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With blessings of Parampara in March 2005th I got an opportunity to put my theoretical knowledge into the practice through consulting other people. Consultations are done individually or with your love/business partner depending on type. There are few options of doing the reading and those are:

  • in-person
  • using Skype, Messenger etc.
  • in written form

Brush Up On The Vedic Astrology Basics (Vol I) by Zoran Radosavljevic; Udu's Clue: The Importance of the Nakshatra Dispositor by Marc Boney; Jatak-Nirnay-Hindi- Vol I by B V Raman; Mars in Astrology by B V Raman; Nakshatra Vidhya by Freedom Tobias Cole. Everyday people can join some of astrology forums at yahoo groups (sohamsa, varahamihira etc). My endless thank goes to my first jyotisha siksa Guru Zoran Radosavljevic who has enlightened my jyotish path. With his grace this knowledge found its way to so many people in my country as well as in other countries (Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia).

Consultation can be held in
French (just written form) Scorpio vedic astrology.

Zoran Radosavljevic Vedic Astrology

Zoran Radosavljevic Vedic Astrology Susan Miller

Consultation types and fees
Complete reading – this is a reading that includes checking and rectification of birth time, questions regarding any life field, examining past, present and future periods, special problems – illness, career, progeny, curses etc and giving remedies for the same.
Fee 75 Eur, Serbia – 60 Eur
General reading – includes overview of most important life fields and three important questions. Examining persons present problems and suggesting necessary remedies.
Fee 50 Eur, Serbia – 30 Eur
Marital or some other muhurta – it is very important to start any new activity like applying for job, going to doctor, to operations, first feeding of child, getting married etc. It is of great importance to plant the seed in proper time to get healthy, big, fruitful plant/tree. It is the time that will bless our marriage, career and give success in any field of our life.
Fee 50 Eur, Serbia – 30 Eur
Titi Pravesh – this is yearly horoscope. It is usually done from one birthday to another. It is of great importance to people that already had full or general reading. it is like a tool for looking into closer perspective of life for chosen year.
Fee 60 Eur, Serbia – 45 Eur
Prashna – or one question. Sometimes we’d like to know just one answer. We need advice how to solve the problem, what to expect from some event etc. This option gives answer on one life field – health, job, family, children etc.
Fee 25 Eur, Serbia – 10 Eur


Zoran Radosavljevic Vedic Astrology Birth Chart


Zoran Radosavljevic Vedic Astrology Horoscope

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