your horoscope. While this kind of chemistry can be quite compelling, it tends not to translate into successful long-term commitment. Angelina Jolie’s birth chart suggests that she probably saw Sagittarian Brad Pitt as her ideal romantic hero, but this turned out to be an impossible role for him to sustain in real life terms. The problem is that a strong sexual magnetism between two people can be mistaken for true love. And the smoke from the fire of their desire gets in their eyes, preventing them from seeing what is actually there.


If it’s marriage you are after, look no further than your partnership planet Venus. An example would be Meghan Markle who has Venus in Virgo, which is Prince Harry’s Zodiac Sign. You would also be looking at the seventh house of your horoscope and any planets or zodiac signs associated with it. There is another neat connection between the birth charts of Meghan and Harry which is the signs on the cusps of their 7th (marriage) houses being in opposite sides of the zodiac. Harry’s seventh house cusp is in Cancer which is ruled by the Moon in Taurus and Meghan’s is Capricorn, ruled by Saturn in Libra. Both Harry’s and Meghan’s marriage house rulers are in signs that are influenced by Venus, which enhances their partnership potential.

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Zodiac signs

If you are looking for business associates you will want a connection that complements your strengths and compensates for your weaknesses. Steve Wozniak & Steve Jobs probably would not have created Apple without the interplay between their talents and abilities which, as it happened, produced five-star corporate compatibility. Luckily for them, the interaction between the 2nd and 8th houses of wealth creation and business management in their birth charts turned out very well indeed.

Steve Jobs’ second house of wealth generation contains Neptune, which suggests that he may have lacked consistency when he tried to build something tangible which could be turned into a money-making enterprise. The birth chart Mars of Steve Wozniak, whose enthusiasm for engineering created the product upon which Apple’s future success was founded, activated Jobs’ 2nd house.

Meanwhile, Wozniak’s eighth house of asset investment and resource management is empty of planets, suggesting that this is not one of his main areas of interest in life. Mars in Steve Job’s birth chart activated the 8th house of Wozniak’s horoscope. It was Job’s dynamic approach to business which empowered the wealth creating potential of Wozniak’s natural talents, turning their joint business venture into a near-trillion dollar corporation.

In reality there is much more involved in answering the call of compatibility than simple Sun Sign synastry but if you want to understand the bare basics of astrological matchmaking, find your zodiac sign and read about how it relates to and interacts with the other signs.


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